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  1. First thing is prioritize getting 5*s to level 40 and learning all their skills, so they have something, as pretty much any 5* is useful in their own way. I also see you have 2 5* Eldigans. You should look at their stats at level 40 and see which one you think is better, depending on the IVs, and merge the other into it for the +. I see plenty of other 5*s that can be very useful, Fjorm, V!Lyn (Jealous...), Fucking Reinhardt is amazing, Elincia, R!Ike, Azura, Celica, B!Lyn. Only thing you're missing is some good Green 5*s Depending on your dupes, you can definitely make some very nice units with what you have. Probably do some research on builds, or post more pictures, I'll definitely try and help. Just my own rule; if you need to sacrifice a 5* for a level 3 skill, don't do it, it's not worth it, only use 4* for lv 3 skills First Alm, now Hardin. The game is playing me, giving me off banner 5*s for the color of the on banner 5*s. Can't complain, still great gains.
  2. That's gacha games for ya, you gotta wade through a lot of bullshit to get the good stuff. 300 Heroes, huh? Well, depending on your play style, the units you want to get rid of may be different. If you're a collector like me, who wants to have 1 of every Hero on you at all times, then you can use a site, which I can give you the link if you'd like, and check the IVs of the character and keep the best one, then merge the others into them. I'll always keep a 5* over a 4*, and same with 4* over 3*. Rule of thumb for me; if it's 3*, send it home, they won't have any use for you, just get the feathers, but if they're 4*, check their skills to see if they have a worthwhile skill or special you want to give one of your more powerful units, namely 5*s. Out of those characters you mentioned, I'll just list off the skills, if any, they can be good fodder for at 4*. Gunter- Hone Cav. Clarine, Serra, and Lissa- If 4*, keep around and merge, healers are very nice, even without good skills. Try getting Wrys' Live to Serve on them. Niles has Iceberg for high Res units. Barte... merge or send home, he ain't that good. Frederick has Luna, which is a skill lesser used than Moonbow, but still good in the right hands. Sully has Draw Back, good to give to mages. Robin has Bonfire, good to give to high Def units, also with good IVs and some work, can be an awesome colorless/Green destroyer. Matthew has Recipricol Aid, which is used in only a few builds, usually with any of the Lucina's that aren't Spring, or someone like Celica who takes damage after attack at 100% HP. Draug has Ward Armor, only good on another armor unit, obv, but it has it's uses. A lot of characters have uses, even if they aren't apparent at first, be it fodder or a small role in one map. Hell, built right, a 4* +10 can be hugely helpful, even more than a 5* unmerged, potentially. If you got anything else specific you want to ask, you can send me a PM or something and I'll go into a lot more detail about stuff. It definitely takes a while to build up characters, and you also need some luck. It took a long while before I was able to conquer the Lunatic maps, specifically Chain Challenge chapter 11 & 12... I hate to think about it even now... I know looking up builds and what the best IVs for a character are can be boring and put you off, that's why I use them more as a guideline rather than a be all end all, because some builds are absolutely nuts and basically only whales who're willing to give up a 5* have. With the new focus here, ofc I summoned 3 times with my orbs and managed to get a decent number of reds and blues, but the only 5* I managed was Alm. +HP/-Atk, but even still I'll probably use him. Got another 4* Nino, so now she's +10 with +Spd/-Def, and only needs Fury for her build to be complete. Also, interesting to note that none of the Fallen Heroes characters got demoted to 4/5*, they all remain 5* exclusive. I thought at least Hardin was gonna be the one demoted, but guess it still makes Vengeful and Bold Fighter skills harder to come by, which I'm fine with.
  3. I learned my lesson with V!Lyn, the game ain't gonna let me get her, so I'm keeping these bad boys for tonight.
  4. Hey, if the unit is good, I'm not complaining. Oooh, I didn't know that, I got a whale friend with a +10 characters, usually Ryoma or Beruka is their lead, but hooray, they'll be fun to use. I've only done the garden stuff and have gotten 30 orbs from it all. Can't wait for tomorrow's new focus now! Probably gonna be able to summon like 3 times.
