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  1. Would play that level many times/10
  2. That was uncharted 3 with them chasing you in the Ch√Ęteau. This game is focused on pirate booty or something so maybe there is a kraken.
  3. Now i know what you mean I am just gonna take a seat right over here
  4. LBP are games I just don't bother trying to 100% because of the amount of DLC they make. Not to mention that bastard bunker level in the first game
  5. O god Siren, we need a new one of those tbh they are good in their own little way. Blood curse creeped me out so damn much but I think I would be better at it now.
  6. Oh please say this will happen, I haven't played Penumbra and have heard only good things! Also, imagine an amnesia/Penumbra re make with the newest possible graphics and also features based on those of new survival horror games e.g. Alien Isolation I would buy it twice.
  7. I never got a chance to play the originals but I loved max payne 3 so this should be good! Also, if you are listening Sony, please release Simpsons hit + run
  8. I agree with you OP, People complain about delays but first of all, it isn't that long of a delay and second of all I would rather see my favourite game series come out kicking than see it crash and burn in a world of glitches and bugs.
  9. Nah, I hear Black Ops 3 is still having some good multiplayer action so we should be OK
  10. a group of them run at you out of nowhere and the uncharted battle music begins
  11. If you don't know what I mean I am talking about the creatures like Zombies in Drake's fortune The yetis and those guardians in uncharted among thieves and those mystical things in uncharted Drake's deception.
  12. Bloody hell, I was addicted to that game and couldn't put the controller down but as soon as i entered that area I actually stopped for 2 days...
  13. It has scary moments but i would say outlast was worse. I would say there is one or two main scary moments and the rest is atmosphere/ jumpy
  14. O god that film was great...in its own way...