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  1. Bloodborne. Didn't have the dedication to finish it and now it's forever in the backlog.:|
  2. 809 with ~100 hidden (3-4 games that I got halfway through and cbb'd to complete). Tbf I'd say I'm doing well
  3. 6-ish. I tend to play what I like and what I might not like I just don't purchase. And since I mainly purchase games I enjoy - I tend to platinum them as well I don't go for the "extra" mile if I didn't enjoy the game as much, for example P4A/Lollipop Chainsaw. Would've loved to have finished GTA but SP glitched on me at 99.5%
  4. Looks nice, happy that they're getting the 1080p/60fps out of the machine. Also, before any console wars break out I'm gonna inb4:
  5. Rayman Origins or Sonic Generations. Both are dead easy and fun
  6. Hmm, I've got these to consider as series I guess: -Sly (4 games): Sly1, Sly 2, Sly 3, Sly4 -Naruto (3 games): UNS2, UNS:G, UNS3 Ummm.. Wonderbook? Got Diggs and Book of Spells, no Dinosaurs/Book of Potions tho -God of War (5 games): GoW 1, GoW 2, GoW 3, GoW:GoS, GoW:CoO, GoW: Asc Rayman Origins? I've got it plat'd 3 or 4 times (including Vita) -Prince of Persia (5 games): PoP:SoT, PoP:WW, PoP:tTT, PoP:tFS, PoP -Infamous (3 games, 2x plat tho): Infamous, Infamous 2, Infamous:FoB -uDraw (3 games): Pictionary, Instant Artist, Marvel Super Hero Squad: Comic Combat If counting Vita then; I've plat'd Persona 4: Golden 3 times (JP, NA, EU). Got AC3, AC4 + AC3:L (2 ps3 and 1 vita game) Got 3 or 4 Vita Lego games Triple plat'd Sound Shapes (PS3/Vita/PS4) Double plat Motorstorm:RC + Motorstorm Apocalypse
  7. Since I'm on quite a few forums, especially my native ones, I get blank requests daily. After turning them down it's not a rare sight of getting hate for it with something along the lines of "too good to add me?", "so I'm not your friend huh?" or "you **** **** **** thinking you're better than everyone else" kind of a thing Kind of gotten used to ignoring them tho. I still usually reply saying sorry that I cannot remember every single person on the internet.
  8. There are 4 lists as far as I know; JP/KO+CH/NA/EU. Each carries its own specific trophy list but they do come in the language of origin as far as I know. Only unsure about the HK version as it might be in English but don't take my word for granted Source: 3x P4G plat :$
  9. A very huge treat indeed
  10. A pity indeed. Probs not the nicest thing to say but if they did manage to finish off the filming (and won't drop the movie) this will boost the sales.
  11. Hey all After having spent 68 hours on the Single Player side of the game and having achieved around 50 gold medals and 99.5% game completion the last Strangers & Freaks mission seems to be not appearing. Any of you know a fix or something that had helped you? Things I have tried with no avail: Save to new slot (and load), go online, do missions for hours, go back to SP. Skip over a week's worth of game-time. Buy properties. Do other Strangers & Freaks, Random Events, replay story missions. Any help would be appreciated as I am not up for redoing my savegame and I was really looking forward to making this my 100th Plat.. Cheers in advance x
  12. Feel free to add me (just add something along the lines of "psnprofiles" to the request message) Will be/am playing: NBA Killzone Resogun NFS
  13. Mine's quite standard, but I'm still quite proud on how I managed to customise it
  14. Still going for One Piece: Pirate Warriors. Been at it for nearly a month.. Finishing off the 100k kills atm