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  1. I can confirm that, at least for the "Stars an Stripes" trophy, having owned every vehicle at one point in time is enough. Tested with the newest patch. You can sell whatever you don't want and still get the trophy. As soon as I'm level 26 and unlock the last Russian truck I can give you an update the other two vehicle trophies, but my guess is that they will behave the same. So there is no need to grind any money -- which makes sense, as without money glitches you would need hundreds of hours to earn enough to own every truck at the same time.
  2. Some time before the release they said that the current situation hit them hard. They had the option to release the game as is (with the Taymyr map missing, no wheel support, some graphical problems like mirrors and lights on PS4) or postpone it for an unknown time (in such a short timeframe before the release they had to reschedule everything). While I would have preferred a more polished game, I'm happy to be able to play the game at all. Those crashes and save game related bugs have to fixed asap, but I don't care if I get the platinum this month or next month.
  3. While you have all upgrades on the three Russian maps currently in the game and thus got the trophy, I'm pretty sure you're still missing the LAZ 6 T195 engine upgrade for the Step 310E. That and other upgrades are on the fourth currently missing map in Taymyr -- there is no way to get them.
  4. Do you have the trophy for all upgrades? I'm not sure where I read it, but AFAIK there is a map missing in Russia which will come with the first big update. They had to exclude it to be able to release on time, so some upgrades from that map are missing. The trophy itself only counts upgrades that are currently there, so you can get it despite some vehicle still having locked parts.
  5. I got the trophy lifting the Oil Rig Salvage Semi-Trailer, which is used in multiple missions. Additionally I was able to lift the Coiled Tubing Semi-Trailer, but as I already had unlocked the trophy I can't guarantee it's working -- but it should.
  6. Do you even read other posts in this thread? I don't want to be rude, but I have already confirmed that those trailers are working. They're heavy, but it is possible to lift them and I got the trophy by doing so (in Alaska).
  7. I can confirm that that one also works for the trophy. But as you said it's quite heavy and not easy to lift. You need to bring you heaviest truck and lift it over the front, as the supports on the side will not carry the weight. A heavy trailer (like a fuel trailer) attached to the back will help to balance out the weight even further. Also it felt like the American crane model was better suited for this, as I wasn't able to lift it with the Russian one, but that might just have been bad luck. But as I said earlier, there are multiple semi-trailers in the game for that trophy. I think there is one in the later Michigan missions, too.
  8. While there are more special cargo semi trailers, I can't tell if you're able to spawn some when all missions are finished. In any case getting it in coop should be a working backup alternative.
  9. I think the most guide-worthy trophies in this game are Deer Hunt, Moose Hunt and Bear Hunt. Maybe also Where are the logs? and Simply Delivered (withs no achievers so far, might be bugged?) as well as Workers Unite (although you basically can't miss the statues, just the unlock condition of "find" is unclear to me, I crashed into both of them and didn't unlock the trophy). Beside them, I think all trophies are self-explanatory or will unlock naturally during gameplay. For the first three trophies maps for all regions containing the exact positions and names of the upgrades and trucks are requires. So if you're working on a guide, creating those might be the most relevant part. Feel free to keep us updated with your progress on those so we can give you information on locations you missed.
  10. This has to be a bug (as there is no seasonal content right now) or the one person who got it cheated. What are the rules about that on this site? I don't want to call someone out, but it looks fishy. Exactly what the description says? It's level 40+ obviously, you'll learn what directives are.
  11. Hey, thank you for the guide. Sadly, it's a bit unclear for me and doesn't seem to work. Okay, I did that. Three Dreadnoughtus per pen. Here is where my confusion starts. I have the Dreadnoughtus, so I don't have to release any more dinos? That can't be right, six dinos overall are not enough to reach the rating of 1500. As you said substitute I guess I have to release the additional 16 dinos even if I have the Dreadnoughtus. But this leads to another problem. The Dreadnoughtus only accepts a population of 15, while we get 19 per pen. So this confirms my understanding, but still, 38/2=19 is too much per pen. I'm currently trying to use the Apatosaurus instead, which should work with 44/2=22 as the population limit for that species. I don't know if this was changed in a patch, but for anyone trying it, ignore the parts with the Dreadnoughtus and just go for the Apatosaurus instead.
  12. No, as there are no private lobbies. You can however use the public lobbies to boost if there are no other players, but yesterday there wasn't a single empty server. Private lobbies might come in the future.
  13. Hey, for quite some time now the links in forum mails (at least for followed threads) are wrong in the text/plain part of the message. The links in the text/html part are fine and link to the correct post. Clicking on the links in the text/plain part leads to a page saying: If necessary I can provide example links from my mails, I don't want to post them here because they possibly include profile specific information. Another thing is that all links in the mails still use http as a protocol and the server doesn't even answer on the https port. Given that you not only sending a direct link to the thread/comment but a link with additional, as I said before possibly profile specific, tracking data, I think you should look into that.
  14. Not only that. They somehow did not only made the realistic damage mode more "realistic", they also increased the damage mode in normal. I've done some of the last race series in single player (8 races with class A, 6-12 laps) and in almost all races all AI cars died during the race. The novice AI now isn't only slow, it also unable to even finish the race.
  15. That would be great. The other "challenges" are annoying as hell due to the horrible rubber banding. Driving the best lap for example is pure luck as sometimes cars "catch up" and suddenly drive 4 seconds faster than you (and with that faster than the current world record on that track...).