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  1. This sucks they could of gave people a warning I still to get 1 more trophy.
  2. FIFA 14 and Fifa 15 were the easiest, FIFA 12 was easy just time consuming. I wish they add more career trophies. Might get this on sale I have not played FIFA in 5 years, too much focus on ultimate team, which has ultimate destroyed this game. Cricket 19 has the Best player career mode in my opinion.
  3. Just got my 150th Platinum trophy. 

  4. After He quit trophyhuntersgaming it's been a slow downfall. Rustic and Staypat would probably still be on youtube if it wasn't for him, The thing is none of them are on youtube now, they all could be doing well on youtube if it wasn't for all the drama.
  5. I have followed CMH777 for 7 years and now he has completely left the internet. His Youtube and twitter are all deleted and he doesn't stream on twitch anymore. Does anyone know what happen to CMH777.
  6. Rugby games have been easy and the last cricket games is easy as well. AFL Evolution 2 is also easy as well.
  7. here is the a screenshot of me earning the platinum trophy.
  8. Ao tennis is a decent game what are you talking about, they update their games often. whats wrong with tennis.
  9. Just wondering if full strength unlocks after you beat the story, I have got the other 3 trophy related to this.
  10. A bit disappointed with this list, the older R&C games have a better trophy list. I prefer the list to be about 3-5 difficulty this could be 1-2 difficulty platnium depending on the challenges. It will most likely be easier because 2021.
  11. Your wrong, some countries have internet caps meaning it would be very expensive to download 100GB for game. Also it would take to two days to download where as it will also take an hour of ilstalling if you bought the game physical.
  12. RDR 1 had co-op missions which is similar to the missions in RDR 2 well at launch, haven't play the game in 2 years. I never talk about levelling system in RDR 1 you do the pikes basin gang hideout which gave you a lot of XP, especially when there was the 3 times XP bonus, I reached max prestige for that game so I know the fastest to level as well as the hardcore RDR 1 community. Play RDR 2 at launch so XP system is probably different now. In RDR 1 online you never had to buy weapons and upgrades, as well as buying horse or ammo. There was no competitive advantage when playing RDR 1 online when playing competitive events.
  13. RDR 1 had the best online mode what are talking about. There was no grind and was fun and lot of people who I know agreed with me. There were no micro transactions and there was a friendly free roam. Other than playing poker and liars dice there were no currency involved. I spent over 1000 hours RDR1 online and it was the best experience in gaming I've had. I spend roughly 40,000 hours playing video games throughout me life. How dare you disrespect RDR 1 online, it's way more fun than God of war or any COD game.
  14. Seems like a rip off, cyberpunk isn't that hard. 99 euros for a custom game is the nailed in the coffin.