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  1. What about If someone else did you psn user name
  2. If you look at VG chartz Call of duty is always one of the best selling games each year.
  3. RDR 2 will sells no where near what GTA 5 did.RDR 2 will sell wel.l Black ops 4 will sells more because of braindead casuals.
  4. What about need for speed 2015 on the PS4 that has the hardest DLC.
  5. If only there were ways to get unobtainable trophies like Killzone shadow fall offline warzone.Where you can kill bots and grind that way.
  6. EA sports titles are where the problem started.
  7. What you said are important play games you enjoy. If you don't enjoy earning trophies for a particular game then don't play that game or earn trophies. I have learned this through doing very long grinds. I've somewhat regretted doing them, why because it was boring. What was my award an ultra platinum trophy that has no real-world value. I could of spend more time working and with family. I can never get back those hundreds of hours grinding.
  8. After completing last of us on Grounded I have to agree.
  9. Cost $15 each pack in Australia which is overpriced.
  10. Earth defence force is harder than the crew.
  11. Platinum both them GP riptide 2 is a way easier platinum.
  12. I was looking to get rid of modnation racers as I already platnuim that.But I guess i'm an idiot for putting as my backlog game. I was wondering if you get points of completing the DLC if I decide to complete it.
  13. I was wondering If I can change my backlog games.
  14. Last of us relaxing it's a vet stressful game beacause you have to worry about missables trophies
  15. I was wondering which difficulty is harder, I have beaten harder 1,2,3 on brutal was wondering is last of us harder.