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  1. First person is still a hit or miss for me.
  2. I would say avoid this game. It's bad over 10mins to play as a werewolf(makes no sense) guns dont hit even though you aim right on the person. Trophies would be a lot easier if the game worked right.
  3. Nope mainly played werewolf and changed human and finally won a game.
  4. I got the trophy after I escaped by helicopter and my teammate killed the last guy.
  5. Seems like the 50v50 doesnt count towards it then sucks
  6. Well I figured it would since I got the first win trophy when I won once. It would have worked, then again I think its still buggy.
  7. If anyone still needs the trophy you can do the 50v50 mode and get it
  8. Both
  9. It's not.
  10. So its not worth getting for $15?
  11. Trophy Pass: The Trophy Pass program has been discontinued. Sony Rewards members will not be able to unlock a new Trophy Pass after October 29, 2018. For Sony Rewards members that unlocked a Trophy Pass prior to October 29, 2018, you may continue earning Sony Rewards points through the Trophy Pass program until November 7, 2019, at which time the program will be permanently discontinued for all Sony Rewards members. https://www.rewards.sony.com/terms.html
  12. Look up the new ToS on the sony rewards site.
  13. Would have tried to do that if the zombies one wasn't glitched as well.
  14. Thought they only said ps4 and steam.
  15. Happened to me when I did zombie rush on IX