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  1. The DLC, which is required for all trophies as far as I can see, is 9€ in EU. I can post the English trophy names, but I guess they'll be synced to PSNP anyway in a few hours. Beside the fact we have to get another grind to 30 this seems quite interesting, although a bit expensive. You can now select a whole new planet via quick travel in the game, but I can't tell how much content there is. Would appreciate some information on that.
  2. I might be wrong here, but as far as I know only friends, invited players and players you share you session information with (like in communities) can join your server. There is no problem with online stealing and griefing. Also, PODI (I think that's how they called the update that allowed players to be on different islands at the same time) isn't a thing on console, so anyone who joins will be on you island anyway and you can watch what he does.
  3. Hey, I have serious problems to unlock the Trust trophy. In Act 1, I made sure that Finn gets released. In Act 2, I made sure he escaped and is going to help me. So far, so good. Act 3 starts in the bar, were Felicity leaves and he calls me. After that, Becky rushed to the location and calls Tom on the way (I have no option to call someone else). Arriving there, I have killed the Trapper, I have let him kill me and Tom, but nothing popped. What do they want me to do? Fynn DID lead me to Adam. Is there a hidden condition I've missed earlier in the game? These games trophies look so easy, but are implemented so bad. In my first playthrough, I 100% knew who the Trapper was. The reporter in the end said who it was. The witness said who it was. Fynn confirmed who it was. But I didn't get the trophy for revealing him because I missed something somewhere else. How am I supposed to know about these stupid hidden conditions? The guides here aren't helping at all, sadly they're pretty weak because there are many choices that are not mentioned in them but mess up the trophy.
  4. The mode is fine. Sorry to say it that way, you just need to get good. While luck is a factor everywhere in the game, you won't get far with some knowledge about basic stuff. If you played the normal mode for a few dozen hours you should've no problems in survival/permadeath. Especially in the beginning you just need to be super quick and now what you're doing.
  5. Great to hear that, thank you for your effort! What do I have to do before I can join you? Or can I just create a new safe, join your game and back it up (to make sure I'll can try again when I fail). Haven't played with NEXT and never tried Permadeath.
  6. Well, if someone knows someone who might be able to help doing this I might be interested Sadly my old survival savegame seems completely broken (I don't even have a ship anymore) so I lost hope to reach the center by myself, but if we can get more and more players to the center in permadeath quite fast we could create a boosting group.
  7. Hey, with the new expansion out and multiplayer finally in the game, do you think there is a way to cheat (perma-)death? It seems to be possible to join other players sessions with any savegame you've created, can we use this to visit them near the center? Or can they even bring us there? With no risk for them as they might play normal mode?
  8. If you can, I would say get the PC version. The performance on the PS4 is a big problem -- and that with way worse graphics. Maybe it will get better over time (as it is their first PS4 game), but right now, the PC version is superior. And much cheaper.
  9. As I confirmed earlier in this thread the memos are ALL unlocked from the islands divisions, three on each of the five islands. Just make sure it really unlocks an entry.
  10. Maybe we should start a list in here whenever we can confirm some requirements for a character. I think the locations are unlocked while finishing all six islands, the memos are for the divisions, so only the characters are more complicated to get.
  11. My last character (which wasn't the third btw, mistake on my side) had to be unlocked by that hybrid rex eating a visitor. So make sure you let each carnivore eat a visitor, let a few plant eater roam in your park. Things you normally try to avoid also unlock characters. Take photos from everything. And get five stars on all six island (including the sandbox one).
  12. Actually it's really easy to get five stars everywhere. You just have to open your ratings and look where you are missing stars: If it's a dino problem, you either need more in quantity or more special ones, they are sick or you have to many of the same type. Small hint here: You can easily get five stars on any island with only two or three enclosures and a few high rated dinos in them. It is not required to fill the complete island, that might make it even harder. If it's a visitors problem, look what they want. If it's a capacity problem, build a hotel, if it's anything else look at the percentages and build what is required. You can use the "eye tool" to see if some buildings are required in specific areas. Just build small and what the visitors want, don't grow the park for no reason. On the third island I made my park way to big and had to fit 9 hotels in the end to make them happy -- in another try I got five stars with only 3.
  13. I can confirm this now, although there seems to be a bug around those divisions. Unlocking the trophy won't unlock the database entry at the same time. Either the trophy unlocks earlier (at 98% or something) or you can't unlock two things at once. In both cases doing another mission from that division unlocks the database entry as it should. I'm in the same situation now. If I remember correctly it's the third character from the top. Sadly the character and location unlocks still seem random for me, so I have no idea what to do beside just keep playing. Getting five stars on "sandbox island" gave me the missing locations and all characters but the missing one.
  14. I have built everything at least once, have every dino at 100% and incubated each one at least once. Every research project is completed and the dig site map is completely empty/green. I don't see any indication in game that there is something I could do I haven't done so far to unlock the missing entries.
  15. Hey, after finishing most of JWE in a few hours, my INGEN database is still missing some stuff: 5 Locations 4 Characters 14(!) Memos Has anyone an idea how to unlock those? I have visited every island, finished every mission and unlocked everything. I have no idea what else to do (in a progressing way) to get the missing database entries. The only hint I found was to get each division maxed once on each island for the memos, but I already maxed each division once (on different islands) and still only have one memo.