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  1. Xmas left overs nearly 2 days ago o.o I got sick and lost my appetite yesterday;0;
  2. You know you play video games in general too much when you imagine up a controller in your hands and you control your own body navigations as if you were a video games character/.\
  3. I remember downloading Tekken recently, does this count?
  4. Wellllllll with my switch to PS3 I'm hoping to get into more RPG such as FF(even though I'm already fully invested) and KH. I've had a taste of what's offered from when I had my PSP sooo I'm pretty excited to get into them. I'm interested in most of the PS exclusives and also random games like Ninja Gaiden(haha hard shit), Assassin's Creed(s), Dante's Inferno, God of War, The Sims, Ratchet and Clank, Portal(s), and Minecraft. I also oddly enough have the ability to spend countless hours playing Madden which, you know, yeah
  5. Thank you all! I'm sure I'll enjoy my stay(:
  6. Hello, I'm Kalia. I just recently bought a PS3(12/20/13) with plans to sale my Xbox 360 already in place. I definitely could have kept both but I wanted a complete switch . These past few days as I have been using my PS3 I've loved the experience. I guess one could say that I'm back to my roots because the PSP was my system for years(: But with the change over to a whole new system comes rebuilding your gaming foundation and stuff ((and making some new friends )) but i'm ready for itttttttttt. So yeah, hi(: I've been playing mostly BO2 and MW3 with future plans to seriously expand my game library Hmm, that's all
  7. I've not yet experienced much outside of COD... I know I'm missing out but it's kept me entertained for years so...?