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  1. Yes, I believe you can beat this time from save 13. Kill just what is necessary. Check some Speed Run videos on youtube to know how to save time. Good luck.
  2. lucky boy! I just regret that I had zero MT when the prices dropped a lot a few weeks ago. Now the prices are up again. It is getting harder and harder to collect cards...
  3. you are right. I am playing since May, and I build a 95-star team. the problem is that I am terrible in the game, I am on div 8, but I am still doing challenges and some SBC to improve my team. I hope to have better luck to rank-up when EA release Fifa 21, honestly...
  4. man, on 2k19 was even worse. this is ridiculous. I can't understand....
  5. How I regret I didn't get those trophies
  6. Trivia and dodgeball, but I don't remember the trophy names. You can easily find this info in the forum.
  7. It's a great game, but some of the multiplayer trophies are extremely hard to obtain nowadays, besides 2 trophies that are not obtainable at all.
  8. Today is even easier, as there are less players doing it. Anyway, it requires a bit of luck Just one thing: I checked you profile to see how far were you in 2k19 and I could not find it. If you didn't started it, I recommend to jump to 2k20 instead, as 2k19 servers are quite dead to start playing it right now.
  9. Hi guys! I just found a solution to get A New Beginning trophy and I want to share it with you. First of all, I found a solution to this trophy in another forum: Basically, it says that you need to do this trophy on version 1.0 of the game, so only people with Disk media could do it, not digital versions. But then I found a solution this week that helps to download games at PSN with version 1.0: So, I used PSX Download Helper to get the game version 1.0 and then I did what was posted in trueachievents and, this way, I got it! The bad news: you will need to delete the game and download it all again - to me, it was slow. Also, you need to open the game with Internet disconnected, otherwise the game will start downloading the updates right away, something that you should do only after getting the trophy. I hope this helps you to get the trophy as well!
  10. Please, include me in this loop, I also need this trophy!!
  11. Not only that: I think you need to do this in div 10! The usage of tier 3 is just because when you play as Tier 1 or Tier 2 and there is a teammate using a tier 3, the win didn't count, so it's safe to use a tier 3 as last match, but what is important is that you need to do that in div 10, getting promoted to div 9.
  12. I just did Locked In trophy! How I made it: I won the division 10 title. I won the 2 first games (Gold and Silver tiers) in 1x1 mode and the last (Bronze tier) in the 5x5. The first time I tried, I left Gold tier as last one, but all my wins didn't count - it's a bug that happens if any other guy from your team uses lower-tier players, so let Bronze tier in Div 10 as the last to the trophy! Good luck By the way: literally ALL players left the match but me. the last one quit missing 20 seconds to end the match. so people quitting is not a problem.
  13. I completed this trophy, finally. I did it with a friend, as the servers were quite empty when we did. We match against each other all the time, it was quick and easy. When the match started, he paused the game 7 times, then I claimed the win. This way he didn't suffer any quit penalties from 2K.
  14. A guy named DooMReaperAX told me it bugged to him as well in several divisions, and that he got the trophy when he gets back to div 10. Maybe we need to do this trophy in div 10, getting promoted to div 9 on tier 1, as you can see in this video: By the way, this video had 6 players instead of 10, maybe 2k patched the game and make the trophy to bug.
  15. I have 2470 cards right now. Missing 30 cards. I believe I will have the trophy in 2 weeks, it's very hard to find affordable cards to buy right now. When I get them, I will list all the cards I can into market. If anyone help me with 12-0 I will transfer cards/MTs to help back.