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  1. anyone have any guesses as to when uncharted 4 will get dlc trophies for multiplayer?

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    2. Doom


      As I said, the dlcs are already planned. You can bet your ass they are gonna have trophies.

    3. soniq


      Didn't UC2 and 3 get the DLC trophies long after the DLC was released? Similar to The Last of Us?

    4. LetsTurnJu-On


      Supposedly they weren't sure about what content they wanted to do for DLC and weren't thinking about it until after the game, they only said DLC is coming.

      So I'd probably give 'em 3 or 4 months.

  2. Just A ranked every stage in sonic adventure. it's an awesome feeling

    1. Jak


      Congrats. I remember doing this, it was a great feeling. You're not done yet though.

      Also, you submitted your status twice, may want to delete the other one.

    2. Addy7stt


      Woops thanks for the heads up man. And yeah i'm gonna start the chao's once i finish lollipop chainsaw

  3. .
  4. Brother from Final Fantasy X-2 I can't be the only one who finds it weird that he's sexually obsessed with his cousin
  5. Speedrun WR of fallout new vegas is 32 minutes
  6. I accidently saved over my FFX file at almost 100% of the game... fml

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    2. ChickenExotic


      no PS+ upload recovery?

    3. Captain_Cutscene


      Ouch :( suddenly my FF X-2 playthrough doesn't seem so heavy. Sorry to hear you lost it, definitely go play something else for a while, you might get renewed interest in FFX again later on :)

    4. redcar200


      I lost my save yrs ago on ff13 Bc of a busted hard drive. Didn't have plus then so no cloud recovery. Never went back to redo it.

  7. lol funny enough you don't fight Seifer in the struggle tournament
  8. Sonic and Tails anyone?
  9. Sly 2 is one of my favorite games of all time so no fuck off
  10. Does anyone have an unused Uncharted 3 online pass that they could donate to the TTaym needs 1 trophy to platinum foundation?

    1. xzero4812


      isnt the online pass free


    2. McJacs2


      Competitive is free but co-op is not, and one trophy for co-op.

    3. Addy7stt


      Yeah what McJacs said and it's the only trophy I need :(

  11. I finished Uncharted 2 and now I see why Infamous didn't win any game of the year awards.