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  1. DLC

    Do you need to buy the ulimate pack to earn the rest of the dlc trophies.
  2. What a shit month, probably the worst this year. Batman is a kids games followed by irrelevant game.
  3. Most of this I already know. I played way more than 17 races but I quit most of them because I know I can't win therefore the race does not count. I ususally only do race A as that is much easier than the other 2. Also race A generally has less players playing. I have spent probably 10 hours of trying to get a good time believe me. I'm rank D and still vs Rank A and B players.
  4. In my region its harder due to less players I spent 1 week trying to get a decent amount of wins but I only managed to get 1 win and 3 poles. You played the same players over and over again.I still vs players who have played over 1000 hours and have played over 1000 races. There is always at least one player better than me. my best bet is to play in the middle of the night where there are less players on.
  5. 1000 hours seems two much. I just want a platnium under 0.5% on my list this list does not look to hard but grindy. I have bought the game but have not played it yet. And which trophy is the tutorial trophy.
  6. How do you restart an event it seems that you can't which would make trophies misable because game doesnt have a restart option which is bull shit.
  7. So pole and wins do count if your the only person racing that's intresting the only way I could win.
  8. I found race 6 players only about 9am my time. I reackon there even less in the middle of the night espically in my region which has a lot less players, It might be worth a try. If not I just have to practice.
  9. I wondering if you and a friend will be able to find each other at 2am in region hoping to be the only ones in match.If you both have a similar rating you could find each other and let each other win.You could boost with multiple groups of people.
  10. All Earth defense force games because you need to get all weapons which is RNG.
  11. any online trophy that requires to find a boosting partner.
  12. I understand I have similar problem trying to atain high completion rate of over 90%, even thinking about trying to get to 90% but is it worth it.The problem there is so many DLC's that come out that is lowers my completion rate and costs money as well.
  13. Playstation trophy leaders has the leaderboards I mention. https://(URL not allowed)/leaderboard/main. I'm well aware of this thread knew about before you came along i mention it in previous post. True trophies has a genre leaderboard but psn profiles doesnt have it yet.
  14. Why don't you had a Genre leaderboard, completion leaderboard, adjusted leaderboard and make the rarity leaderboard part of the leaderboard section instead of searching the forums and remove the hackers from it.
  15. Played injustice 2 because it had an ultra rare platnium and to a diversity to my account I just wanted to experience something different, fighting game aren't my type of game but a least I went out of my confort zone and platnium the game an ultra rare one at that. Fair enough I platnium a bunch cycling games even though I didn't know much about the sport.Did play any sports when you are a kid.