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  1. Has anyone got the mini Legiana crown from the Coral Waltz event? Done the event like 50+ times and still no mini crown for it. T~T
  2. That's too bad. I bought Amalur at launch but could not get into it as the general feel of it wasn't like a solid RPG (e.g. Skyrim, Diablo, etc.). Maybe it would have fared better if it wasn't so cartoon-y. Hope the workers can find other jobs quickly.
  3. I only play games with trophy support nowadays; the only exception to this is Valkyria Chronicles.
  4. Bit of a late reply, but I would highly recommend this game to any RPG lover. First off, the story (it actually made me cry) and music are simply amazing. I found the different endings to be very mature and nicely done. However, a warning ... If you are planning on Platting the game it is a huge grind. I was a bit disappointed that they decided to include a Speed Run trophy as it will cause most people to miss the first part of the story by skipping cutscenes.
  5. I personally love all the Kairosoft games on iOS; specifically, Pocket League Story, Oh! Edo Towns, Venture Town and Mega Mall Story.