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  1. I remember being in high school and thinking how cool the concept of E3 was. /nostalgia
  2. AMA
  3. AMA

    On a scale from The Presequel to Borderlands (JP), how bad are they gonna fuck up the DLC?
  4. Oh boy, this hot pile of garbage again.
  5. That's proof of nothing.
  6. You need to sync the internal clock (and I believe a PSN ID profile) online at least once.
  7. This is basically a reskinned version of last gen's Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone.
  8. Dragon's Crown
  9. I have yet to see a nastier platinum trophy than Warhawk's.
  10. No third party software is used on retail discs where you stop the update(s).
  11. It's almost like the full game hasn't been released yet.
  12. You can keep any retail disc from updating if you wish to use exploits that have since been patched. There's also a method for downgrading pre-patched digital content.