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  1. Turn-based strategy/RPG is the way to go.
  2. Hard no.
  3. You can pick this up in the bargain bin.
  4. 4.1 is the fastest method for XP. Any other method would be less efficient.
  5. Put some new thermal paste on the heat sinks.
  6. Dungeon Defenders 1 & 2 Diablo 3
  7. Great sale, but I already own everything I'm interested in.
  8. The original assets for the multiplayer weren't found with the single player portion, so (from link above) "the multiplayer experience is being rebuilt from the ground up".
  9. Retail release exclusive to GameStop. The only extra content available will be for PC through EGS. Price $29.99.
  10. Here's a list of challenges: Make note that BL2 and TPS have different challenges.
  11. DDO (Dragon's Dogma Online) is a JP MMO set to close its servers in December.
  12. Use the 2nd option for the trophy cards (BBcode).
  13. Best I can do is $7.