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  1. Wasn't expecting to have the most trophy points earned.Thought some people will get over 50 platnium in a month.Looks like it was an ultra rare and backlog month.
  2. I did in my chapter 5 playthrough
  3. rainbow snake
  4. I also found a snake there as well that is only native guamera.Can't find the booby.Unfournately i progressive further in the game before I found the other speacies.However I have it maually saved just in case if its missable.Someone should post a guide that way people don't waste more time than what need to finding animal on that island.
  5. there is also a lizard in chapter 5
  6. Your're boring.
  7. it has a 97 meticritic score
  8. Red dead redemption isnt that hard.I reackon it has an excellent trophy list minous the kingpin trophy.Its intermediate platnium not too hard or to easy just the way I like it. As for Easy vs Hard I would say play what you would feel comfortable with.I enjoy getting platnium in obsured games that most people played.E.g. Tour de france 14 and 15, All AFL and cricket games bring back childhood memories.Rebel galaxy was also fun and ratchet and clank is an awsome series.
  9. Ultra rare platnium confirmed.
  10. This is still gonna be an ultra rare platnium.
  11. giving you great advice.Fifa 19 is probably the worst Fifa ever due to the loot boxes which is a complete scam.Play an actual game like RDR
  12. Stop giving EA your money.
  13. I'm sorry, And yes kingpin is the worst trophy in RDR,Propbably worst the any trophy in GTA 5.
  14. I did read properly I know more about RDR than you.I spent over 1000 hours on it.I right your wrong accept it and move on.