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  1. I got the NERD Trophy (Find all collectibles) together with testaholic trophy. Weird but happy nonetheless. Edit : I had only one collectible collected. So that's definitely a trophy glitch.
  2. UR Kinda Guy. AWESOME Cabinet.
  3. Add me up : MGSV The Phantom Pain PS4.
  4. Yes. @AlienSteam is right. Both should be from the same region. I had the same issue for MGS3 on Vita. It really sucks but there isn't much you can do.
  5. Soon Baby, soon. 29th July I'll be back here. Everything's ready. It's going to RAIN Platinum Trophies!
  6. MGSV The Phantom Pain Ps4 as Plat #200. Might even pop 10 Plats in an hour like I did For #100
  7. I second this. Was going to rebuild databases. I noticed it with my trophies now.
  8. Good Game? Cheap/Borrowed? Another awesome experience? Count me In! I hated Watchdogs Though. So Much to do TWICE.
  9. Barcelona for the win...Oh Wait we didn't make it. Not to be an Anti-RM Fan, Buuuut C'mon....Not again -_-. Can't be saying congratulations to my Girl two years in a row. We swapped in 2015/16. Not this time again I hope.
  10. Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain - #200
  12. Play 1v1 Matches.
  13. Just got this game off the recent EU Sale, *Looks at guide extensively* Holy Shit Yuri! 120H? FOR OTHERS? Damn son! That's Madness level Generosity.
  14. Glad to see I'm not the only who has been consistently killing brain cells over the years. I've had Many plats in the AM Range. Done it way too many times. Even the number of trophies earned in each hour makes me feel legitimately bad for my sleep.