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  1. While it is pretty clear that the featured items at the top half of the store are the same for everyone (based on what I see other people wearing), is the same true for the bottom half? Could it be possible that you've simply purchased all the cheap items, so it is now forced to show more expensive items?
  2. I doubt it. How would that even work for people who don't purchase the DLC? They'd lose pretty much all of their good will if the game became unplayable after 2 months for those who don't make a follow up purchase.
  3. The tail tag and jinx mini games are particularly sensitive to latency. If you're living in the wrong part of the world and have a high latency to the servers, you're at a distinct disadvantage. If other players are taking your tail while seemingly being out of range, it is because they are close to where the server predicts you should be based on prior inputs. If you have trouble stealing other people's tails, it is because the server sees you're out of range from where that player actually is.
  4. Did you make sure you damaged the other player? While you do want the match to time out, you don't want it to end in a draw.
  5. I grew my vault fairly quickly (beyond 30 people) and had no trouble getting enough raider attacks. I suspect you'll get that trophy long before collecting 20 legendary weapons/outfits or completing 100 objectives.
  6. It is a bit annoying that they run the armoured car events on the same playlist as bounty hunter. My guess is that if there are a certain number of people who want to be bounty hunters in a region and there are no targets, it just throws them together in this other event. Just try playing at different times of day, or weekend vs. week days and you might have more luck.
  7. You will need to complete the main story first. Once you've done that, some fast travel camp fires will appear on the Syria map (which is a rectangle down south on the zoomed out map).
  8. I got an error when pressing the suitcase button at first. When I ejected the Golden Abyss game card, and tried again it imported correctly. If you still have trouble, perhaps try deleting one copy of the game on your vita (back up the save just in case).
  9. I think I only got one advanced summon spirit when I played through the game. I raised it to the first level cap and then stopped using it after that. Some of the problems are: Unless you spend a lot of destiny orbs to do many summons, you'll probably end up having to use jokers to break the level caps. You can only trade advanced summon spirits for other advanced summons, so there is no way other than spending destiny orbs to get more of them. In many cases, a normal spirit with full pure merge bonuses will be more useful than an advanced spirit with no bonuses. Here are some other tips based on my experience with the game: Consider building up a set of element change spirits. You're in the Europe region, so you should be able to get Pandora ® for wood and Incubus (UC) for metal. You can also unlock Ghost Ship ® for water by clearing one of the zones near Australia and Chameleon (UC) for fire by clearing one of the zones in Africa. To get an earth element changer or R/SR spirits for metal and fire you'll need to trade or get lucky hunting. Using an element change spirit as the lead, you can field your best spirits against a boss and have an elemental advantage. Try to build up the pure merge stats for your R or lower spirits. If you merge a spirit of the same type any time other than when you're breaking the level cap, you'll receive some bonus stats for HP, attack, and speed that show up in parentheses. The more pure merges you perform, the higher these stats will go until they reach a cap determined by the spirit's rarity class. With full bonus stats, a UC spirit may be competitive with an R spirit with no bonuses, and similar for R spirits competing with SR. You can try building up bonus stats for SR spirits, but I ended up using most of my duplicate SRs for level breaks. The time stop skill is probably the most useful one in the game. Unfortunately the best time stop spirits were either from a limited summon promotion (Lady of the Depths can stop all enemies for 12 seconds for a cost of 50) or from a past event (Verdandi can stop one enemy for 15 seconds for a cost of 62). This can be invaluable during boss fights.