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  1. The actual Personas Theo uses are different, but the affinities are the same. Whether you use Ice or Electricity or any element specific build, Liz/Theo will have one Persona that nulls/drains that element, 2 that null all elements, and one that nulls everything except Almighty. The ideal strategy is to use Mind Charge on the one you can't hit with that element plus after blocking Megidolaon, and physical attacks during the light/dark rounds.
  2. I mean, some people on this site play Stroke The Jumping Pretty Bear B Turbo Journey Nitro trash for pathetically quick and easy plats, but that doesn't affect my enjoyment in trophy hunting the way I want. If others want to plat a game using an invincibility toggle, who cares? It in no way affects your experience if you don't use it.
  3. This is a trophy hunting site, not a competitive Rayman site. While I understand the top 20 or whatever players don't like this glitch, if it helps people get the platinum sooner there's little reason not to post it here. Also, as someone who's gotten the Vita platinum I don't have a lot of sympathy for the 24/7 players. Needing to wait for a bugged Murfy challenge to get a diamond cup because of a low player count and the same 2 or 3 people at the top every time isn't my idea of fun. I'm all for getting these plats out of the way as quickly as possible. (to add to the original post, the PS4 version crashes at 1264.70 km so don't go overboard)
  4. I could see the quiz trophy being a little more annoying, since there's no way to pause the game during the quizzes this time around. Everything else should be about the same.
  5. As of January 15, players will need an Epic Games Account in order to access leaderboards, Rivals mode, and online multiplayer. Even if your PSN account is already linked to an EGA, you have to link it again through the above URL.
  6. I'm not saying I don't want people to play these titles. Play what you want. I'm just curious if there's anything about the games themselves people like. For example, Jack N' Jill DX is a half-decent 2D platformer that's worth a play if you have nothing else to do for a couple hours. It's an extremely easy plat, but I can see some appeal for the average gamer. Can the defenders say anything similar about the titles labeled "shovelware", or are they just PS Store clutter that buries other legitimate games?
  7. The CCO of development studio Lillymo Games has said their latest game only sold about half of what their previous game sold, and they're convinced it's because of all the shovelware spam "cratering" discoverability. (Source, around the 1:07:08 mark) Does that count as "voting with their wallet"?
  8. Implying people like these "games". To date, I've not seen even one person explain what they like about the "Stroke the [Animal]", "The Jumping [Food]", and "The [Noun] [Letter]" games themselves that would lead them to recommend the games to someone who has zero interest in trophies.
  10. And one publisher has already acknowledged the memo and retweeted the story. Still not confirmation, but it makes the original story slightly more credible.
  11. Except it hasn't. If I sort by price to find a cheap game, I have to wade through a bunch of shovelware trash to find actual games.
  12. This is the sort of thing I've genuinely wanted to see since September. Why has no one done it yet?
  13. Season 1 has the complete collection, where all 8 episodes are on the disc.
  14. Which is why I specify the games themselves and not the trophy lists in my question. The first person I asked the question to gave the same response, along with the circular reasoning "the bump jump etc. games are just fun because that's what they are made for to be fun."
  15. Then maybe you can answer the question I haven't really gotten any answers for. Is there anything you like about the "Stroke the [Animal]", "The Jumping [Food]", and "The [Noun] [Letter]" games themselves that would lead you to recommend them to a person who has zero interest in trophies? For example, Jack N' Jill DX is a half-decent 2D platformer that's worth a play if you have nothing else to do for a couple hours. Can you say anything similar about the games labeled "shovelware"?