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  1. If you're not going the cheap route and maxing out your weapons early on using the vendor glitch, then just buy a buncha bombs/fire gems and throw them at her.
  2. Interested in PS5 and Dualshock 5 form factors.
  3. I don't think there's a noteworthy supply of CRTs, and the demand is low from a consumer perspective.
  4. A new CRT? You're better off trying a pawn shop, yard sale or flea market for a used one.
  5. I don't need to burn through two hours of my life to figure out if a game is innately entertaining. If you (as a developer) cannot create an enjoyable experience right off the bat, then you don't deserve the rest of my time or any of my money.
  6. The camera sway is sickening.
  7. Personally, I'd rather have the codes...
  8. That doesn't fit the twelve character formatting though, so it wont work.
  9. Is it formatted like: ALSO-REDA-CTED? I can't get the code to work.
  10. Does the code "ALSOREDACTED" need to be in all caps?
  11. Asmodee have patched the game to address the crashing issues. Current version is v1.02. No word on trophy fixes or the addition of the missing game assets (foil card for Layout Flavor). If anyone is able to unlock any new trophies, post to let us know the update is working for you.
  12. Decent sale on loads of stuff, but nothing for me this time around. Hypertext pasting.
  13. I've spent well over 2500c. I've read that random trophies can become "permanently(?)" locked if you play offline or signed out of PSN, but I've been online the entire time. After I clean up the remaining trophies, I'll try to delete and start fresh and see if it unlocks. Anyone else had this issue? EDIT: HA! After starting over on a fresh save file I thought I ran into the same problem again, but you need 2500c at the same time, it's not cumulative.
  14. (The devs, probably)