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  1. Loved it, bring it on.
  2. I'm new to cricket, but here's what I gather: An edge is when the bat doesn't make a proper contact with the ball and instead glances off the edge of the bat. This often results in a chance for a catch for the wicket keeper or another fielder behind the batsman.
  3. NekoRave doing something good for the community? Seems fishy.
  4. Figured I'd find you here. Hope you enjoy it.
  5. With the account that's trying to earn trophies? The reason I ask is because there's some sort of secondary DRM on EA's end that verifies the account playing the game owns the license.
  6. Co-op and PvP become available after defeating the first boss (Phalanx).
  7. Did you purchase your own license, or are you "borrowing" the game digitally from someone else?
  8. I certainly did. I filled up every space they provided with feedback. I went as far as to give them shit for the PS3 and Vita store fronts (and lack of support for legacy hardware). While I had their attention, I made sure to vilify Asmodee Digital and their poor attempt at what I assume is a video game (Munchkin). Anyone else notice how they listed the 3DS before the Vita when asking about handhelds?
  9. Not sure if this has a unique ID for the survey, but here's the link I received: https://surveys.bthrough.com/survey/selfserve/1bbc/201206?list=1&CID=944c63f21b61aced7e23a0a45415e4af89c66de3582d8849061e7d6d0197bbe6&et_rid=&et_cid=210111-PSAPPSY-US-BNL-B-FLX&Linkid=210111-PSAPPSY-US-BNL-B-FLX&emcid=em-ot-270843#?
  10. Clearly, it was Antifa.
  11. I don't remember any type of online component for DA:O, unless there's some EA account you need to activate (which should be skipable).
  12. Seems we gotta use Husky's extension if we want to truly customize our experience. All I ever asked for was the option to sort by completion time. Thanks @HusKy
  13. I thought the game was amazing. It's exactly what I wanted in an open world shark game.
  14. I use only classy and respectful trophies in my cabinet.
  15. I'm assuming this is some type of remake of the original from (you guessed it) 25 years ago. Hope they keep the voice acting.