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  1. I bought this game over the weekend, didn’t get a chance to play it until mon night, so the game was already patched by then. The patch didn’t fix the major issues plaguing this game, not sure if it fixed anything at all. Trophies still don’t pop when there supposed to, example: I bought the character Emmy and no in game notification as well as no trophy pop, i played a level with Emmy and still nothing. I closed the game, reloaded it and started a level. As soon as i killed something, the in-game notification appeared that I bought Emmy, but still no trophy. I played another level, still nothing. So I closed the game again, reloaded it again and started a level and then the trophy popped. This has been my only method to get trophies to pop in this game and i have to do it every time i think i should have unlocked a trophy. The patch might have fixed the actual requirements for the trophies, like the ones that were mixed up with each other, but I cannot confirm this due to the fact that the trophies aren’t popping when they should.