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  1. you can snipe some for 3k if you lucky. i got some 3k and immediately bought them.
  2. This leaderboard still isn't apart of the main leaderboard. Should be a part of the main leaderboard section.
  3. If you use the auction house you can make a lot coins made like 20K coins and his my first full day of using the auction house. Buy low sell quite higher than what you paid for.
  4. At first I did a similar way to you. I did the save and reload method more than 50 times I know this because I counted, Still know trophy. Then I tried by doing it naturally which involves making the environmentalist angry. I had like about 30 steel mills and like 10 protest at the same. That happened about 7 times and I still didn't get the trophy. I think I have stopped around about 120 protest and no trophy has popped I don't if I done anything wrong followed other guides online and I'm doing exactly what their doing. This is the last trophy I need for the platinum. I spend around at least 8 hours trying to get this trophy. This is by far the worst trophy in this game for me. I found the mission referendum much less annoying. They should at least put in a counter/tracker that way I know if my attempts are counting. Hopefully with the PS5 they do.
  5. I swear I have stopped over 50 protest. I use the save and reload method. I don't think that method counts.
  6. I know how to make money the problem is when I put a lot entertainment buildings in one area it seems to decrease the fun happiness in tropico 5 it was the opposite. I have mixed a variety people. some of the objectives require you to build entertainment buildings, I guess I have to be careful which entertainment I put need a housing or tourists accomodation.
  7. my fun happiness is 15/100 even though I have plenty of entertainment buildings.It's a lot harder to keep people happy in tropics 6 then in tropico 5 than The happiness.
  8. The internet is also slow in Australia so it will take longer to download. Physical games installing is way quicker than digital games downloading.
  9. This is probably the worst boss I have encountered I have level 42-44 weapons and can't even kill one dragon. even though the dragon is 37. Should I do this in cop all wait till lvl 50.
  10. I haven't played FIFA for almost 4 years because care too much about making money rather than making the game better. I would love football manager came to console. There is football manger 14 on vita.
  11. Got the trophy you do need to uncover all fog and visit all locations.
  12. I've been to all place but I think highlands map there a little fog.
  13. No i haven't i did completely solo.
  14. been to all areas multiple times still no trophy.