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  1. That sentence made me shudder and get hit by FOMO really hard. Now i feel like i should play all my unplayed ps3 games asap and need to play 24/7 to even remotely feel close to being done. Only to do it again on ps4 in a few years...why do we do this again? 🤔
  2. So are the servers down for this or is the plat still obtainable if i can get on the leaderboards?
  3. Last achievers earned those trophies at the end of July so they mightve been down since then. I really hope they get fixed as it would be my first unobtainable platinum 😥
  4. Donkey Kong 64. It was the game that came with the system when i bought it with the money i had worked for the whole summer vacation. I spend countless hours trying to gather every collectible and 101% the game since it was the only game i had for like a year. Still having nightmares when thinking of how many retries it took to win the races against that Beetle.😅
  5. Or they just switched them off just before lunch break since it was around 12 o clock here. 😋
  6. Just a little bit, when i compare the games to recent games. There are just some games on there that were experimental and so much fun. Skate 3, Brutal Legend and Driver SF i can play for hours without going for trophies because its so much fun. I can really feel the developers put their soul into it even if they did not have the biggest budget. Nowadays gaming is much more serious and no penny is wasted on anything that is not a garanteed money maker.
  7. These character dlc are very good, especially episode Ignis and Prompto. They all have a strong extra boss after their story too and it explains what they did during the time they were split of from the party. Personally i played Gladio first, then Ignis, Prompto and Ardyn last. Also the Royal pack added alot of stuff to the main game even some dungeons and superbosses that are immune to the ring of Lucii
  8. Yes! I need a new Deus Ex game with Adam Jensen to answer all the questions i have after Mankind Divided. Really liked that game!
  9. The yellow points after each match is money (or valor in this game) and does not count as points. The points need to be earned by getting kills and completing challenges, eventually there will be a challenge to earn a million points when youre close and the trophy will pop in the match as soon as you reach it.
  10. I had to beat Hassan and then do another glitched condor to get Evie to show up. Not sure if i was rank 7 by then. Btw Evie was the toughest character to beat for me, hitting a birdie at almost every hole in imperial garden.
  11. Not sure if Ghosts on PS3 has an ingame store but you could try that.
  12. Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom Silent Hill Downpour Syberia Collection No More Heroes Paradise
  13. Did EA do this? I was under the impression that the plat was already unobtainable due to shutdown of the costum mask website.
  14. I played them both half a year ago and had bought used copies but didnt need to buy any online pass. In driver i specifically remember they set the online trial to 999 days so it never runs out meaning no online pass needed. Splinter cell i dont remember the specifics but also no online pass needed.
  15. I understand what youre saying and to be clear thats not what we want. We were hoping that someone previously had an experience like this and managed to resolve it because EA support wasnt all that helpfull. We just want to play some older ps3 games in coop but cant because of this EA stuff, which is a shame because the games itself are great and fun.