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  1. Not suprised. PS4 has been hacked for long time at least with the save edit. Only PS5 platinum counts now. πŸ˜‚
  2. 1. Yes I also realize that. But it's not a problem of auto popping. The only reason I see people having problem with PS5 autopop is that if they only have PS5 and not PS4. 2. That's why we should all play JRPGs they are less difficult nowadays but still time consuming 😎
  3. How is that? The people who played ps4 didn't get it legitimately? If they play ps5 they won't be able to achieve it again? Mentality So 6 stacks on a 2min quick platinum game promote values of trophy hunting?
  4. I am a fan. The list is clearly NOT for me. Even back in the days when I only played starcrat and D2. I didn't complete all characters. Not to mention completing it on HC and 99 level? No the list is for only one crazy person on the planet. We will see who that one is... πŸ˜‚ Activision didn't care for console players over the years anyway. This is just some random job thrown at someone on the team, and s/he just decide to make the trophy list a nightmare for fans. There is no way I'm playing it. I've been hyped about it for a while. And No I do not have 10000 hrs like I used to when I was teenage. I only want to platinum the game to make a tribute to my memories.
  5. For those who got platinum on WRC 9 and is about to achieve plat on WRC10, how does this one compare to 9 in regards to difficulty? I did get the plat on 9 but it was not easy trip. So I want to know if I can manage this one.
  6. Wow I forgot about that. Now I'm not even sure if I can complete the game three times. No game deserves more than three completions IMO. The devs are insane. The person who made the list must be laughing now. "I got you"
  7. How come? It's not like they will never be able to get a PS5. So it's fair. I think it's a hundred times better than those 6 or 7 platinum stacks for 2 min each. That's what ruined the leaderboard completely. At lease getting a ps5 auto pop on 200 hrs games like Nioh is rewarding.
  8. Not that I know of. They probably never will. Play the PS5 version. Forget about PS4.
  9. Let's storm their HQ social media. They should release a patch or something to ease the pain. It's all fun and everything but the person who was in charge setting up trophies must have had too much coffee in the morning.
  10. Looks like a standard list just like the first episode. Drones mini-game would still be the main roadblock here. The story is better this time I heard. It's more Yakuza-like.
  11. Yeah this really pissed me off and I am not buying another game from sucker punch. I am serious. πŸ˜‘
  12. I am not so sure about the challenges. 10 gold in challenges?? What are the challenges. It's not in WRC 9. And the multiplayer trophies are club ones? 20 club games seem a lot. In WRC 9 I could not even find one person online to play against.
  13. Definitely no (coming from a tennis game fan). Get her another game to play (sackboy maybe). This is the worst tennis game so far. It's not simulating real tennis and AI cheats (by going the oppisite direction when you push analog in one direction). The play style is cheap and can quickly wear out the fun. If she loves tennis, get her top spin 4 on PS3 (buy a PS3 if you have toπŸ˜‚). Edit: oh dear lord. I just replied the wrong post.. Ignore what I said. Yes get her sackboy!!!!!
  14. Are you using the PS4 version or PS5? Because only PS4 is free and you sound like it's cross play from PS5 and PS4.
  15. This is the only thing that's blocking me from getting a PS5 copy. Is multiplayer crossplay with PS4? If not, is the online dead on PS5?