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  1. It is great from them to bring back these game modes to allow people from getting the win related trophies. However, on top of the calculations of @VirtualNight (really nicely putting it to perspective!), you will also have to buy a total of 50 cosmetics in the shop. During completion of the season pass you will get quite some ingame money, but after that it is restrained to grinding normal rounds to ramp it up (or top it up for real money). With the increased legendary rates - items that are quite expensive either paying in Kudos or Crowns - you will have to play a ton to make it before the list is closed. So in my opinion if you already played the game its a good time to finish it, but starting now is really a bad idea.
  2. I tried method 1 but without luck: On my PS4 (Software 9.0.0) and on my PS5 (Software 21.02-04.00.00) the console could not connect to the internet after entering the proxy as suggested by the method. All credentials are correct and my PC (Windows 10) and consoles use the same router. I started the program before testing the connection on the console. Multiple restarts of PC and consoles did not result in success. I used the PSX Download Helper Software Version Changing the port on console and PC to 8081 did not help. Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated! I would like to skip the Extreme difficulty in Mortal Blitz. EDIT: Fiddling with the Windows defender solved the connection problem. UPDATE: On PS5 only the most recent patched version of Mortal Blitz 1.04 downloaded. On my first try on the PS4 also version 1.04. Will try again tomorrow.
  3. Is this game playable casually without setting up a boosting session for finding a match? If no, I guess I will just go ahead and play ALVO VR instead and enjoy it as long as the player base is active there.
  4. Can anybody who already played the game share the approximate time per round for each match type? This should allow to make an estimate for minimal time to plat.
  5. I am curious what you say about how far I will make it. I "suffer" from arachnophobia but I just couldn't resist picking up the PSVR aim controller form a local store with a discount. I plan on playing the other supported games (Bravo Team, Firewall etc.) too, especially since Doom3 VR just came out and other coming games are announced to work with it. However: I played the first mission and it gave me chills. My heart rate went crazy and I had cold sweat, especially when the smaller spiders made their way to me. Do you think I will stand through the whole game? There were already some situations where the spiders came from behind or to close for my comfort and I tried to melee them with the contoller (weird that it isn't possible btw). Real life confrontations are very stressful for me and I can't imagine making skin contact. Movies and other games on the TV I can manage to some extent if it is only for a short time. But I have not experienced them in VR before. I feel like this will either be my cure or give me nightmares. For context - I played the Farpoint demo a few years back on an EXPO, but that was with company and with broad daylight and not playing on my own as I am now. I enjoyed it and I kinda knew what was coming for me now. Nonetheless, I think that the atmosphere of the final release is more tense and darker than the demo I played. Let me know what you think and how you think about the spiders in this one. I am curious to hear your opinions.
  6. ICY_Jack, just ask me nicely
  7. It seems like the large stores in germany and switzerland are getting shipments these days. So if you live in one of these countries keep your eyes open. Sales are obviously online only. I managed to buy one this week and have it delivered next day. If you really want one you have to check the stores' webpages every day to be online at the right time, since they are sold out again in minutes. Honestly, I had little hope to get one before holiday season this year. So either being active pays off or I was just really lucky. There are roumors that Digitec and other swiss/german stores will soon have some consoles in stock again - as I said keep your eyes open.
  8. Hi all. When I started this game I wondered why the Plat percentage is so low since yes it might be harder than the non-VR one, but in normal difficulty I went trough it in one go. Now in Hardcore and other modes where it comes down to precision and speed it is almost impossible since your hands would randomly float away, weapons not being picked up/randomly dropped or just not being able to aim properly in general (throwing and shooting). I have no problems with the levels since if the tracking decides to work properly for a moment I breeze through them. I played it a lot together with a friends on Oculus which was on point all the time. I have set up my PSVR with the various youtube videos you find out there and it is on point in any other games I play. No matter day/night time and lightsettings I tested: Superhot tracking is beyond bad for me... Did anyone else also experience this?
  9. That's good to hear! Regarding the S-Rank: I am in the process of writing a Guide for this game. Here is some info that might be helpful for you to get the S-rank: Play the level Black Magic on easy difficulty. Do not get hit as this will lower you score multiplier. If you do get hit, quickly replenish you armor and multipier by performing a Pistol Whip kill. Try to kill all enemies in the level as high accuracy will give you a high accuracy score (ideally all enemies without missing a shot). Try to hit all shots on enemies on-beat as this will give sou a high on-beat score. The maximum score per shot/kill you can get is 200. Use the Metronom setting or use your body movement to keep in step. Armoured enemies are best shot first before pistol whipping them for the kill. Lightly armoured enemies will take 1 shot and the Pistol Whip. Heavily armoured (helmet) enemies will take 3 shots and the Pistol Whip. Perform Pistol Whips at full swing for maximum points. I hope this help you get it :-) keep trying and take breaks if you get frustrated with it. For me it popped while also going for the Perfectionist trophy.
  10. I also only recently got a headset and got very sick while playing Star Wars Squadrons in VR mode. Games I had no problems with and can highly recommend are: Blood & Truth Batman: Arkham VR Budget Cuts Pistol Whip (Quite a workout if going for the Plat and could make you "sick" in that sense) Astro Bot Rescue Mission Beat Saber Even though some of them include movement, Blood&Truth offers a comfort mode which gave me 0 motion sickness (and the game is incredibly nice). For Pistol Whip and Beat Saber you stay in one place and only face one direction which gave me no issues even though the level moves. I guess there are more in my backlog but other people will probably suggest further games they have played.
  11. The highly anticipated 2089 Campaign mode just lauched for PSVR with the Concierge Update 1.03 already avaliable on other VR platforms: https://mobile.twitter.com/PistolWhipVR/status/1354099915232849921 Cloadhead games has once again done a fantastic job with the level design around the pumping tracks of Magic Sword. No new trophies are included - depending on you this is either good or bad news. De-dust your PSVR headset, put on some sweatpants, and lets go!
  12. Definitely go for the Bloodborne plat. Very smooth gameplay, fantastic atmosphere and the later stages and DLC are very satisfying! I personally only recently achieved it as my first souls-game plat!
  13. Seeing the difference in your realtime trophy timestamps I wonder if you could give an estimate for in-game time to reach lvl 50/200 ? After just getting a VR headset I think about picking this one up!
  14. Call of Duty: Black Ops III Best to delete this while you only have the 2 trophies. Zombies and campaign related trophies are a huge pain... (I also didn't bother after some time)
  15. I guess it all really comes down to the stability of you online connection during/after/before the events. I actually completed a monthly challenge end of last year and logged recently, months later, and still got the results screen and the trophy. For weekly challenges I also got it first try, completing only 1 of the two challenges and not even the same (first time the right of the two, second time the left of the two). Trophy popped at the results screen as described before.