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  1. The plan was to play for 20-22 hours, making it an all day marathon. But, I missed 8 hours to sleep, then had to help a friend move some furniture into her new home. All in all, I suppose I got about 13 hours of play time (minus snack breaks, smoke breaks, potty breaks, etc).
  2. Man, that was exhausting. My total count came up to 444, plus I was finally able to get Ghost of Tsushima locked in as my 550th platinum milestone.
  3. "I intended to start playing at midnight" he said, as his 7:30 alarm rang in the distance. Gonna do what I can. Average rarity is overrated anyway.
  4. Got my games loaded. This is gonna be shameful.
  5. Shit bro, Christmas 2021 is gonna be lit!
  6. The developer suffers regardless. Asmodee wont take care of them, and throwing money at them will only benefit Asmodee. I can see you're hell-bent in your ways, but anyone else reading this, please heed the warnings.
  7. You've made quite a few threads recently for this game. Are you using a guide, video walkthrough or any type of resource at all?
  8. I've been showing Asmodee what I wanted since last November. They don't care and it's comically insane to watch you attempt to defend them. In case you didn't know, Asmodee was purchased for like 3 billion dollars in the past year, so they have no shortage of funds. They've snagged up as many high profile "nerd IPs" as they could, and they're determined to strangle every cent they can from these franchises. Spend your money how you want, but I wont endorse Asmodee or any of their shoddy publishing.
  9. As with their other studios, Asmodee most likely pulled the funding from the original developer and pushed out a half-assed version. They don't give a shit about you as a customer and they have zero standards for their products.
  10. Old post, I know, but I was able to get that trophy during the third episode of the Augmented DLC against PAX.
  11. Battlefield: Bad Company I am Bad Company! (Online) Achieve all the awards This doozy of a bronze trophy was broken for a year or more and required a rep from EA to manually adjust player's awards so the trophy could unlock. This 'fix' didn't come until after months of community uproar and was thought to be due to the spelling of 'Savior' vs 'Saviour', causing the game not to recognize the award as being earned.
  12. $10 for Last Remnant seems pretty good. NnK Remastered for $15 and Nier Automata complete for $20. Tempting.
  13. Do not purchase products from these crooks.
  14. Yeah, that's my fault and it seems to have inadvertently crapped on OP's thread. Gamespy was cool, but I spent more time with XBAND and MPlayer in the mid-90s.
  15. And not a single franchise of interest was lost on that day.