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  1. I would like it if an option to choose at what time a profile auto updates were added. It's always so annoying when I have to wait an hour to update because five minutes before the profile auto updated on its own. Since I play my games around the same time each day it would be nice if I could choose the auto update time to be hours before I plan to log in and update it myself. That way no more problems with that. Also I know that upgrading to a premium account would also avoid this problem but I can't do that right now. Thanks! Love the site!
  2. Yes! Finally got the updates downloaded last night! I think switching my DNS server helped.....didn't have to upgrade internet after all!
  3. Thanks for the info everyone! Glad to know!
  4. I just got this game today and I see that it comes with a voucher for a free game. I often have trouble downloading updates for games on the PS3 so this makes me wonder what happens if I enter the voucher code and then it disconnects in the middle of download? Will I loose the free game if this happens??? Or will I get to start over?
  5. 1.5 million! Cool!
  6. appears to be updated now.....(2 mins ago)
  7. None that I know of.....
  8. Really? Why does it do that?
  9. Hi! I'm new to psnprofiles and PS3 as well!
  10. Yeah, I heard about the servers closing. Hopefully by then I'll have GT6!
  11. Didn't know about the PS plus....I'll have to check into that. As for trying to update late at night: already tried it. Doesn't work at 2, 3 or 4 am either.
  12. Yeah, I knew my internet speed was bad but I didn't think it was THAT bad! I think I'm going to be forced to have a word with earthlink about this. The update I'm trying to download is over 450MB. There are 9 more updates behind it. Don't know what their file size is since I can't get past this one.
  13. According to : It took about an hour to get to 84% Also (used firefox for this)
  14. Unfortunately, I was using a wired connection. The smaller updates will download and install. But the 450MB+ one won't. The last time I tried downloading it, it got to 84% before dropping. If the PS would save the download progress and just continue where it left off it would help a lot. Any ideas about settings I could change that might help? I have a Netgear modem model number: DM111PSP if that helps any.....
  15. Does anyone have any tips for downloading the updates for this game? I've been trying to download the updates and the internet keeps disconnecting before it finishes. I can't play online if I can't update it..... Thanks!