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  1. If something doesn't load properly, immediately press START and wait about 15 seconds. When you unpause, it should load in the enemies like usual.
  2. The dude has a lifetime membership. If he cancels after 25 years, it's still valid and his request should be honored.
  3. I was playing online yesterday with no issues. It is true you can't play Challenge Mode unless you're online.
  4. https://www.50gameslike.com/games-like/subnautica/ps4
  5. I'm too old to ride 😭
  6. This is one of my last multiplayer games on PS3, and I feel the same as you. I've done some mind-numbing grinds before, but something about MP3 just puts me off after an hour. I'm doing my best to prioritize level 50 so I don't regret having it incomplete if the servers decide to go down without notice. One thing I'll mention (which is probably in every guide, but I was too stupid to look) is you must be signed into PSN (and the R* servers) for XP to count towards your profile. I spent about 15 hours doing it offline thinking I only had to play one multiplayer match after I was max level to pop the trophy only to realize none of it counted.
  7. The ability to update games is currently wonky for lots of people, but at some point (5 years?) the PS3 will be completely useless for earning trophies. If you haven't already grabbed a PS3 by now, I feel you're better off without it. Hopefully, PS Now will stock up on all the missing games (couple thousand?) to make up for the PS3 fiasco and you have the option to enjoy those games through a newer console.
  8. I played about 300 hours on Steam. I've purchased the PS4 version about a year ago but haven't played it yet. Also, I have no hidden trophies. Don't punch above your weight, kid.
  9. Why don't you have any of the Magic games on your account, bro?

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Helyx


      I enjoyed them, and they were less than purchasing new cards from new sets. Still, sad to see an MTG themed account name with zero MTG games.

    3. PhyrxianLibrarin


      Hey, if I wanted to save money, I definitely wouldn't still be playing MTG. 😂

    4. Helyx


      I got out during Lorwyn/Shadowmoor block and haven't purchased a card since. It's nice to be able to sit on hundreds of thousands of dollars of cards, but when I sell off a few here and there it hurts a little.

  10. Wondering if anyone can double check the few that aren't updating. Tested & updated: 3D Dot Game Heroes - BLUS-30490 - v1.01 Bionic Commando - BLUS-30255 - v1.01 Bioshock Ultimate Rapture Edition - BLUS-30166 - v1.04 Blitz: The League II - BLUS-30203 - v1.01 Brutal Legend - BLUS-30330 - v1.02 Dark Void - BLUS-30323 - v1.01 Dishonored - BLUS-30501 - v1.04 Duke Nukem Forever - BLUS-30615 - v1.03 GTA IV Episodes from Liberty City - BLUS-30524 - v1.02 MLB 09 The Show - BCUS-98180 - v1.07 PAIN - BCES-00548 (EU) - v7.60 Rage Anarchy Edition - BLUS-30485LE - v1.02 Shadow of Mordor - BLUS-31059 - v1.02 Tested & either not updating or has no update: Shadows of the Damned - BLUS-30653F - v1.00 Sorcery - BCUS-98203 - v1.00 Truth or Lies - BLES-00966 - v1.00 Wet - BLUS-30403 - v1.00 Worms The Revolution Collection - BLUS-31385 - v1.00
  11. The rarity percentages and fastest completion times are already displayed. If that's not good enough, you'll never truly be satisfied.
  12. It's hard, trust me. Or, you can go on your merry way while playing Crypt of the Necrodancer.