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  1. I also use the Hori FPS+ turbo controller. It works with PS3 & PS4 and has a hella long (15ft?) cable.
  2. None of that will give you a notification if the OP gets edited.
  3. I tried to cut trophies cold turkey, but now I enjoy them in moderation thanks to drugs.
  4. Nice. I still think the sides of the analog sticks should be thicker with less of an edge (for comfort during extended play).
  5. If these trophies can be done in private matches, I might just have interest in playing.
  6. I hope it's just a temporary sync issue. The last thing we need is for y'all to crash PSN because it can't sync 50,000+ trophies.
  7. Damn dude. This is a new issue I haven't seen. How'd you manage to break it?
  8. I'm fuckin' keeping the money, bro. Try me.
  9. Given that this is EA, "Legendary Edition" could be a new series of remaster collections, the first being Mass Effect. Legendary Edition: Dead Space incoming?
  10. I can see why there's so much confusion over how rarity is and should be calculated.
  11. Yeah, I saw the numbers he proposed, but he's not affiliated with the site and his values clearly aren't used in the current rarity leaderboard. Other guy got me sorted, thanks anyway.
  12. Has all the information from this other thread been integrated?