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  1. I have the same issue with The Last of Us Remastered. I even hid all trophies in private mode, made them public again, but even that doesn't help. its not toggled hidden anywhere on my consoles.
  2. any idea what it will cost? might take it up next month
  3. @ DaivRules But thats only a speculation, right? No one knows what Sony does or doesnt except Sony itself and they wont share it with anyone, why games are removed or not.
  4. Well, if you datamined this from the beta, lets wait for the real version of the game. I guess, the beta doesn't include everything ^^
  5. Platinum 88, 89 and 90 is this thing here
  6. So and whats this for a Version?
  7. it even gets released in europe. i'm in for it
  8. I am used to this game as a mobile player with a current HZE of 6000, but somehow i forgot the basics. I've ascended at least 10 Times but i can't get past level 160 on Ps4. I have Syalatas and Libertas as 2 of my Ancients. Is there any way to speed up the progress, to break through this wall? (No Pay-to-Win here)
  9. No i think in this version Wepwawet will be the last hero to achieve. but beware, he cost over e235-ish for level 1
  10. Can anyone tell me, if there is the mercenaries system available?
  11. it's so terrible slow, compared to my Android Game!
  12. Pretty Sure, by looking at this Trophy List. There won't be Transcension on PS4, not for a long time. Maybe they will get it in an update, maybe with a dlc-Trophylist, to support the Transcension stuff, but for now, pretty sure, there will not be Transcension on Ps4, otherwise Level 3600 would be far too low, easy, but time-consuming 100%.
  13. That gets on my nerves as well... Though i still buying them, since they are pretty easy and i want to keep my 100%
  14. I found out, that Legacy mk2 is doable around Level 320. Used Nepgear at Lv 321, IF at Level 313 and Neptune Level 302. Neptune has the Fury equipped from the Fairy Fencer dlc, Nepgear has the collosseum Weapon equipped and IF as well. Will challenge Delphi Eggplant mk-2 to find out, when this is doable and how much exp you get
  15. Kinda obvious for me, why they cut off NISA and Gust from the Remake, since NIS America and Gust hadn't nothing to do with the Remake of Re;Birth 2. And you got all the Maker-Characters from Re;Birth1 + 5pb. and Red. I think, there was maybe just no more space for them. But i didn't like them in the first place.