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  1. No, he's not. The problem is as I stated. If the servers for this game do indeed go down, the game becomes completely unplayable even in the offline modes.
  2. This isn't true. You can't even play the offline modes without first connecting to the games primary server. So, if the lawsuit fully affects this title, none of the trophies will be possible without a third party service.
  4. Horrible ergonomics for someone like me with big hands. If this is more than $80, I'm gonna pass.
  5. Been following this lawsuit for a few months and I figured it'd be a matter of time before it infected the video game space. For now, if you've already started the game and want the platinum, you'd better get busy. There's no doubt in my mind that this game is dead in the water and it's only a matter of time before it loses connectivity (even with the bold claim from the developer to provide dedicated servers).
  6. With the exception of remakes, the Final Fantasy franchise has been slack since XIII.
  7. Yes, you can drop a weapon in local co-op. The other player needs to be of equal or higher level to pick the weapon up. Any cores in the weapon will stay with the player that dropped it.
  8. I'd like this feature if only to sort the games on my own profile by completion time. Hook it up @Sly Ripper.
  9. "Umbasa" Saint Urbain, Demon's Souls
  10. Damn, I guess I need to do XCOM2 before the original so I can make use of this exploit. Getting 100% on 360 years ago was pretty difficult, so thanks BadDriver for bringing this to our attention.
  11. Folklore Remastered The Legend of Dragoon 2
  12. This is on my to-do list (all 3 region trophy lists). I didn't use any guides for the original PJunk Monsters, but it's nice to know some resources are available if I feel the need for assistance.
  13. Guess I'll shove XCOM2 in the backlog.