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  1. Hi guys, I have a question about GTA IV: I recently wanted to go for the trophies i missed back in the days, so i tried to re-install the game but after the two rockstar logos I only faced a black screen and my ps3 shut down... Has anyone experienced something like this? I already retried after deleting all the patches and gamefiles, but nothing happened. I own the complete edition with TBOGT and TLAD, im playing on the day 1 ps3 with 60GB harddrive. I hope anyone of you has a solution! Greetings Jack
  2. Thank you very much for your answer! Since im new to the series and wont easily get flawless rounds, i guess i'll train more and try my luck next time a nostalgic tower appears.
  3. I just completed the tower with reptile. All brutalities except fight 2 and 8 with fatality. And i had a flawless round in the first fight... but no secret fight?! Anyone knows why?