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  1. BFG 9000. Test me and find out why.
  2. Idle mobile games. I've spent several months playing Goosebumps HorrorTown and really enjoy it.
  3. Same difference.
  4. Use a custom avatar and move on with your life.
  5. Re-copy the text from my post above and paste it as plain text (without formatting) into your signature space.
  6. 1: https://forum.psnprofiles.com/settings/signature/ 2: Add this to your signature space: [center][url=https://psnprofiles.com/CyrahOmega][img=https://card.psnprofiles.com/1/CyrahOmega.png][/url][/center]
  7. If you want to play online at all (co-op or solo), you'll need a separate camp for the online portion. This camp will be maintained on the H2S2 servers and can't be manipulated in the same ways the offline camp can be manipulated. This means your offline camp and online camps are completely independent and can be in two different stages of progress simultaneously. Basically, offline camp is saved locally and is only for offline play. Online camp is saved online and is required for co-op (but also useful for single player). Your character(s) can go in between these two camps as you change modes, and your held inventory and equipment wont change. This means you can go into your offline camp, pack your character's pockets full of materials, weapons, armor etc & then backup your save before going into your online camp to dump the items in your storage box.
  8. I don't remember the 3 specific trophies in question, but I didn't find any of it challenging, even carrying 3 people through the game dry. You're sure to have fun with one particular mission and Cooked Saddle of Rabbit/Orange potions. EDIT: Do be aware there's a giant difference between your offline camp and your online camp. You can use your offline camp to duplicate items via the cloud and push them into your online camp indefinitely. This will cut down on material grinding significantly.
  9. More people played the remaster? Fewer casual scrubs played VC4? The Illuminati? Fuck dude, it could be any one of those things...
  10. Damn, I came here hoping some PC company named "Black Desert" was having some type of crazy online deal on a computer.
  11. Without repeating the same games, here's a few I enjoyed: Alienation Transistor Hellblade Senua's Sacrifice The Order 1886 Friday the 13th Helldivers Doom
  12. For me, it's so I can enjoy old favorites on newer hardware.
  13. You would need to do a data transfer from your old PS4 to your new one, or back everything up to your external HDD.
  14. The co-op for Resistance 2 was amazing. Had great a time with friends running a 3-man murder machine.