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  1. Decent icons, fairly benign trophy requirements, but the trophy names are the stand-out for me. Especially 36th Chamber and Be like water my friend.
  2. Agreed. Now I just hope they don't try to add DLC to the DLC to make up for it being "fReE".
  3. The major flaw here is NOTHING should be part of the "Dark Souls Series" except for the Dark Souls franchise. If the question were something like "Would Demon's Souls and Dark Souls be part of a Series named 'Souls Series'", then I would agree (or even Soulsborne if we're to include Bloodborne). Putting Demon's Souls into a Series for a game that came afterwards is complete nonsense.
  4. I found The Surge to be pretty simple in terms of difficulty. Using single-rigged weapons like the SpectreBite & PAX2.0 work well in combination Lynx armor.
  5. Thanks for posting this info. Next time, we'll work on embedding images and taking screenshots.
  6. Upload it to a free image hosting site like https://imgur.com/ and attach the response from the publisher (Outright Games).
  7. Do I need to play the original to understand the story of the sequel?
  8. Maybe you could show proof of what the developer said?
  9. It's literally right there, dude. Type: : platinum : (without the spaces). I tried to direct you to the point and click method, but you dodged that pretty quickly.
  10. That's a lot of hypothetical work for this stock forum template. Try this instead: :platinum:
  11. The forum uses it's own emotes. Click the smiley face above the text field when posting on the forums to see available emotes.
  12. I offered my services, but apparently having a Geocities page in high school is "completely useless" and "not helpful at all mate, leave me alone".
  13. It works for both. I have one too, and love it.
  14. Cheapest version would be to grab a used PS4 copy and use the free PS5 upgrade.
  15. Was going to start this up, but in the PS3 store it says "Disc Only" and has no option to purchase/download. Luckily, it's still on one of my other PS3s, if I can figure out which one.
  16. Resistance or Legacy of Kain would be good franchises to reboot.
  17. NFTs are like everyone fucking your wife, but she still comes home to you at night.
  18. You just need to replace the two-letter country code at the end of the URL. https://psnprofiles.com/leaderboard/all/fr That's France, but changing the 'FR' to 'US' will give you USA. The same is true for JP, KR, etc.
  19. @Smashero recommended Freakout: Calamity TV Show on the first page.
  20. After three failed attempts, I used both these methods in combination and unlocked the trophy on my first try.
  21. I had to select an image of a frog (from 8 possible images) twice.
  22. 921 hours played (776 hours on PS4). 151 hours spent on Aliens Fireteam Elite.