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  1. Yeah guys, it's over
  2. add me in psn and text me Saturday on PSN - I don't check this forum that often, so text me on psn and I'll help you get the ring this Saturday.
  3. maybe there is a way to reset the myteam asking the support team to delete your data. you can sell everything and send the MT to an alt account and try to reset it once you complete all other trophies.
  4. That's the kind of thing that makes me sick of 2k. I can't believe they to that to us...
  5. Update: it was not the last week. There is a new 3-weeks season - which is already in 2nd week now.
  6. any update?
  7. I also got one, and I know 2 other guys from the boost session that got too.
  8. I guess this should work well, considering the price of this playbook in the market lol
  9. I also hope so. Post based in the NBA 2K21 MYTEAM SEASON 9 COURTSIDE REPORT: "But we’re not done quite yet with NBA 2K21, we have one final three-week Season for you to experience with MyTEAM Season 9: Out of this World"
  10. Seems that this weekend is the last one to get Bling Bling! and Weekend Warrior trophies! Don't miss it!
  11. ohh, you are right! I didn't notice
  12. this seems very promising. I'll test it later! thanks for sharing! by the way, does it works also on ps4?
  13. Thank you, it worked for me as well! Especially the 3-pointers + foul rotations.
  14. Tie counts as wins. You can notice next time that you will win the prize (crown).
  15. It's just sad that the hackers broke the online experience and the rockstar decision just benefits the company and the hackers. In the end, we cannot even use the bounty by those modders. It's a bit unfair, IMHO. I really don't think this trophy (and just this one) should be flaggable. Yeah, I know it's not my decision, but it would be good if someone listens to the community (rockstar to release bounty system, or psnprofiles admins to unflag this trophy)