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  1. Cant't find zombie majima already have that trophy just need to find hime for one of the dragon ability skills.
  2. Yeah I have but it said I have to wait for Rina to ring me.Been waiting for a few hours.
  3. Thats what I meant went there and she wasnt there I spear theres so much bullshit in this game.
  4. went into the shine club and yui wasnt there.Went to the place where you get information about the cabret dances and Yui wasnt there when I went there a secound time.
  5. Big Ant will probably patch the game anyway,They did so many patches to AO tennis and that was broken at launch.
  6. I want to know are there any missable trophies in this game. Just want to know before I start playing it.
  7. Which football are you talking soccer, american football or Australian football.If you are talking about soccer than cricket,if your talking AFL than AFL.
  8. You have an unpopular opinion
  9. Congratulations to Demon--Prototype and @CrestfallenV for finishing on the podium.Adam did a great job in putting this competition together without him this comp would not have happened.
  10. How hard is the MVP trophy
  11. I don't have the Vita so I can't say how hard it is on the vita.I assume its the same with harder controls, the game difficulty is the same, its the controls they make it harder on the vita.Ratchet and clank 2 had some buggy trophies on the PS3.
  12. all uncharteds and riptide GP renegade these were harder than most of all my ultra rares.
  13. Wasn't expecting to have the most trophy points earned.Thought some people will get over 50 platnium in a month.Looks like it was an ultra rare and backlog month.
  14. I did in my chapter 5 playthrough