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  1. wow....all your comments sort of make me wish I never started playing the game solo. I had got the ps3 version done but that was with groups of friends. Most of those friends don't play anymore so I tried going it without them. Big mistake. But now since I started, gotta try to finish so....yeah I'm stuck.
  2. At first, I couldn't understand why I would just randomly be booted from a game for doing nothing wrong. Initially, I thought the community was just cold and mean. But after tonight, I now understand WHY they do it. I was playing a game of shadow raid, doing it stealth. This guy or girl joins the game, purposely sets off his or her ECM, then leaves. Crap like that made me see why people just immediately kick seemingly for no reason.
  3. I jump on the vita off and on so I'm ok with having some games with people. Just say vita or something in the friend req PSN ID- Pariah_Dark
  4. Unfortunately, I don't think some games like X-Men, Turtles, Turtles In Time and The Simpsons will be included. Remember, they didn't even bother to renew the licenses for those games back in the ps3/360 era. Not sure given Konami's track record that they will care to renew those. Which is a shame
  5. Yeah, I think when he made the guide he may not have noticed you can go back to story missions through that archive book. But you don't have to play new game plus, Just go back to whatever missions you need S on in the archive. I just did it today so I can speak first hand that it works
  6. I'm available to get some multiplayer done whenever you guys need an extra body
  7. If your account is on the same ps3 as your friends account, the dlc should work. As long as the account that actually purchases the content is on the PS3 you plan to play on, you should be able to play the muppet dlc (assuming he hasn't game shared it with other ppl)
  8. Pariah_Dark Twisted Metal big deal, can care less about leaderboards. flag everything for all I care
  9. Pariah_Dark Street Fighter IV big deal
  10. It looks like they're sticking with the 25th for the cut off date since the server is still online. But don't test it guys, get your stuff ASAP
  11. I have it if you need help. Just make a session whenever you're up to play and I'll join it
  12. Pariah_Dark Elemental Monster: Online Card Game Most of these trophies can be done by yourself if you have 2 PS3 systems ( I myself have 3) Second, as for the classes, most of that was earned long ago but the ps3 didn't ever register my prior exp due to an external glitch. When I got the last one was when the others started registering. I'm not going to go through the hassle of arguing. So if you want, I can stay flagged because I'm not removing the game to be unflagged because I didn't do anything wrong to start with
  13. Ah NOW I see the ones I were missing ( Toraichi and Torazi unmasked). Now I FINALLY have that horde of friends trophy and feel safe coming back to finish for the plat. Thank you VERY much bone.
  14. If you make that guide, I will be extremely grateful. I think my game is glitched. I'm almost certain, I have all the characters, but horde of friends isn't popping for me
  15. It might just be the PS Plus version that has problems connecting. That's the one I have and it doesn't connect.