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  1. Many thanks, but most of them are for ps3 (long grind, not challenging itself). For PS4 I completed only 2K16.
  2. No trivia, no plat for me. I'm depressed
  3. I can't believe I will not plat this game due a stupid trivia trophy, I can't believe!!
  4. Hi guys. Do you have any tip to do the Undefeated? Any boost method or glitch to help to achieve the 12 wins in a row easier? Thanks
  5. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Classic masterpiece
  6. It's a bug, you need to keep pushing until achieve it. Change the sliders to let CPU stuck and score 50, 70 goals with CR7/Bale. It will pop in one moment.
  7. Join here:
  8. I tested this method using the 2k16 and it worked! Just need to check also in 2k18 now
  9. I have the same issue, more than 10 days passed, so I have no hope to get it solved. It will make it 10x harder as I have only 15 cards available and without the option to unpublish them.
  10. Yes, you can pick one, play and update the spreadsheet.
  11. The region doesn't matter. I added 8 accounts yesterday and today I'll add more 10. If lots of people join us, we can open some spots...
  12. So, everyone here are looking for VGC... But the problem is that only 20 people are getting it per week. For that reason, I'm organizing a group to increase this number of people that will make the trophy. Join us, the details of how to do it easily are here: Also join us on discord: I'll put 20 accounts on the leaderboards this week. Already put 10. If you all join us, we can open a lot of new spots.
  13. Thanks It's a bit hard to help because the servers are closing. I sold almost all cards I have but regular silvers, all of them very cheap, so I'm with almost no MTs. Just to let you know, I bought ALL gold and silver historic, all regular gold and almost all regular silver. I really think that it's almost impossible to complete the runes if you don't have at least 25 of it.
  14. Man, I'm pretty sure it's impossible to access myteam offline. Once I was playing and was 'kicked' from the match against CPU when I got an internet issue. You can test this way: turn off your internet connection and try to access the mode you want to check. Good luck
  15. SILVER CURRENT - I need one rune only, please sell those cards if you have it.Mike Dunleavy - BullsBobby Portis - BullsMarcus Smart - CelticsJeff Green - GrizzliesBeno Udrih - GrizzliesKyle Korver - HawksKent Bazemore - HawksLuol Deng - HeatChris Andersen - HeatJames Ennis - HeatJeremy Lamb - HornetsMarvin Williams - HornetsTrevor Booker - JazzRodney Hood - JazzRajon Rondo - KingsCaron Butler - KingsTobias Harris - MagicMario Hezonja - MagicChanning Frye - MagicLavoy Allen - PacersEric Gordon - PelicansAlexis Ajinca - PelicansKendrick Perkins - PelicansLuke Babbitt - PelicansJodie Meeks - PistonsCory Joseph - RaptorsTerrence Ross - RaptorsTrevor Ariza - RocketsDonatas Motiejunas - RocketsSam Dekker - RocketsDanny Green - SpursBoris Diaw - SpursPatrick Mills - SpursRay McCallum - SpursDevin Booker - SunsJon Leuer - SunsArchie Goodwin - SunsKyle Singler - ThunderZach LaVine - TimberwolvesNoah Vonleh - Trail BlazersKris Humphries - WizardsDeJuan Blair - Wizards