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  1. Good read, Doc.
  2. I love free stuff. My favorite horror movie is Twilight.
  3. Derby says $5.99, but I swear it was originally free.
  4. Dodged another one.
  5. We got dat relay!
  6. Last I checked, you could "ghost" activate 6 at once.
  7. Nobody believes me when I tell them my real name is Debora until they see it on PSN.
  8. All the kids are playing Warhawk. Sounds like a nifty game.
  9. Not sure if anyone already mentioned this, but NEVER let your PS3 try to fix itself after a hard reset.
  10. Stats/medals/badges take at least one additional match before they post, possibly due to the "glitched" lobby. For rank trophies, exit the game & relaunch from XMB.
  11. Max Payne 3 I'm currently playing it & the plat seems ridiculous.
  12. I had to manually do the math on a few medals since not every stat is accurately tracked. It's a damn mess, I know.
  13. Must be A2A. 1000 kills cumulative, then 10 WH A2A IAR.
  14. I don't remember clusters being in that game mode since their main function is for destroying ground vehicles.
  15. You need to pick up the Chaff while in a Warhawk, then fire it after a missile is locked onto you. It looks like confetti when used.