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  1. If you obtained 100% in UC2 or UC3 on PS3, then UC4 shouldn't be a problem.
  2. Janky selection with poor discounts.
  3. But, the cousins.
  4. Microwave? No thanks. The typical "X Clamp fix" worked 85% of the time in my experience. Only once did I have to reflow the solder on a 360.
  5. Remove the main board from the shell and pop it in the oven. ...I'm serious.
  6. Stop creeping my page bro.

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    2. dj_helyx


      Holy shit! This was a joke for Lurch, and now eleventeen people have commented.

    3. starcrunch061


      Yeah - I feared that when I wrote my comment. 😞

    4. PooPooBlast


      :facepalm: well you can say I PooPooed on your parade :awesome:




  7. If you ever think you're under levelled, just remember that licenses matter more than levels ever will.
  8. Share the knowledge.
  9. I did too, and this is the same answer I received.
  10. Currently, you can sort incomplete games by completion percentage, which is where the letter grade comes from.
  11. Direction -> Ascending
  12. Can we eventually add retroactive ratings to previous partners?
  13. This is something I've never understood. What if I'm waiting to find a boosting partner before putting the game on my profile?
  14. If only we could have this giant weeb party without having to play No Man's Sky.
  15. Instead of control over the IGC, I'd just make steep discounts on DLCs.