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  1. It will be a cool feature thats why, e.g. I would like see where I rank in Australia for sports games.
  2. We need a new leaderboard system.
  3. People care more about other people trophy list than they own.The same thing can be said about what games people play.
  4. Just decided to create a forum after reaching 100 platniums,I kinda burned out at the momment.Just in invested way too much time into this hobby.
  5. So school and having a job is a waste of time.Trophy hunting doesn't earn you an income.Because some people think videogames are a waste of time.
  6. I was wondering what your opinion do you agree or disagree or neutral. I feel that grinding 100 hours grinding trophies sometimes feel like a waste of time.But you gonna earn that ultra rare platnium.
  7. If you want UR platnium then play sport games they are easy well some of them are.
  8. Another website called truetrophies has genre leaderboards.
  9. I was wondering If any one wants a genre leaderboard, it Would be a good feature.
  10. I have done at least 5 different glory kills but they seemed to be not counting.
  11. RDR 1 has the best multiplayer.RDR 2 multiplayer is a let down,The strory was great probably the best this generation.
  12. You could just boost it with a another controller.There are much worst grinds than this.Luckily I have the Australian physical version and can platnium this quickly.Should only take 20-30 hours with patches.It's an easy platnium.
  13. RDR 1 had a way better Multiplayer.
  14. I was wondering If I can find a courupter in free roam.
  15. This trophy is Glitch tried everything and still isnt popping.