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  1. The "Medical issues" have nothing to do with wellness violations.
  2. Just finished the main story of Fire Emblem Warriors. It was a lot shorter than I thought it'd be. I'm not complaining, though, it was awesome fun, and now it's time to dive into all the bonus stuff and the grind, the REAL reason I'm here for.

  3. Picked up my CE of FE Warriors, and I was fortunate enough to get the last Chrom and Tiki amiibo there! So excited!


  4. In 2 hours, Fire Emblem Warriors will be mine and I will pretty much disappear off the face of the Earth for a good number of months. Hopefully I'll get lucky and be able to snag the Chrom and Tiki amiibo as well.

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    2. TheFinalEmblem


      @Crispy_OglopYeah, they are. Hyrule Warriors kept me busy for about a good 3-4 months, so I'm sure this will as well.

      @OhDearGodRun Do you have a New 3DS/XL? That's important, because the game will not work on regular 3DS/XL systems.

    3. OhDearGodRun


      Yep! I have the new Samus one.

    4. TheFinalEmblem


      Alright, cool, I say go for it then.

  5. Maybe, even though I don't entirely like it, but yeah, it definitely did have a good run. I still don't agree that they should phase it out just because the Switch CAN be portable, I still see it as a home console primarily, with the ability to become portable. Focusing on one console rather than 2, though, is easier though. Guess we'll have to wait and see to find out the fate of the 3DS in the future.
  6. So, an IGN interview with Shigeru Ohmori, a producer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon, confirmed that these two games are going to be the last mainline Pokemon games on the 3DS. We already know that a mainline Pokemon game is being worked on and releasing for the Switch in 2018. So I guess now only spinoffs, if any, may possibly go to 3DS and the mainline games have a new home on the Switch. I don't see Nintendo releasing another portable console yet, I dunno what it'd even be, so I think they're gonna keep Pokemon on the Switch, since the home/hybrid thing will let people play how they want. This is just me thinking out loud, though. Also, tomorrow is finally the day Fire Emblem Warriors releases! I'm so hyped for it, I've already watched the unboxing video from Nintendo, and everything in the CE is so good. I couldn't pass it up for $80, so many PS CE/LEs go for way more and have much less. Season pass will also be available for $20, so I'm gonna get that, and if at all possible, I'm gonna try and get the Chrom and Tiki amiibos when I go pick up the game tomorrow.
  7. Just did a free summon, not really caring to do a full summon from this particular focus, and I got 4* Henry... his face makes me angry. I may want Ayra, but I'm not gonna kill myself over getting her and spending a shit ton of orbs since she's still gonna be available afterwards. Also, just as I thought, Sacred Coins are now going to be rewards in the TT. A screenshot shows 5* Arden at 30K, ofc, and below that at 27,500 are 20 Sacred Coins, which is awesome. If they give us enough to do another full upgrade, at least, that'll be nice. Alongside the release of Warriors being released today in the West, we're getting a 10 day log-in bonus with orbs.
  8. I've suddenly become addicted to Picross thanks to that Twilight Princess Picross game on 3DS. It's certainly a fun time waster.

  9. Yeah, his speed may not be the best, but bolstering it will at least help him avoid x2, and also possibly give them, depending on the character. Yikes, that would be nice, and double up on Distant Defense with her with the seal, and... hoo boy. I don't know why it took me so long to realize that the Divine Naga tome doesn't just nullify bonuses on Dragons, like I originally thought, but ALL foes... First off, I need to learn to read better. Second, I think Julia just got replaced on my main team. Deirdre may be squishier, but she has better Res, if only slightly, and having Spd Ploy 3, with a +Spd IV, it requires the enemy to have 42 Spd in order to x2 her while affected with the debuff, or G Tomebreaker. I also slapped Atk Ploy 3 Seal on her, so against mages, along with Quick Riposte, she makes a really good Enemy Phase mage killer. Still need to outfit her with a better Support, a Special, and Fury 3.
  10. Yeah, I thought the same thing, but I'll keep the Ring on him for now and let him do what he needs. Since he has it, Fury 3 would be awesome to give him, if he only gets in 1 battle, per turn, boom, healed. Even if he gets into more, having a healer on hand is nice. It'll make his already good Atk, Spd, and Res even better.
  11. My thoughts exactly. A 3rd Arvis can wait until his revival and some crazy person manages to do it with 4* no SI characters... I'd actually love to see that. I have him lv 40+1 5* right now. He got HP and Atk from the merge. I'm definitely gonna use him, since it's between him and Tharja as my red mage, but Arvis has the advantage of a crap ton more Res than Tharja. Only thing she has on him is Def and a Blade tome, but that'll only do well if paired with Performer Azura. Just gotta keep him away from physical stuff and he's good. Plus that Recovery Ring will pair nicely with a healer to keep him close to max HP as possible.
  12. I guess yeah, with the right special, Spring Xander could be good. I never really bothered to build him up since I always had better blues besides him. Yeah, Hector's a beast, so even without +, he's still good. You won't really notice a big difference until the higher +#s. Still, +10 gives +4 in every stat, so that's pretty insane and definitely makes a difference. Understandable. As much as I like getting the limited units, I'll only ever whale if there's a character I really want, and even then, only at the end if I didn't get them, but I won't spend a crap ton for them. Otherwise I'll just use all the free orbs I get to try and get the limited units, and that's all I summon from during the duration, usually. I've at least managed to get 1 character per limited focus, so I'm happy about that. Yeah, people who pump that much money into the game are... something else. If I had all that money, I'd use it for myself on important shit like paying off my student loans, haha. But hey, they're keeping this game going, so I'm not complaining. Arvis is here, and indeed, his map has reinforcements, although not that many, it's still pretty easy... then again, I've yet to try Infernal. Anyway, the Ring he has for his B Skill is not Follow Up, but Recovery Ring, which heals 10 HP every turn... so it's Renewal on crack. And his Valflame tome combined with Def Ploy make it so anyone with less Res than him gets -4 Atk/Res and -5 Def. That's pretty cool. As I said, his special definitely needs replacing. Gonna start training him up right now and + him. Tried Infernal, haha, nope, you basically gotta have him beat by like turn 4, otherwise shit's fucked. Guess I'll settle for +1 for now.
  13. People like that piss me off. Boo hoo that everyone has DC, I'd kill for that... Nice, welcome to the "I got Takumi way too late and he isn't that useful anymore" club. Also, Arvis is gonna be coming tomorrow, he has the Follow-Up Ring, and for his C skill, it's probably Res Ploy. I feel like I'm definitely going to use him. Honestly, his map looks insanely easy, I'm already figuring out what to do turn 1, and by turn 2 or 3, I could be done. Hope no reinforcements, and ofc Infernal will probably be a bitch. Obviously, I'm gonna get him to 5*, but since I have so many feathers, I'm probably gonna + him to +2, and start doing that with all the other GHB characters from now on, might as well start the journey to +10, and it'll be a loooooong one.
  14. Finally got around to watching Season 2 of Little Witch Academia, and it was awesome. Now I can look forward to the game coming next year.

  15. Oh... yeah, my sarcasm detection online is shit. But I know, I always see videos in the recommended if I look up map stuff about people using shit tons of orbs in one focus... I mean, honestly, if I had a good enough job, I'd probably put into this game weekly, but I wouldn't go overboard with it, only like a small amount,