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  1. A bit disappointed with this list, the older R&C games have a better trophy list. I prefer the list to be about 3-5 difficulty this could be 1-2 difficulty platnium depending on the challenges. It will most likely be easier because 2021.
  2. Your wrong, some countries have internet caps meaning it would be very expensive to download 100GB for game. Also it would take to two days to download where as it will also take an hour of ilstalling if you bought the game physical.
  3. RDR 1 had co-op missions which is similar to the missions in RDR 2 well at launch, haven't play the game in 2 years. I never talk about levelling system in RDR 1 you do the pikes basin gang hideout which gave you a lot of XP, especially when there was the 3 times XP bonus, I reached max prestige for that game so I know the fastest to level as well as the hardcore RDR 1 community. Play RDR 2 at launch so XP system is probably different now. In RDR 1 online you never had to buy weapons and upgrades, as well as buying horse or ammo. There was no competitive advantage when playing RDR 1 online when playing competitive events.
  4. RDR 1 had the best online mode what are talking about. There was no grind and was fun and lot of people who I know agreed with me. There were no micro transactions and there was a friendly free roam. Other than playing poker and liars dice there were no currency involved. I spent over 1000 hours RDR1 online and it was the best experience in gaming I've had. I spend roughly 40,000 hours playing video games throughout me life. How dare you disrespect RDR 1 online, it's way more fun than God of war or any COD game.
  5. Seems like a rip off, cyberpunk isn't that hard. 99 euros for a custom game is the nailed in the coffin.
  6. I swear I have taken down 70 snipers no and still don't have the trophy.
  7. No, maybe the update refreshed my progress. I wish there was an in game trophy tracker would maker it easier to know if each goal completed counts towards the trophy.
  8. participate in 21 Community goals and still no trophy. Not sure what to do.
  9. FIFA ultimate team is a scam cricket 19 is way better.
  10. Another easy boring trophy list by Ubisoft they clearly have lost their creativity.
  11. Call of duty series and Minecraft are the two most overrated games/series of all time.
  12. you can snipe some for 3k if you lucky. i got some 3k and immediately bought them.
  13. This leaderboard still isn't apart of the main leaderboard. Should be a part of the main leaderboard section.
  14. If you use the auction house you can make a lot coins made like 20K coins and his my first full day of using the auction house. Buy low sell quite higher than what you paid for.
  15. At first I did a similar way to you. I did the save and reload method more than 50 times I know this because I counted, Still know trophy. Then I tried by doing it naturally which involves making the environmentalist angry. I had like about 30 steel mills and like 10 protest at the same. That happened about 7 times and I still didn't get the trophy. I think I have stopped around about 120 protest and no trophy has popped I don't if I done anything wrong followed other guides online and I'm doing exactly what their doing. This is the last trophy I need for the platinum. I spend around at least 8 hours trying to get this trophy. This is by far the worst trophy in this game for me. I found the mission referendum much less annoying. They should at least put in a counter/tracker that way I know if my attempts are counting. Hopefully with the PS5 they do.