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  1. I'm sorry, And yes kingpin is the worst trophy in RDR,Propbably worst the any trophy in GTA 5.
  2. I did read properly I know more about RDR than you.I spent over 1000 hours on it.I right your wrong accept it and move on.
  4. There was 1 online dlc trophy for zombies and that was reach wave 15 in undead nightmare.
  5. RDR multiplayer has fun trophies and there're are easy to boost anyway
  6. Games that take a lot of time to complete Gran turismo 5,Earth defense force games,Star Ocean,NBA 2k games,Grid Autosport,the,crew,World of tanks,madden 13,tour de france 2011.
  7. Richmond vs west coast or melbourne
  8. You can boost the multiplayer trophies in offline warzones. There are games that have a better a single player than Killzone shadow fall,the story wasn't the best.However the graphics are great and gameplay is ok.
  9. I perosnally enjoyed undercover and need for speed most wanted more than the others.I have played Need for speed uncover,most wanted 2012,hot pursuit,rivals and 2015. Didnt enjoy hot pursuit because the Time trials were too hard for me.Its stupid that the police time trials you get penalised for doing a small little crash. The pursuits in this game are good This is the best for the game IMO. Most wanted 2012 was fun because it was open world and the racers are short,that means I don't have to concentrate that long.However you'll crash into other cars alot more in this game than any other NFS. Undercover was fun but someones when you first log on to the game the police were already after you which was annoying.It has that need for speed feel, you buy a car and you can upgrade what you want. Rivals was okay nothing exciting better than I thought it was going to be. 2015 was probably the most boring racing game I have ever played.Very repeatitive and shit story.
  10. start a new Tour in Tour mode and assign a secound controller.
  11. Playing the same genre over and over again.And speed running as well.
  12. What about If someone else did you psn user name
  13. If you look at VG chartz Call of duty is always one of the best selling games each year.
  14. RDR 2 will sells no where near what GTA 5 did.RDR 2 will sell wel.l Black ops 4 will sells more because of braindead casuals.
  15. What about need for speed 2015 on the PS4 that has the hardest DLC.