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  1. Not exactly what I was asking for but thanks anyways. What I was asking for were like, know how over at the "Type" tab, you have Bronze, Silver, Gold, & Platinum? Wish they could add an option for games in general that haven't gotten 100% in.
  2. Hey, sorry if this has been brought up or is a feature and I didn't already know, but I was wondering if there could be a feature added to help advise getting 100% in games from easiest to hardest. I know you can technically do that with the trophy adviser by setting it to show only platinum trophies, but not every game has a platinum, or sometimes you can 100% a game and it will have DLC, so if you already gotten the platinum but not the DLC trophies, that game won't show up either.
  3. ^thanks, I wanted to restore it. That's what I needed.
  4. Yeah, I did back near the beginning of the month. Can I revoke that? Sorry, year, not month
  5. So, around the beginning of the year, I requested that my profile get shut down. Recently, I've decided to start it back up, but everytime I start it back up, it shuts back down after a while and I get the message "This user was requested to be removed and cannot be tracked". I even REpaid to have premuim again! That's like $13 USD wasted! Can someone help me here?!
  6. It does when you're not connected online, mate.
  7. Okay, I forgot about Dragon Fin soup, I'll own up to that, I didn't want something not 100% because of a glitch. But everything else was me fucking with the system clock for shits and giggles.
  8. Speaking of earlier about "dirty" leaderboards, how do I dispute that? I got flagged for Star Ocean The Last Hope a long time ago, but I didn't cheat. My times ARE a bit screwy though as I changed the clock a lot for time related trophies in other games (Like LittleBigPlanet's 7 days a week trophy, etc) so it looks like I earned trophies at a later date than when I actually earned them (and should earn them).
  9. I just ended up earning a trophy while still keeping my profile public and it seemed to have fixed itself.
  10. Unfortunately that didn't seem to work, the trophies are still hidden for some reason...
  11. Hi, I'm having a problem with one of my games. The game in question is Fairy Fencer F and out of the 11 trophies I've earned, only two of them are hidden for some reason. I've tried putting the entire list as private, sync, making it non-private, and sync again, but that didn't work. :/