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  1. [Fire Emblem Heroes] Not only did I manage to pull a 5* Lyn, I also managed to pull Winter Lissa, the one limited unit I wanted! I got her +Atk/-Res, which is fine because her stats are still insanely good, and I summoned a Hinata, so I gave her Fury as well. If I hadn't gotten rid of the Cherche I summoned, I could've given her Pivot, and she'd be fully built. Aside from that, she's done. I'm so glad to have her, and that she's so good.

  2. [Xenoblade Chronicles 2] I can't escape the Gacha stuff, even in this. Only 3 more unique Blades to get, and one I want/need is KOSMOS. I envy those lucky enough to get her super early... Just gotta keep going and grinding these Legendary Cores.

    1. Eyjabria


      Ah, so they made the rare blades randomly obtainable. Good luck with getting her!

      I'll probably start playing the game on Christmas as I hear I've been good and Santa has one for me. :blush:

    2. TheFinalEmblem


      Most of them yes, though some are gotten through specific cores, so not all the unique Blades are randomly obtained. They're a ton easier to obtain in the beginning, coming from even Common Cores, but as the numbers dwindle, Rare and Legendary are really the only way. At least it's not that hard to obtain them, with a little work. Well, I hope you enjoy it, the game was amazing, imo.

  3. Just over 140 hours and I finished Xenoblade Chronicles 2. What an amazing game, and oh boy, the information that this one gave to explain some things is oh so nice to start some theories and basically answer some questions. Now it's time to keep going with the post game content.

  4. Update 1.1 for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 is coming December 22nd, and it already has some awesome things, specifically more items for those who got the expansion pass (Me!) and on a 2nd playthrough, allowing the recruitment of certain Blades... wonder who they can be. I can't wait! Over 120 hours in my first playthrough and still haven't beaten it, and I'm gonna hop into a 2nd right after I accomplish everything I can.

  5. True Friends! Obtain all win screens of Friends to the End. Quick, fun, and sometimes hard DLC complete, bringing me back to 100%. Geez, I can't believe it's been 2 months since I last got a trophy, Nintendo Switch has me occupied, and I don't see it changing anytime soon. If games I want are coming on Switch and PS4, I'm picking the Switch version
  6. [Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero] Back at 100%! This DLC was more fun that the last, and it could be a bit hard, with only having 3 hearts and limited health restoration, but playing as Sky, Rotty, and Bolo was nice, I especially like the voices they gave them. First playthrough was 2:11 at 100%, and 2nd was 1:09 at 100%. There's still 2 more DLCs planned, so it's back to waiting for me.

    1. dertswa687o


      Wait there are 2 more DLCs planned??? I thought this was the last one for some reason. Gonna play it this weekend since I'm out of town right now. If I can tear myself away from SO4 that is.

  7. [Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero] Friends to the End DLC is downloading now, time to get the game back to 100%, and also earn my first trophy in 2 months... Then go back to a drought as I resume the Nintendo Switch games I have.

  8. [Xenoblade Chronicles 2] My exploring led me to finding and unfreezing a level 130 enemy... Well, there's one post game superboss for me to take on much, MUCH later.

  9. The same problems that plagued me with the previous internet access point in my room return with this new one, so I guess it's my room that's the problem, or some shit. At the least, I can connect wirelessly to the access point in my sister's room and get awesome wireless speed, but no wired. NBD, honestly, as long as I have a good connection, I'm happy.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Dav9834


      What's the actual setup? If it's wired it should be absolutely faster than anything you get through wifi. 


      Unless! The new router isn't wired to the main. You also have to tell it to act like an access point and not a router, otherwise it will give out ips that are already taken.


      Can you draw a quick diagram? I can get you up and running as long as it's wired to the main router. 

      Also what's the make and model so I can explain what to turn on/off so it actually works as intended 



    3. TheFinalEmblem


      I appreciate trying to help, but it's way too much of a hassle at this point trying to get it to work, we're just gonna return the box and get our money back

    4. Dav9834


      Are you sure? It may not have anything to do with the router you chose but rather how everything is connected. Your essentially using it as a glorified switch(with wifi support). 

  10. Finally got a new router for my room, so the internet speed should shoot up since I'm not having to use the one on the other side of the house. Since I'll mostly have it wired, might actually stream PS4 games again.

    1. Jigglypuff


      I wish I could do that.

  11. [Xenoblade Chronicles 2] 100 hours and still haven't beaten the game. There's so much content in the sidequests, exploration, and battles, and it's all so much fun. Wonder if I'll get to 200, I did pass that on the original with combined file times.

  12. Nah, ain't much of a book reader, they don't really catch/keep my attention. I always heard people rave about the book, but never bothered with it.
  13. I think I might be one of the few people who aren't interested in this. Watched the trailer earlier today and didn't really feel anything for it, so I'll pass.
  14. Well, as a little present for everyone, and for winning Best Game of 2017 on Google Play, Heroes gave everyone 2017 feathers and 20 orbs. Very nice. In addition to the weapon description apology and daily log in, I myself got 27 orbs, crazy awesome. Been summoning from reds like crazy, sister even gave some money, but a whole lot of nothing, barely any reds at all when I want them. Summoned and got a 5* Eldigan, and I can't complain since he's new, +Atk/-Def, which is eh, but Xander still outmatches him. Also got a +Atk/-Res 4* Athen, who I just might promote just because she's great, and a 4* +Spd/-Res M!Robin, perfect for the building... and I had just gotten a Roy with TA3 earlier... Now my only 3* remaining because I don't care to spend 2K feather to promote him is Gordin. Well, the Warriors Maps are back to celebrate the DLC coming on the 21st, and that means tons of SP grinding! Also the Amelia and Tana BHB is here, and boy, it wasn't the easiest, Infernal had me using Xander, Elise, Narcian, and Subaki. Can never count out the GHB or lesser characters that are usually looked down at, they come in real handy in stuff like this. Also the first teaser image for the Christmas Focus came out today; Obviously the left character is Lissa, but the right one is ?. Well, like most people thought, it's an all Awakening Banner with Lissa, Chrom, M!Robin, and Tharja. I wasn't really interested, but damn, they have some good stuff. They're all armored, too, which I find funny, and ironic in Tharja's case. Can't wait for this. Also it'll only be around for 2 weeks, rather than the usual month they've been doing these limited focuses for, but for good reason. They said Fjorm is coming back at the end of the year, and this ends 12/31, so as soon as it ends, Fjorm will probably be back, along with some new units that have the Wind, Fire, and Earth blessings, possibly?
  15. I'm gonna have a lot of DLC to play this month. Breath of the Wild 2nd DLC just came out, Shantae's comes out in 5 days, and FE Warriors comes out the 21st... I'm still playing Xenoblade 2, 70 hours in and still no end in sight.