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  1. I haven't played FIFA for almost 4 years because care too much about making money rather than making the game better. I would love football manager came to console. There is football manger 14 on vita.
  2. Got the trophy you do need to uncover all fog and visit all locations.
  3. I've been to all place but I think highlands map there a little fog.
  4. No i haven't i did completely solo.
  5. been to all areas multiple times still no trophy.
  6. PS now isn't available in my country and you you don't own your games. And cities skylines is one of my favourite games this generation way better than any call of duty. Cities skylines is a great game.
  7. I only kill with the rifle and the trophy didn't pop. Also completed the challenge for it, do you have to kill every enemy.
  8. Don Bradman wasn't that grindy there are other games that are way more of a grind than Donald Bradman. As for AFL EVO 2 they could made you finish career mode. At least there is no online trophies that's the main thing.
  9. in the mission Kelori Strand you have to destroy 10 nests to progress however they won't respawn for some reason does anyone know why.
  10. RPM is one of the easiest DLC pack imo. Some of the DLC is very easy and some are very hard. Im more annoyed at the rubber banding and how perfect the A.I is in this game , they rarely make mistakes when you take the lead they are always on your back so you have to drive almost perfect to maintain 1st place.
  11. I disagree with you Im having a hard completing mission 99 intense underground battle on inferno I have about 10k armour with each class.
  12. I already know that before you in fact I got in bookmarked. The problem is you have to find it through search which is why I bookmarked it.
  13. The funny thing is you have played a lot of easy games so you can't really talk. People buy them so they can have a good leaderboard ranking. Blame psnprofiles for not having another leaderboard.
  14. I just got 91 wins trophy. I disagree with you I find one make racers a way easier to get a good time on I got plenty of poles, when I tried the middle one I never got close to the pole time. Plus the middle one 16 people to compete with while there is only 12 for race A. I have won racers from P4 or lower simply by ramming others players thanks to this update where you don't get penalise for ramming other players.