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  1. apparently there is 2 people with 4 full episodes! is funny, considering that capcom only released one episode ... definitely a resident evil without "magic" is not 100% resident evil..
  2. One of my friends already played NG+ with all side quests and nothing happen! he have a bug or something like that (when you see stats safe zone and quarantine have 0 ) Some US players got platinum first but it wasnt by the patch !
  3. For those ones you need to drink dhalia's potion !
  4. I think this trophy has been infected by a zombie Lucky me that I have only 20% of game played! because I never had hurry to do everything
  5. Yes i am
  6. PSN is down? nothing "new" for me
  7. Why don't you do the same method like those people use to get 10 minutes in real survival ? or 1 minute in normal mode lol I'm kidding ! play on very easy and follow some speedrun's on youtube ! don't be worry .. you won't die ! specially if you have special weapons this is .. (Like Taking Candy from a Baby ) "literally"
  8. Despite all be good I will vote for Pikachu because I like him
  9. Dying Light Saints Row 4 : RE Elected Bloodborne Resident evil remastered / RE: Revelations 2 The order: 1986 The witcher 3 Dead island 2 Battlefield Hardline Mortal Kombat X Batman Arkham Knight Dead or Alive 5 : Last Round Final Fantasy type-0 HD / Final Fantasy 15 Hotline Miami 2 Titan Souls Dark Souls 2 :Scholar of the first sin Devil May Cry 4 Special edition /PS4