  5. I think most people are banking on Nanna being a healer. Just looking at her, it'd be mad if she was anything but one, also holy crap, for real? Damn, it really has been a long ass time. New units incoming! I can already tell M!Morgan is gonna be the demoted unit, and also a cockblock to Chrom, who, along with F!Morgan, both look awesome. Special thing to note is the new Falchion has effectiveness against Colorless Dragons, so that definitely points to a colorless dragon unit coming in the future. Gerome is gonna be the TT reward, just gotta wait and see with him.
  6. This is why I try not to do that. I feel it's not worth promoting someone to 5* for a weapon or skill that you're gonna give someone else. I bank on getting the 4* character that has what I'm looking for, like Hinata for Fury 3, Sothe for L&D 3, Shanna for Desperation 3, and so on, promoting someone like Mae to 5* to get Desp 3 off her is basically a waste imo. I know for getting the + versions of weapons are obviously unavoidable and need the 5*, but the small boost in attack doesn't seem worth it to me. i.e. I'll keep my Cecilia with Gronnblade because I don't feel like spending 20K feathers on a Nino to give her 4 more attack, when I can use the feathers to promote someone else to 5*, like a useful or GHB character to + them or something. I gave it one last go for the Valentine banner, and V!Lyn didn't come home. I'm a bit bummed out, but that's just how it goes. I summoned exclusively blue units for a long while, I think... at least 75 blue units summoned during the last two periods. I just had some extraordinary bad luck the first go around when I made it all the way to 5.25% before I got a 5* Effie, but this time it didn't break, I got to 3.5%, and there's no more orbs coming in until the new focus, or when the game updates hours before, I can get whatever orbs may pop up with new maps. Oh well, overall, I can't complain, I got a ton of off banner 5*s from the Valentine event, along with V!Lilina and V!Hector, like a better IV Nowi, Delthea, and Micaiah. Even got a +Atk/-Spd 4* Rein, so I became that guy and promoted him. I expect to see V!Lyn in a few months though, back in a Legendary Banner, so a higher chance + I'll definitely save some orbs to try and get her. Also, it's been announced that we're getting more Thracia characters in April; Guess I know I'll be using my orbs on something else, I have no interest in these characters, honestly.
  7. Your luck must've rubbed off on me, I used the free summon from the Falchion focus and got a 5* Mia, -HP/+Def. I'm happy because at least her Atk and Spd are untouched by the -.
  8. I don't really see a problem with the gauntlet matchups, it still could be an evil version of a character vs a good version, or it could be evil. v evil, or good v good so it has 3 different matchup potentials compared to just 1 if it were set up good v evil right off the bat. I love that Celica has 4x the score of Takumi and Zel/BK, and 2x of Robin/Grima at this point in time. I often see people complain about how many 5* exclusives there are, and while there are plenty, I'd rather they keep doing what they're doing now. A focus to temporarily lower some 5* exclusives to 4* sounds cool, but then you'd basically have to shell out 20K feathers to promote them, and I'd only feel like doing that if they were really good. I don't mind them dropping 1 or 2 units to 4/5* after the banners, depending on the # of characters, but I would absolutely never want to see someone drop to 3-4*. There's no satisfaction in summoning a 3* (With the exception of someone who has a good usable skill at 4*, like Hinata or Shanna, and can be easily promoted), even if they were to be a new character. Maybe it's just me, but I get 5* Exclusive units every so often that it feels good when I finally summon them. I will say I don't care for the 4* and 5* Hero banners they've been doing recently. Yeah, it raises the chance of getting the specific characters in them up to x3 or x4 depending on if they're 3/4 or 4/5, but... eh, I never feel obligated to do anything other than the free summon, the other focuses are just so much better.
  9. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 updated today and added NG+ and some new blades, basically meaning time for round 2! But I still gotta finish up with FE Warriors and the SD DLC before the Awakening DLC comes this month! So much DLC, but I love it!

