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  1. All this talk of positivity is making me feel uncomfortable.
  2. I have refined tastes and prefer triple-stacks as opposed to just double.
  3. In their prime, who would win between Rua and Cro Cop? @ShogunCroCop
  4. Trophies are so lame you's all about Pogs now.
  5. I suggested a sort option for "time to 100%", but it's apparently not worth adding the feature. For me, it's probably Warhawk @ 8 years 4 months.
  6. Needs more Neurofunk and Jump Up.
  7. Good idea. @RatalaikaGames
  8. PixelJunk Monsters 2 is tempting, but the deluxe version needs to be $7.50 instead of the base version...then I'd buy it.
  9. Otogi (the first more than the sequel) Breakdown ...and I still want a remaster of Castlevania Curse of Darkness.
  10. My fiance is blind, so I narrate all my gameplay to her so she can be involved in trophy hunting as well.
  11. The best two I can recommend are Blitz: The League II, and Fight Night Round 4.
  12. It was meticulously planned and it cut into my play time on another game and kept my group waiting for many hours until I was through. I believe I played for about 30 hours straight to get my final matches as Jason. Sadly, I wasn't aware the automated trophy milestones stopped giving a milestone every 1,000 trophies after 10,000. Is there really a point for the milestone to be spread out by 5,000 trophies? Most accounts with that kind of collection could benefit from the increased milestones, since you'll be scrolling through their games for 30 minutes may as well have something to read on the side.
  13. I was kinda bummed out when my Friday the 13th platinum trophy was my 13,000 trophy and I couldn't show it off.
  14. Needs more Caitlyn Jenner.