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  1. Most of them have already been mentioned but i can still recommend: Castlevania: lords of Shadow trilogy Bionic Commando Rage Driver San Francisco Alice Madness Returns Edit: Forgot one i really enjoyed: Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom.
  2. If its available, you bet your ass i'm gonna use a difficulty glitch in any game. A huge time and frustration saver, while i can focus on enjoying the story and unlock the platinum as a bonus too. Not everyone has a lot of time to burn or the patience to repeat bosses over and over to find out the best strategy.
  3. Twitter update:
  4. Agreed, but i'll do you one better: The whole FFXIII Trilogy! Its sad that so many ppl didnt play the last one because of the time mechanic but those ending cut-scenes of that game are so beautiful that it makes it totally worth it.
  5. May update: Finally after almost 5 years i got the platinum that was hunting my nightmares 😝 Batman Arkham City 79% -> 93% It will have to stay at 93% for now as i am not even thinking about doing the challenges again with 3 characters for just 6 bronze trophies. The amount of time and effort needed is not worth the reward. Other than that, a slow month for ps3 but i will get back to backlog hunting asap.
  6. I played most telltale games, except for Back to the future, the batman ones and the last season of Walking dead and i must say unlike most ppl i didn't like Game of Thrones or the first 2 seasons of the walking dead because a lot of choices result in extreme consequences that gets characters killed very easily. The ones i liked the most are: Tales From Borderlands, Wolf among us, minecraft story mode season one. (Funnily enough the ones i knew little to nothing about) Guardians of the galaxy was also good to but i saw the movies so i knew most characters. About the availability, that is what the first post in thread is for, but if you want the season pass discs i expect they wont be cheap.
  7. I usually check this list for Complete Editions: Complete Edition Central Its pretty good and nicely categorized.
  8. Just a 'controversial' name in the hopes to gain more sales for a generic shooter game i guess.
  9. Binary Domain if you want a challenge.
  10. Its still an option for ppl that dont want to play the whole game again just for the insanity trophy, so it saves a lot of time. I don't think this glitch was in the other 2 games so at least not everything can be cheesed.
  11. Thanks for the recommendation, i will definitely try them out. Its good to see that a lot of previous Japan exclusive RPG series are coming to the west. When i played the original Secret of Mana on SNES many years ago i wanted to play the sequel but it wasn't released out of Japan. Now that Trials of Mana has been remade i will platinum both Secret and Trials of Mana on PS4! Back to the Tales franchise, i am still waiting for a remaster/re-release for Tales of Abyss, its the only 3D title that i want to play but isn't available on recent consoles yet.
  12. Always good to see that the Tales of games are getting more popular. Tales of is one of my favorite series too, it began for me in the GameCube era with Tales of Symphonia because i was looking for a game that was not Mario and my local game store had a copy of Tales of Symphonia. Never heard of it but i was getting interested in games with a good story and the fact that it was not turn based combat for an RPG made me like it even more. After playing through Symphonia multiple times i looked for other tales games but there weren't many others that were released in Europe yet. Years later when i had a PS3 i rediscovered the Tales of series and decided to platinum them all (except the handheld ones) and i am still in the process of doing that. Next up is DotNW but i kinda keep postponing that. Xillia 2 is one of my favorites too, mainly because of the story with the Fractured dimensions, showing realities where things are different, showing what could've been if something went the other way. That stuff always interested me just like time travel stories. Which is why i prefer FF13-2 over the other FF13 games. Do you like Final Fantasy games? I didn't at first because of the turn based combat but they slowly let that go over the years. I am not sure if i should play the Ys or Trails of Cold steel series, they seem like really long games and platinums which i don't mind as long as it doesn't become boring or extremely grindy.
  13. I hate to be the bringer of bad news but at least you will have an answer. I ordered littlebigplanet 2 extras edition for 25 euro about a week ago and when i tried to redeem the code it said i t was expired. I knew that was the risk because queen_malevolent had tested it already but i wanted to try for myself and test my luck. After contacting PlayStation Support they tried to redirect me to the seller but i told them that it was their responsibility but whatever i said they kept saying they couldn't do anything about it. They told me that the code had expired in January of 2021. So probably every littlebigplanet 2 extra edition code has expired by now. How the hell am i gonna get the Muppet DLC now...
  14. Wow i never knew this game existed, thanks for recommending it. I am usually not a big fan of hard indies but this just breathes the first 2 Paper Mario games which i enjoyed very much as a kid. Definitly gonna play this!
  15. April update: Pretty slow month as i had been researching and panic buying physical games before they got expensive or the psn store would get closed, which it didn't after all. Batman Arkham City 76% -> 79% Singularity 28 -> 30% 1 game added this month: Battlefield 3 0%