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  1. [FE Heroes] Finally reached 99,999 points in the Tempest Trials! So glad to be done and gotten all the rewards. I already know this'll be back in the future, and I'll be even more prepared and ready.

  2. [FE Heroes] Slowly making my way to 99,999 points. Up to 83K now. Also, a new notice regarding version 1.5 of the app. Didn't they just update to 1.4 like 2 weeks ago? Hey, no complaints here, it just means more stuff incoming, and they usually do those for more special updates/banners. It'll be on 6/26 from 7-9PM EST. I imagine we'll get an update on what will be coming along with it soon. The New Mystery of the Emblem Banner is running a bit longer than normal, even if only by 2 days, but come July 1st, I think there will probably be a new banner with exclusive characters, a Festival one with the characters in Kimono and Yukata. Of course this is all speculation, but hey, it could happen.

    1. TheFinalEmblem


      I feel I'm thinking too far ahead. It's still Summer... I'm an idiot. I retract my Festival comment, and instead, replace it with a Beach banner instead. Makes sense. Save the Festival Banner for sometime later, like September or November, since October is obviously already gonna have a Halloween Banner.

  3. [FE Heroes] Only 1 day left in the trials and I'm at 72K points. I have 36 stamina potions, so I'm gonna try and get to 99,999 points for all the rewards.

  4. [FE Heroes] Man, people must've stopped playing the trials once they reached 50K points. I've been about rank 20K the whole event, but now that I'm closer to 60K points, I've gone up to about rank 12K. Wonder if I can break through rank 10K, I'm still determined for the 99,999 points.

  5. [FE Heroes] Okay, new plan with summoning; shut up and say nothing about it jokingly, because it will come true and bring the bullshit.

  6. That sucks. I've actually had a good string lately, and I'm up to almost 45K. I may use some stamina potions near the end if I get close to 99,999 points. Also... yeah, might want to hold off on saying Legion's map is easy... enemy reinforcements appear, and there's a new difficulty, Infernal, that gives 2K feathers along with 4* Legion, but... good lord. I actually lost the Hard map due to stupidity, but still, reinforcements really change the map. I managed to get his 3*, and almost managed his 4*, but I only use 1 Stamina Potion refill to try it as soon as they come out, even though I don't have to. I'm sure by the time I wake up in the morning/afternoon, there'll be a video or 2 clearing his Lunatic and maybe Infernal versions. Managed Lunatic and got his 4*, but I don't see Infernal being worth it. Not much is different, except the Legions are much more powerful, while the other enemies have maybe 1 point higher in stats, but for just another 4* Legion and 2K feathers, I think I'll pass. Also, there was a mistake made on the map. The two tiles behind the breakable wall are actually Defensive Tiles even though they look like normal ones. The app sent out a thing about this, but they don't exactly know how to fix it. Because of this error, we will be given some orbs in the near future. --- Version 1.5 of the app is coming! Maintenance will be going on from 7PM-9PM EST on 6/26. It's a couple days before the NMoTE banner is set to end, and I imagine we'll get a run down of what will be in the update in the next couple days. I feel like they just updated the game to version 1.4 before the Wedding Banner, so this got me to thinking, since the new Banner starts July 1st, if we're gonna get a Beach Banner, with characters in swimsuits. Damn game is making me rethink things and make me hold onto my orbs. I still want Athena, but if exclusive characters are about to come out, then I'm holding onto them, especially since I'm still gunning for the 99,999 points in the Trials to get more. Insert screenshot of Frederick "My derriere is not worthy" here.
  7. [FE Heroes] Well, Legion is out... and what the hell is that glowing black button at the top? Oh, Infernal difficulty, where enemy reinforcements will appear? Geez guys, no need to make it harder or anything, what the hell!?

    1. TheFinalEmblem


      Well, reinforcements are a part of all maps, but still, why does there need to be anything higher than Lunatic? Man, if they add this into later ones, it's gonna be crazy. Honestly thought it was gonna give the 5* version, but I guess that'd be too easy.

  8. [FE Heroes] Man, they work fast, right on the heels of the New Mystery of the Emblem focus, Legion is the next GHB starting tomorrow.

  9. I just feel like the game decides it wants to screw up at random times. Granted, the whole map thing may have some merit, as it usually crashed when I had the big map up and was just running around, but the other times it crashed were in battle, screen transitioning, and also while standing perfectly still.
  10. [FE Echoes] Man, this game is a ton of fun. Just started Act 4, and can't wait to see where it goes. Surprisingly, I haven't really had to grind at all in this game, and yet it still provides adequate challenge for the maps. Act 4 looks like it's gonna kick my ass, though.

  11. [FE Heroes] First summon of the new focus and got 3 reds, a blue, and a green. 3 reds were a dupe 3* Raigh and Hana, and new 4* Lon'qu, having only 3* before. Green was a 3* Cecilia dupe, but the blue was 5* Roderick, the only blue character in this focus. I'm happy, and these Firesweep characters seem to love me, since Faye was the first one I summoned in Alm's focus, though if that's anything to go by, I won't get anyone else... I need Athena.

  12. Nintendo booked up my entire September, October, and beyond with their games. Goodbye trophies, it was nice knowing you, I'll see you next year.

  13. What I do is just do A and B races, and pick Perfecta on 1 and 2. It still takes a while, hours upon hours, but in about 8 hours, I had 250 points, so it's a slog, but not a super bad one.
  14. Nintendo wins. Xenoblade 2 Holiday 2017. Super Mario Odyssey 10/27. Fire Emblem Warriors Fall 2017. Metroid Prime 4 in development, along with a Yoshi, Pokemon, and Kirby game... Yeah, they win hands down.

  15. Nintendo starting off super strong! Xenoblade 2 coming Holiday 2017!!!

    1. Satoshi Ookami

      Satoshi Ookami

      Best game of E3.

      No doubts.


      That looks...

      for Switch