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  1. Cost $15 each pack in Australia which is overpriced.
  2. Earth defence force is harder than the crew.
  3. Platinum both them GP riptide 2 is a way easier platinum.
  4. I was looking to get rid of modnation racers as I already platnuim that.But I guess i'm an idiot for putting as my backlog game. I was wondering if you get points of completing the DLC if I decide to complete it.
  5. I was wondering If I can change my backlog games.
  6. Last of us relaxing it's a vet stressful game beacause you have to worry about missables trophies
  7. I was wondering which difficulty is harder, I have beaten harder 1,2,3 on brutal was wondering is last of us harder.
  8. Why do think i'm dodgy,I play games that I enjoy.
  9. Backlog games Last of us uncharted lost legacy sports champions littlebig planet 3 helldivers olioli2 welcome to oliworld trackmania need for need hot pursuit driveclub modnation racers
  10. This platnium is kinda hard for a kids game , I mean acing all levels is hard not many kids can do that.
  11. most of my UR plats are easy.Beating uncharted on brutal is harder.
  12. Your talks talking about FIFA and madden and NHL.
  13. my comment is clearly readable.People are more excited for the LOU2 than RDR 2 I find that mind bogling.