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  1. why am I only on 18 points this month when I completed all uncharted on brutal which gives you 90 points.Doesn't make sense.
  2. # 49 Earth defense force 4.1
  3. You're favourite racing game.
  4. this is why there should extra points for rarity.
  5. I tried scanning the briefcase but it won't scan.Is there any way to resolve this issues.As I have quited the game several times but when I go back I can't scan it.
  6. This is why you buy most of your games physically.Only buy digitally only games digitally.
  7. There should be points for ultra rare platniums/trophies.
  8. hi can I join have enough free time.
  9. The problem is there are way too many easy games that take less than 5 hours to platnium.It's pretty easy to get 100 platniums in 6 months without trying too hard.
  10. Play games you enjoy doesn't matter how hard or what rarity it is.Eg if you like sport games then platnium a variety of sports games.If you like racing games platnium lots of racing games and try to become very good at the genre.
  11. GTA has more kids and casual players than RDR.They won't make nowhere near as much money with RDR 2 compared to GTA 5.
  12. Looks very easy perhaps too easy.Was hoping a bit more of a challenge oh well another easy plat.
  13. I agree with you.The problem is casuals buy FIFA each year and don't care really care what their actions.As a result their sports game have bearly change over the last 5 years espically with career mode.
  14. Unfournately I could only publish iteams that were not pending.So it took me longer to get to 500000 XP.I was still able to publish like 10 iteams which will get you like 1000 xp.I had to create like about 7 accounts.If still have some iteams to publish then you'll be able to get xp, it will just take a lot longer.