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  1. try uninstalling it and then installing it again.
  2. haha nice. you got 1 more from me visiting you i got 874(really don't know why so many people would check my profile) so i guess i'm well-known.
  3. nah, it doesn't have any pass in case. it's just a little paper( or pamphlet how you call it) that tells me to get it through ps store and i won't pay anything.
  4. So i got my brand new far cry 3 from a retailer. now i want to play mp and it asks for an ubi pass. but the case doens't contain any ubi pass, just a little paper that says when prompted i should choose "buy an ubi pass" and i won't be charged with money. cool right? but i do get charged with money. 8 pounds. Now did anyone experience this and got over it?
  5. exactly. i would rather get 1 great game per platform / 2 months than get 9 games/month.
  6. coz its better to get aaa games from ps plus and buy indie games than get indie games for ps plus and buy aaa games :awesome: :awesome:
  7. fuck ps4 ! give us teh dishonored for teh ps3 ftw wtf bbq
  8. i finally finished the combat ones! two tips i got for you. 1. use triangle and circle on the knife dudes and the ones with the electrified thingies = win 2. when you get to fight titans first just finish the titans off withouth hitting any henchmen then after the titan is dead you can freely do a 30-40 combo on the 9 henchmen = piece of cake if you get a lil lucky. huh. one of the most challenging games i played. now that's how a games challenges should be
  9. yeah so when are the games gonna be available?
  10. had all 5 games for only two weeks i'd say you get the LBP2 one
  11. Mafia 2. god i love that game.
  12. dude. stop fabulating. shit's simple as square. ps plus is mandatory(for most, because you dont get your 400$ console and 50$ so you can play only the 8 hour sp) for online(let's not say everyone gets it, but half of ps4 users) on ps4 so if you are an even underaverage gamer you'll get it so you can play your only 2 games online. why would they get extraordinary games to draw you into buying it when you are now pretty much forced to. they have 12 mil ps4 sold . let's say only half get ps plus for online. just imagine the shitload of money they make, even if they didnt give ANY games. and take it as a fact, sony is almost fucking bankrupt. playstation is, if am not wrong, the only division from sony that's making good profit. guess they also need to save on money.
  13. ^ what this guy said.
  14. old one plx
  15. my question for you is : would you rather get 2 free AAA titles and buy indie games or the other way around? i mean, the way you people worship indies.. i wouldnt be surprised in half a year to get all indie games for the IGC. whatever..people just keep thinking that if the service was good and is somewhat good now they should still support it. we are supposed as customers to not be satisfied when its not how it was. the moment you are, that's the moment the service will go downway. its basic life . of course, im not suggesting to not be satisfied when you get 3 AAA games or a free blowjob for getting playstation plus, but in its' curent state i think people are entitled to not like this.