  10. Good luck with getting him. I haven't gotten another 5* since him, so I'm up to 10.50%. A lot of fodder though, including 2 Sothe's and 3 F!Corrin's that weren't the Summer version for Draconic Aura. Also managed to get Eirika and Sheena in the same summon, so I finished building my V!Hector. Just want to break this % so I can save orbs for whatever the next focus will be.
  11. [Celeste] Got everything in the game!... Then it throws Golden Strawberries and C Side levels at me. Oh boy, these no death runs for the Strawberries and getting these new Golden Hearts are gonna be fun. Also, checked the trophy list, just because and I guess Assist Mode doesn't disable the trophies? I don't believe this game is a 20% plat.

  12. Just finished Celeste, and it was awesome. I still have some things to collect, but I will keep going and get them. The music is some of my favorite of any game, it's so atmospheric and fits in perfectly.

  13. Just noticed GameStop added Nintendo eshop currency to their list of rewards, and I have 53K points I'm sitting on, so I decided to get $20 and buy Celeste. Good to know these points are gonna help me in the future and not just sit there, only to be used when renewing my card.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. TheFinalEmblem


      Makes sense. It's not worth it imo, though. the differences between it and regular pro are pretty small.

    3. Masamune


      Yeah, when they first announced it, they said it was going to be like $50, I didn't even consider it at that price. xD But now that it's $30, that doesn't seem too bad (you get 30 points per dollar instead of 20, & 20% off used goods instead of 10%). 

    4. TheFinalEmblem


      Geez, if it were $50, I doubt anyone would buy it. If they maybe up'd the point per dollar value, since you are paying double, then maybe it'd be more appeaking, but for only 10 more, nah.

  14. It could go either way with her, honestly. Making her 3/4/4/4 buff capabilities stronger by changing something to a 6 would be great, but also boosting her fighting capabilities would be just as great, since they aren't the best, but in certain situations, she can hold her own. Legendary Heroes trailer is up, and this time, it's Ephraim as a Fire Blessing character I'm extremely surprised that all of the CYL winners, not counting Veronica, have gotten 2nd units so soon after the voting, so that means the CYLs will be their 3rd units. I dunno if I can call this a coincidence or not? Either way, looking at Ephraim, his weapon has quite the unique ability. Basically if the enemy is surrounded by a posse, he's gonna make a guaranteed follow up as long as he's going alone, lol. That stance for his A skill is very nice, and the stacking of healing to 80% of damage dealt is insane. Ofc his C skills should be replaced by a Cavalry move. With who is in the focus, I don't see myself summoning from it, as I'm still trying to get V!Lyn. Sister already said she may give some money to try and summon, but we'll see. Well, my 5.25% finally broke, and I got a 5* Effie, +Res/-Spd, so pretty good, honestly. Happy that I have a viable blue armored unit now, aside from W!Robin. If I could get DC on her, I could do a lot with her, but I'm not gonna be too keen on giving up a Hector, so it may not even happen. Right now, I'm gonna stockpile orbs until the next focus, and depending on what it is, I'll spend them on the Valentine event for a last ditch attempt at Lyn, or use them on the new units. Sister gave me money for the game and got L!Ephraim on the first summon, +Def/-Spd, so pretty perfect, imo. Now I have all the legendary units again. Been starting to give blessings now to prepare for the garden. Also got some nice fodder, including another Sothe, so I gave L&D to my B!Charlotte, and she's done being built, haha.
  15. Exactly. I'm never too keen on replacing the weapons a character has if it's exclusive to them, I will rarely ever replace it, mostly because I don't feel like giving up 5*s for + versions of weapons, or I probably don't use the unit that much. Only exceptions I can think of where I would are B!Lyn and Bridelia with a BB+, but anyone else? No thanks. I saw a build for FH!Takumi where he has a Firesweep Bow+ and just thought "Hell no." Give the man Desperation, keep the attack and skill his bow has, with Fury 3 his HP will go down easily, and Vengence will help add damage. As long as he stays out of danger, he's destructive. I plan on plusing him. Heroes detailed some of what'll be in the March update; Rival Domains will be added, which are special maps where you take 20 individual Heroes, so no dupes, and also only 1 song/dance unit, to conquer enemy camps and defeating foes within 10 turns. The first round will open up with the update and a new map will be added every week on Saturday 2AM EST (So convert that to your time zone.) I think this is basically a modified version of the "Towns" suggestion from the survey last month. Looking forward to seeing how it'll be. Blessed Gardens are the other maps that will be added, in which you can get Hero Feathers, Orbs, and more. Ofc the restriction is you can only use Legendary Heroes with blessings, so, right now, Fjorm, R!Ike, and Gunnthra, and those who have Blessing put onto them. Basically I say try to build a team around the Legendary Hero, so Fjorm can be your blue, then just build around that and give the units you want to use with her Water Blessings. You get 4 free water blessings when you enter so you can start right away, probably for new players, obvs. Duplicate Heroes are a no go in this as well. They'll be added with the update and new maps are added weekly on Sunday at 2AM EST. It says other blessings can be gotten, so you will be able to do other gardens. There will be restrictions by type it seems, so only Water Blessed characters can enter the water garden maps, and so on. And last but not least, more weapon refinery updates! Soren is getting a new weapon at 5*, Wind's Brand, which will also be able to be refined, but also Eirika's Seiglinde and Leo's Brynhildr can be upgraded as well. It's nice to see Eirika's weapon getting a refinery update... and I'm not saying that because I really like her and she's actually my highest + unit at +3. Even though I don't have Leo, I'm looking forward to seeing how this will turn out, and Soren... I don't really care about Soren, even though I have him 5*, I don't use him.