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  1. Am I the only person who hasn't made a pissy thread to complain about some bullshit?
  2. 7729 -> 8489 (+760) 2904 -> 3215 (+311) 1226 -> 1442 (+216) 222 -> 255 (+33) PSN Level 48 -> 53 (+5) Overall, not a terrible year, but I did clean up a few ugly incomplete PS3 games from the backlog.
  3. But how big is the Day-1 patch?
  4. Code redeemed successfully. Cr1s is legit.
  5. When we reached out to Soulja Boy to address this issue, he simply forwarded our news team to this video:
  6. No, I'm NA and just happen to have an account that I purchase EU content from. For simplicity, I'll just stick with a USA region card; sorry for the confusion and thanks again.
  7. What about bringing Otogi to Playstation?
  8. Congrats to all the winners! I also choose to re-gift the premium membership to a user of your choosing. As for the card, I'll take an EU card since that wallet is nearly empty.
  9. Yes.
  10. Anyone remember those little Yak Bak recorders? Well, my little sister was like 8 or 9 & got one with a recording of Santa wishing her a merry Christmas. After playing the "ho ho ho etc" message twice, she accidentally erases the message. The pure look of desolation on her face was caught in real-time on camera. My family watches it every year since. ...oh, and good looking out on the give away.
  11. I'mma steal dat tablet, boi.
  12. Neat idea, thanks for the giveaway. I'd like a remastered version of Demon's Souls and Dead Space, but I'd settle for a remastered of Folklore or The Legend of Dragoon.