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  1. Have the EU version. Didn't get the trophy. Played two times, played two more times trying the workaround method with slight variations (french language, time zone, in one go, etc.) played one more time when it became the ps+ game, just to be sure. Ended up buying the US version.
  2. Created some fresh accounts: [email protected] x = from 1 to 13 password = 1password
  3. https://lbp.me/v/q1w5p42 Please play and heart.
  4. Btw, NabiGoin mentioned above is eligible too. He got only one level, but the score is very little, like 870. Beatin it will be a piece of cake for both sp and th.
  5. Now i understand!!! Thank you so much!
  6. Why SP has to play ones challenge at all? Cant he just challenge you from the leaderboard section?
  7. Once again guys, why it can't be done that way 1. Trophie hunters (TH) find a suitable player (SP) and form a group. All THs have minimum score on one game (say, botz invasion. say, the score of 250) 2. On a chosen date THs send SP challenges one by one. THs get Throwdown. 3. SP IGNORES the challenges sent to him. 4. SP sends THs challenge from the menu, they beat it, get Honor Upheld. 5. When the group is done SP beats someones challenge to get Honor Upheld if he doesnt have one. Or is it wrong?
  8. And why not: TH's send their challenges one by one? Does SP actually need to play the challenge so that THs get "Throwback", or they get the trophy when they send it? And can SP challenge THs from the challenge screen himself or he will dissapear after first challenge sent by him?
  9. The SP goes online for the first challenge, beats it, his score updated - he's gone forever and can't send challenge to TH2,3,4??? Why can't he challenge TH1, TH2, 3... not playing the game online? I totaly miss that part. Please someone explain.
  10. I've been reading the post over and over, but i still don't get that part. Please forgive me if my question is stupid, but... On this step the SP is online and beating the challenge=playing the game. After that he will be deleted from the leaderboards and TH2,3 and so on get nothing... Does SP actually have to beat the challenge sent to him from first TH, or he should only do it after everybody in the group got throphies?
  11. Can you, please, add me to your group? Many thanks for considering my request.