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  1. Those 92K profiles are removed from the regular leaderboard, not the rarity leaderboard it's obvious just by looking at the leaders on the rarity leaderboard. So to be given a ranking on the regular leaderboard you need to have a public profile the top profiles on the rarity leaderboard are hidden so they don't count.
  2. The problem with this leaderboard is that there is a lot of hackers/cheats on it, They would have to get removed first.
  3. Apparently the codes work only for the region I'm which is Australia, If your're from Australia it should work.
  4. Digital games for triple-A games take way too long to download which is why I prefer to buy them physically. Even then I bought F1 2021 physically and still have to wait 20 hours for the update file. This seems to be a huge problem with modern gaming. It would take 40-50 hours for me to download a full triple-A game digitally. Also, physical second games go on sale.
  5. Got a few free dlc codes to give away the employee accidentally gave me more codes than they should. Just message me on PSN if you want one.
  6. I broke in the top 100 and the trophy trophy didn't pop this glitch wasn't mention in the guide.
  7. Don Bradman cricket , all rugby league live games , 3 AFL games, rugby world cup 2011. The golf club 1
  8. Well on both trophy guides wolf 2 and a 10/10 difficulty the game is also 85 metacritic score. However I do agree that wolf 2 is easier than SMB Crypt of the Necrodancer the rarity indicates that.
  9. some what difficult but not as difficult as the game above. Yes, I have played trackmania and it easy an is very hard as you have to been near perferct to achieve some of the times.
  10. well it is the hardest platinum ever.
  11. What are everybody thoughts, lots of good games missed out.
  12. Overall it doesn't seem that bad.
  13. This sucks they could of gave people a warning I still to get 1 more trophy.
  14. FIFA 14 and Fifa 15 were the easiest, FIFA 12 was easy just time consuming. I wish they add more career trophies. Might get this on sale I have not played FIFA in 5 years, too much focus on ultimate team, which has ultimate destroyed this game. Cricket 19 has the Best player career mode in my opinion.