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  1. I haven't played 1 or 2 but I have played 3 and Karting I would say karting only because I have platinum it. 3 Is hard for me because I am bad a platforms and don't really enjoy I could probably platinum the game if I keep practicing , playing with a second controller is annoying that's the reason why I die half the fucking time. you have to worry about 2 players completing the level and the last few level are annoying.
  2. This site is mainly used by trophy hunters that's why. Red dead redemption 2 sold at least 13 million copies on PS4 it this shows around 200,000. Most playstation owners have never heard about this site.
  3. Yes I know all those games have terrible business practises but unfortunately those companies have a business goal is to make money. If people buy those games or micro transactions then I don't blame. I blame the customer who play those sports games they are the problem, they think those games are the best in the world. The sports game market needs more competion that's the real problem.
  4. Not every sports game is bad Cricket 19 is good. How could like I stop playing after 16 because it was so boring. Career mode use to be way better in the PS2 when you can have coaches and control your ticket prices.
  5. Clearly you haven't read my previous post there is only a few 2019 games that I'm gonna buy.
  6. I don't even like Spiderman I just mention because a lot of other people do. There are 3 games that I'm interested that have have been released this Cricket 19, wreckfest and Tropico 6. I might get the new need for speed if its any good.
  7. Those companies you have listed have copped a lot criticism however games like FIFA and COD sell well every year anyway. Most people never heard about devil May Cry 5 or Sekiro.
  8. Triple A games has been going on downward slope in quality this year. 2019 is worst probably one of the worst years in gaming history seriously there hasn't been great games unlike last year you had a few decent games like GoW,RDR 2 and Spiderman. More games this year seam to be getting terrible reviews. Will games improve in the next 5 years because the way we this industry is heading games will be more broken than ever.
  9. The best way is to complete the first play through on easy and collect all the collectables and complete all missable trophies. Then on the second play through you complete the game on grounded in new game plus to earn all the remaining difficulty trophies. Then you probably need to a third or 4th play through to upgrade all your weapons.
  10. AFL live if you use the glitch Don Bradman cricket and Don Bradman cricket 17 and rugby league live 1 and 2.
  11. A lot of people who play video games also like sports. I spend lots of time playing video games and I'm also the complete opposite to being fat. You're stereotyping gamers saying most of them are fat when clearly that's not true.
  12. Red dead redemption hit 30k recent players last year. No other game other than GTA would be able to do that.
  13. Cricket is also popular in Australia and is even more popular in india, Pakistan and Banglasdesh. Cricket is the secound most popular in the world, it is more well know than basketball and baseball.
  14. Done all of these commands and no trophy.
  15. DLC

    Do you need to buy the ulimate pack to earn the rest of the dlc trophies.