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  1. If shit-talking Detroit was all it took to spur them to victory, they'd be 12-0.
  2. Yes, Metropolis is a fantastic story-driven match-three game. As for the OP, here's a list of more match-three games: https://www.50gameslike.com/best-games-by-type/match-three/ps4
  3. The only trophy that doesn't auto-pop is the Button Mashing DLC trophy; it needs to be completed again.
  4. Also the PS Eye and the camera stand.
  5. Yikes. The things people will do for a PS5.
  6. Any headset will work through the 3.5mm jack in the controller and still support the 3D audio features. The official Pulse headset should support any available 3D audio options, but apparently it's only when using the 3.5mm plug. More information here (unless this has been fixed in a recent Firmware revision): https://www.ungeek.ph/2021/06/ps5-3d-audio-which-headphones-are-compatible/
  7. No. Not only are no additional peripherals required for any trophies, but at one point this PS3 game was free for a short time (not through PS+).
  8. Literally all of those cards cost more than their face value.
  9. Thanks, but Google did all the work. GO LIONS!
  10. I just looked up their record for this season (because I haven't followed American football in twenty years) and found that they indeed still stink.
  11. It's true, I put about as much effort into my response as Detroit puts into their football matches.
  12. Jokes aside, it's still refreshing to see members of the community propose new ideas. Nothing personal @OP, just having a laugh. Your standards should be pretty low if you're a Detroit Lions fan.
  13. The PS5's additional UI elements (like social features) are pretty slack, so I'd say it's a software issue that'll be fixed eventually (probably).
  14. Maybe rename the thread to "Games that require additional peripherals for 100%". Stuff like uDraw Tablet, Spyro Portal, Wonderbook, Buzz buzzers, PS Eye, etc.