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  1. I understand I have similar problem trying to atain high completion rate of over 90%, even thinking about trying to get to 90% but is it worth it.The problem there is so many DLC's that come out that is lowers my completion rate and costs money as well.
  2. Playstation trophy leaders has the leaderboards I mention. https://(URL not allowed)/leaderboard/main. I'm well aware of this thread knew about before you came along i mention it in previous post. True trophies has a genre leaderboard but psn profiles doesnt have it yet.
  3. Why don't you had a Genre leaderboard, completion leaderboard, adjusted leaderboard and make the rarity leaderboard part of the leaderboard section instead of searching the forums and remove the hackers from it.
  4. Played injustice 2 because it had an ultra rare platnium and to a diversity to my account I just wanted to experience something different, fighting game aren't my type of game but a least I went out of my confort zone and platnium the game an ultra rare one at that. Fair enough I platnium a bunch cycling games even though I didn't know much about the sport.Did play any sports when you are a kid.
  5. And thats why I don't have any music or RPG games on my profile yet ,I probably won't enjoy them.
  6. There are other racing games with alot less grind and have either no online trophies or have easy online trophies. Trackmania is a hard platnium and I will not reccommend for people who a new to racing games. As for GT sport yeah the grind is stupid agree with you there I would reccommend playing GT6 before playing this one. Depends which sports game your taking about If you are talking about EA sports games and 2K sports games then yeah then the online grinding/requirements a little to much espically NBA. If you are talking about Australian sports titles then no the real grind is the single player as the Australian sports games usually have much lower requirements for online trophies.
  7. You should play more sports and racing games to add more diversity.
  8. Never had a problem when it reached 40. C (104 F),
  9. How do you get interviewed?
  10. Why are the trophies so rare are they that hard to boost, Are they too grindy or there is no community?
  11. Does the surf n turf DLC come with the season pass.
  12. Last of us on grounded is way easier than uncharted on brutal. Another tip is to use bow/arrows that way once you have killed a zombie or enemy you can collect them, therefore using no ammo.
  13. I have played the mobile version its an ok game but its a bit grindy.
  14. I got excellent in bounty hunter mode but it didn't count.
  15. Nom Nom Galaxy, some sports games, like Don Bradman cricket and rugby league live. Driver San Francisco and rare because of multiplayer.