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  1. Hong Kong add oil!! ✌️

  2. Sooo.. I kinda thought there was extra censorship in the US because to American eyes a lot of Japanese art makes the characters look really young? Like it was more of a censorship of what they considered child pornography? I've only been skimming this big argument everyone seems to be having but I haven't seen anyone else bring this up. I'm not saying that the characters are actually all underage just that to the untrained eye (suits who don't watch anime or whatever) that it could look that way. Am i misinformed?
  3. RIP Keith Flint

  4. i still play my snes sometimes soo...
  5. Thanks you 2! Finally got it and finished a game that been in my back log forever! Old trophies that i was stuck on always feel twice as good 😎
  6. I think that's the level I'm on, its either act 7 or 8? and my highest score is 64% Every other level has been pretty easy but I'm hard stuck on this one. Are there 2 green gems? There is only one in the video and i have no idea where a second one would be? Any one have any tips for this level?
  7. So glad it was the right one! Hope you have some nostalgic fun with it =)
  8. This same thing happened to me with some games I loved from my childhood. Finding out what they were and buying them made me super happy so I wanted to find yours too even tho Ive never heard of it. I googled some stuff and i think it might be called Agent USA. Hopefully its the right game 😀👍
  9. Congrats to SonicFox!!!<3

  10. We finally got brave enough to attempt fixing my vita joysticks ourselves and it was a huge success! I'm so excited!!! So many games Iv'e been waiting to play!! And managed to save a lot of money too 👍👍

    1. NERVergoproxy


      Did you follow a guide? this would be great to know in case my vita needs such repair.

    2. Shinobi


      I'm glad the operation was a success! 👍

  11. yep, it wasn't infinite. Thank you!
  12. On the second map, Olick, there's a spot where both players have to push a button at the same time. The buttons are kinda far apart from each other and located on teleporters that i think are infinitely spawning badguys. I tried it on my own and it seemed impossible, I had my bf control player 2 and we managed after a few tries but it was not easy and it seemed like we just randomly got lucky. Any tips for that spot if you remember? Or maybe its not an infinite spawn i just thought it was?
  13. I just got a used Vita and both of the joysticks are messed up. Any one ever replace theirs on there own? I watched a video on youtube that looks kinda simple but I'm nervous and don't want to break anything. Thanks 😁

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    2. Temmie


      @Glowbugg, I was trying to pry the battery open using an exacto knife and ended up puncturing the battery in the process.  It wouldn't hold a charge, but I was able to cut the pin required and put it back together.  It wouldn't hold a charge, but if you plugged the PSP in with the battery, it booted into service mode.


      So I had to get a new battery. xD 

    3. Glowbugg


      Even if there's problems, it always feels good when you successfully mod/repair things yourself. Make me feel so victorious lol

    4. Temmie


      @Glowbugg, sometimes the FF/FFT victory theme plays when I finish a program or something xD 

      *in my head

  14. Has any one else had a problem downloading Rag Doll Kung Fu off of PSPlus this month? It seems like if you've downloaded the demo in the past you're locked out?? Im in the NA region if thats relevant. 

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    2. DamagingRob


      Looks like I'll have to do the same.. 

    3. DamagingRob


      Well, that was a tremendous waste of time.. The game is in my download list, but they insist I bought it with another account because the transaction doesn't exist (and almost all 2013 transactions no longer exist, according to the last rep). I've been solely using this account since I bought my Vita, so that makes no sense. But whatever the case, no Rag Doll Kung Fu for me. 

    4. Glowbugg


      Damn that sucks, sorry Ditto

  15. Oh sir was totally fun... but the last few trophies are becoming a huge nuisance for me..