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  1. Yeah... I think I'll stick with the regular edition of the game, can't justify spending nearly $200.
  2. Valter is coming out tomorrow, and I am totally ready. The JP twitter will probably post a picture of his map and his loadout later, so I'll update it then. I have 65K feathers right now to promote him, F!Robin, and probably Narcian. Only have Clarisse, Navarre, Lloyd, and Alphonse to get to 5* after this, and whatever GHBs come later.
  3. Yeah, Breath of Life got me far in the first and second Tempest Trials, I had my Bride Cordelia with the seal on so she healed 10HP, and my Julia heals 7, but now that I have Elise, I've been using her as a healer rather than relying on BoL. Also, I finally beat the fucking Squad Assault 2, crap that last map was complete ass, but it was just a matter of manipulating the dumb AI. Though I almost lost, as on the last turn 1 character (Zephiel) got hit and had 3 HP left, the clench was real, but I'm so glad to have it done.
  4. Really? Never heard that before. But it seems like WayForward is really good about testing and stuff, and they submitted it to all the companies at the same time, so it probably got through them all no problem.
  5. I imagine it would be across all platforms, wouldn't really make sense to release it on some but not others.
  6. Decided to watch Little Witch Academia since a friend told me about it, and it's quite enjoyable and pretty funny. Only up to episode 10 right now, but I'll watch more in the coming days and probably finish it by Sunday.
  7. A new focus came out today, -Blade tome users, Nino, Odin, and Tharja. This one, I already knew I wasn't gonna do anything other than the free summon, so I tried for Nino and got 4* Barst instead... Also Daily Training Tower quests are here, and they will be for quite a while. They're pretty easy, too, only requiring you to beat the 4th, 7th, and 10th Stratum once.
  8. He's totally built to be a mage killer, straight up and nothing more. That number hurts, lol. With what he has, he can totally laugh at -raven characters with Triangle Adept 3.
  9. Makes sense. Amelia is still my most wanted one, but I'll bank on getting her sometime later. I know that in the maps, the game bolsters the stats of units, usually HP and Atk, but when I looked at her speed, as an armored unit, I flipped. If she has even anywhere close to the amount of speed she has on the Lunatic maps, she's going to be even more of an insane unit.
  10. Right? But I only summon from the focuses once for the freebie and only having to use 15 orbs, and then go back to the Nohrian Summer because I love trying for them limited units. Still looking for Corrin and Elise. Knowing me, I'll get another Xander and he'll be +2, which I actually would welcome.
  11. Nice job on getting Corrin. I summoned from the SS this morning, had 3 blues, a colorless, and a red. Got 4* Pieri (finally), 4* Nowi, 4* Kagerou, 5* Azura, and 4* Lasward, so overall a good summon. The Azura was -Def, don't remember the +, but that -Def hurts so much worse than the -Spd one I already have, who is coincidentally +Def, so I just fused her.
  12. Cyberdimension Neptunia: 4 Goddesses Online is gonna be coming out October 10th in the US and 13th in EU, for all interested. I'll definitely be picking it up.

  13. lol, ah, Toby Fox never fails to impress, even when it's pretty much trolling.
  14. Isn't that the dev room? That would be interesting if that's where the Dog Shrine was, but I'm pretty doubtful about that.
  15. I am totally ready for Undertale tomorrow, the trophies are so fitting.