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  1. Do you need 4 people for it?
  2. Need an invite to Level 40+ Crew. Looking to contribute while playing.
  3. Damn, is that bugged too? Don't we already have 6 from the daily reset?
  4. Is there a specific one that you ran?
  5. your friend will be downloading the "trial" of Wolfenstein on the PS Store.
  6. MP101 is no longer glitched on 1.04 just released. I just got it replaying a tutorial.
  7. Not sure about the Diablos higher chance of crowns. Did the quest multiple times and I haven't gotten a single update. I'm thinking the crowns are set.
  8. Did you use a new save? Or on your previous save?
  9. Thanks for the detailed reply again. So even when you did get the jeweler/blacksmith to Level 12 and loaded up the PS4 version it didn't pop? Are they Level 12 or do you have to upgrade them again? Is there a "Export Save" option on the PS4 version?
  10. Thank you, been looking around for information on PS3 UEE trophies and PS4 UEE linking. Question: did your mystic/blacksmith/jeweler trophies pop when you loaded up the PS4 version? How about your challenges? (in the start menu) Did they transfer over from the PS3 version when you export save (I think that's the main reason, trophies seem to be tied to these challenges)? Did you load up the PS3 version again after transferring to PS4? Are the stats the same or have they been updated with the characters in the PS4 version?