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  1. Had to quit watching after 30 seconds. Less is more.
  2. Pez dispensers Magic: The Gathering cards Random data cables
  3. Glad this finally got its own forum. Been waiting for this for a year now. Calling it "Paper Mario on PS4" isn't wrong, but it feels like it doesn't do the game justice.
  4. Cross-play with other Playstation platforms, yes. Cross-play with PC, no.
  5. How are you fitting 16 players on so few PS3s?
  6. Nope. Did some digging and saw responses from R* refusing rollbacks.
  7. Dunno. Never seen a game with online stat tracking that could be reset.
  8. Is there even a way to reset online stats?
  9. Can confirm this works on PS4.
  10. You saying Strawberry Shortcake isn't sexy?
  11. Odd. 2013 and 2014 are there in the NA store, but 2012 and the original DotP aren't listed. @DaivRules I'm not finding anything about delistings other than some region specific DLCs, but I can't track down the remaining content. I was however reminded of the upcoming Diablo-esc Magic Legends MMO that's coming "2021".
  12. I'm a little biased, but Cammy has always been my go-to.
  13. That's the idea!