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  1. Set difficulty to easier mode. Use Zane, do them when your not at level 50 as the enemies in the circle will become your level or a bit above or below depending on the rounds. Also make sure you have all the different elements as enemies will use either shields or armor. I found a nice hiding spot in slaughterstar 3000. But it took me multiple times of dying to finally find it. After I found it I barely needed maybe 3 second winds during the 5 rounds. Cistern of slaughter is hard on level 50. Well the last round is.
  2. Knock on wood, I haven't had the corrupted save file issue yet and don't have ps+ so I don't have to deal with online. Also I can only beat Tropy on one track so far so time trials haven't affected me yet. Also one of the patches was for Grand Prix thingy and supposedly bug fixes if you believe what they told PlayStation for all the patches so far. Also since I can't beat oxide times I can't even do hard mode for adventure mode. I may or may not get rid of the game soon though. I only paid like $18.09 for it and should get back about the same or a little more. Have fun with the bugs all, and not just the ones in tinys arena lol
  3. Hi all. I have since beat the game, got the last treasure chest, and got to level 99. Yes I saw the secret movie ending I will not spoil it unlike madbuk with his oops! Just making fun dude. Anyway since there was no ng+, or difficulty level trophy's I got rid of the game
  4. Thanks for the info and it didn't glitch on me as I got the trophy recently
  5. I hope it doesn't glitch for me as I don't have ps+ so I can't get help online, I also don't have a second controller so I REALLY HOPE it doesn't glitch on me
  6. Look if they do end the series, then having it end at 13 games is fitting isn't it? And the toy story level didn't really follow the movies. In fact that's the only world that didn't follow the movie the world was based off of. After I get the last treasures in big hero 6 level I'll be beating the final boss and doing the end game stuff of the battle gates, and level 99. Also I hate the mini game in the toy story level as I can't seem to beat that high score for the trophy.
  7. Wtf! Update the trophy guide to include that you have to get the f***ing treasures in the frozen slider game! Now I'm not going to get 2 trophies thanks to that piece of crap. Also finding the treasures in the big hero 6 level is a real pain.
  8. How the hell did they put out a KH game without NG+? Wtf!? How are we supposed to get to level 99 and the ultima weapon easier? Also I agree they need more worlds. I'm on the final level now but before I got further into that level I've done some collectible hunting
  9. Ok my bad. PowerPyx also sources some YouTube videos in there locations guide
  10. If you want a text version of the locations guide it's on the same website Abyss used for the videos. The website is you don't need to capitalize the p though lol stupid auto correct did that. Next time put your source when you post guides lol.
  11. The buying something on ps store glitch was only because of the early access in the first place. It's been fixed since the game came out probably.
  12. Ok. Or skyforge or neverwinter, Star Trek online, lots of similar games in the free to play section with Trophy support. This game is the ONLY one without trophy support for free to play
  13. Ok so I wasn't able to even send them a message since I didn't want to create a account since I will no longer be playing the game
  14. Really you do have to pay for a subscription to unlock trophies? I'll be sending the game makers a nasty email saying to them to either make the FTP version actually FREE with trophies like the other Free to play games with trophies like neverwinter and star trek online. So have fun while it lasts all. This game will no longer be free to play
  15. Side note to people that don't have ps+. Road to glory doesn't work for people that don't have ps+.