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  1. Definitely getting it, I loved the original one on PS3 when I played it years ago. Honestly I'd have preferred if they gave it a similar treatment as that from Catherine Full Body, with new stuff and a modified trophy list, but still like I said I loved the original so I'll be picking this one up either way!
  2. Oh Capcom, you were doing so good so far with RE7 and RE2Remake Way to break a winning streak with this Umbrella Corps 2.0
  3. According to the launch trailer, it says at the end that "the Curator's Cut will be available for free late 2019".
  4. This is one of the very few games I've pre-ordered this year, its already downloading and can't wait to start playing it this weekend! I was a huge fan of Until Dawn, its a pity we never got a sequel to that one, I thought they were going to aim for a Final Fantasy type of franchise were each installment would be separated from previous ones in terms of story and characters (maybe a few references or easter eggs here and there) and that each game would tackle on a different horror genre, but now it seems they're aiming to do just that with this new franchise so I don't know if they're planning to ever do a sequel to UD or to not follow TDPA's premise whenever they make one. Anyways, thanks for the review! personally I love fixed camera angles because even though they might be frustrating nowadays it reminds of the classical old survival horror gameplay style which I enjoy, and I don't know for me they make the game a bit more scary since its like the developers have control of the camera so it makes you feel a little bit vulnerable and hopeless hehe. About the short length, I feel like this helps the devs to spend more time on developing a better choice-based system were choices becomes more meaningful as well as developing a story that doesn't drags out too much compared to other interactive drama games. I'm glad that it still has a lot of reply value, I enjoyed collecting the totems and all the other collectibles in UD, specially because they actually helped you to achieve a better outcome and gave you meaningful info as opposed to collectibles in most other games, so hopefully they work that way in this game as well. Looking forward to start playing it soon!
  5. Yes, I meant to say new and improved collections for the PS4. The PS3's Silent Hill one had a lot of bad critics due to its bugs, missing/changed content and not even including SH4. And well, it would be very profitable for them to once again release a new collection of the MGS ones.
  6. Still hoping for Konami to announce a collection of any of their 3D PS1/PS2 franchises (either Silent Hill or MGS), I'm really not interested in any of these arcade ones they keep putting out, I know many other people do enjoy these and that's fine of course. 👍
  7. Guys remember that the game has many multiples endings, many different scenes and outcomes. I was really amazed by going for the platinum as to how some choice could really affect the next scenes. All of you probably got the ending that the majority of player tends to achieve, but that isn't the only "good" ending and the game can end in a much more satisfactory non-abruptly way, especially if you go for the "Goodbye world" trophy. Maybe some of you have already got all the other trophies, but I just wanted to clarify this.
  8. I believe the reason why they didn't got a plat might be 'cause they don't want to take even longer to release this PS2 games on PS4. If it takes them 2-3 months to add 20-40 trophies + platinum then it must take them only 1 month to add only 11 trophies without a plat. So yes if it weren't for trophies we would be getting them faster, but then again I wouldn't be excited about them if they didn't had them. Anyways hoping to see a new leak this week, RF1 is coming this Tuesday for NA and I believe AE3 might also be released this month.
  9. Parappa 2 is already available on HD 1080p on the PS4. Its not a proper remaster but an HD emulation, but still looks nice.
  10. Well not so pointless for me if I can share what I know with people who knows so little about said subject. I find looking at them fun, since me and Dell are the ones with PS2PS4 threads here (he also created the PS2PS4 List article on Wikipedia) so we share PS2 info and news for anyone interested on them.
  11. I spoke to a guy who works on THQ Nordic and he told me their Destroy All Humans PS2 emulation on PS4 is doing "quite good" on sales and that they knew it was going to have high demand (hence the $19.99 price tag). According to some rumor Parappa 2 did so well on PS4 as a PS2 emulation that Sony is making a reboot or something similar, hence this leak. If you see the ratings from each one of their games on the Store you can see they are all performing incredibly well. SNK's games like KOF 2000 and MSA are also doing very well as PS2 games on PS4, and I suspect they increased the price tag for their latest release, Samurai Shodown VI, because of this. They even took the time to made a trailer for it and upload it to their YT account. So yeah its safe to say by now that the emulation was a big success, the fact that all those publishers keeps bringing their PS2 games to PS4 supports this.
  12. But they didn't had to add trophies to them or manually test things like remote play, share play, etc so that's why even if the team was small they still managed to release them faster, because there wasn't any actual effort put into them. I just think Sony itself isn't allowing their own remastered games to be bought to PS4, like I said people will complain if they get an emulation instead of a port, and since they're already available on PS Now they must think they are "already available on PS4" as well, which it isn't true and not many of us use that service. And what you said about PS Now is basically what I said on my reply. I think the majority of the PS2 games they have emulated are the ones that never got a remaster, its nice that they are bringing unpopular or not much known games like Okage, Puzzle Quest, etc but I think they should bring games that are actually more known and weren't remastered, and are Sony's IPs like both The Getaways, Syphon Filter, etc. They can't bring games like Gran Turismo because of license reasons I think. I guess since the team is small and the current publishers are giving them their catalogue to make trophies for that's why they aren't bringing too many publishers at once, they are trying to finish the ones at hand so they can later start to bring more. But yeah as long as the team remains small we'll keep receiving less than 4 PS2 games each month.
  13. It depends on if more publishers are interested to join and invest some money to add trophies and the other features that comes with them, last gen PS2 Classics didn't had any of that so it was easy for publishers to just bring their games and they would be released in no time. But now it takes 2-3 months to add trophy support to them, and the team who handles that must be very small. They also "can't" release most of their famous PS2 games like R&C, J&C, ICO and SOTC, etc because they were already remastered on PS3 and/or put on PSNow, so if they emulate them then people will complain that they got a simple PS2 emulation instead of a port from the superior remasters, which they also aren't bringing since they are on PSNow so they must think they won't have much success on PS4 (even if I don't think much people actually uses that streaming service, my internet connection isn't fast and its not available in my Store so I can't even use it).
  14. I read a rumor the other day that said since Parappa 2 did so well as a PS2 emulation on PS4 Sony began to consider to make a reboot or something like that, and they are planning to show it on their upcoming conference. But like I said, its just a rumor.