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  1. Yes, this is a great idea. Get started on a rough draft and have it on my desk Monday morning.
  2. Perhaps this?
  3. Dear Bamco, Atlus and Sony, Please cut the bullshit and cooperate long enough to put Demon's Souls remastered in my hands. Thanks. Sincerely, Gamers
  4. Have you purchased all the weapons and upgrades? Using an equipment setup that works for your play style should make it easier. Also, if you're taking heavy damage, switch to vehicle form as it'll give you increased armor.
  5. Fortnite platinum, here I come.
  6. How'd you defeat Leechmonger 30 seconds AFTER Dirty Colossus?
  7. Fuck yeah, Metalheadz.
  8. Dead Space 2 includes Dead Space Extraction.
  9. The reason should be with the flag. Looks like a starter save to me, bro.
  10. You need a group of at least 7 players for one trophy, the rest can be done 1v1. You're looking at 20+ hours just to boost the weapon kills (about 10,000), then maybe another 10-15 hours for Survival. The rest of the multiplayer can be done in a few hours if you have good partners. All together, you should be able to do all the online in under 50 hours per player.
  11. Sounds like Voltron waiting to happen.
  12. Browse the trophies of people on the leaderboard in the top 10. You'll see their completion times, and I'd bet 50% or better are fast platinums.
  13. It's almost like we should use our own opinions.
  14. As long as the Gozer's Most Wanted trophy is fixed, I'd platinum it again.
  15. Good price on Little Nightmares, finally.