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  1. Good job, dude.
  2. I've had roughly 1700 posts removed for stuff like this. Stevie, you guys do an amazing job. Thanks for all your generosity and leniency when we're being knuckleheads.
  3. Everyone's entitled to their opinions. My opinion is the game is a complete ball ache & the online grind was the worst I've endured on PS3. Anyone whose sitting the fence on whether they should start now should be aware that it's a boring game at the best of times and rage inducing at the worst of times.
  4. This is a great all-in-one reference for anyone cleaning up this game. For anyone who hasn't started yet, I highly recommend against it.
  5. I'm working to find new scent combinations with my candle company, rebuilding a 1965 Mercury Comet and putting energy efficient replacement windows in my home.
  6. Dam gril, u fine. U got a boifren?

    1. Connie


      20$ amazon gift card plz and full armor set ❤

    2. Helyx


      I got u, boo

  7. That was your time to shine by resurrecting a thread with a relevant post. I don't agree with necro-posting just to say "me too fam", but if you have something on topic and worth mentioning, then go ahead and post in the old thread that's been established.
  8. To keep the forums clean and the database less cluttered, duplicate threads will and should be condensed into a single thread (usually the oldest).
  9. Best advice is to speak with your wallet. A company that's hell-bent on making money at any cost will take notice when their income stops coming in some.
  10. Out of curiosity, were you sharing your account with someone? These types of "hacks" are common when people share their login information.
  11. Yes. You can't enter NG+ until you've completed your first playthrough. Someone could drop a weapon for you, but I don't see the purpose in specifically needing the Lava Bow. Even with a quality build, it's fairly underwhelming.
  12. You can snag the soul in NG+, and won't impact your playthrough. Joining someone else's world and helping them kill the Armor Spider won't give you his soul, only basic souls and revive you back to Body Form.
  13. Just checking in to say the servers are still online.
  14. Be aware that Dungeon Defenders is offline, but can still be played using the GoneSpy software. Other games to consider are: Shoot Many Robots Zombie Apocalypse: Never Die Alone Voltron: Defender of the Universe Ghostbusters: Sanctum of Slime Dungeon Hunter: Alliance Moon Diver