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  1. Great! Looks like missed this one cause it wasnt tagged as online 😡
  2. “Choke the Chicken” is coming soon 😂
  3. To the cloud yes
  4. I suppose but race stars was made by codemasters 😃 guess I’ll have to buy f1 manager now as I own the entire series lol
  5. Does this game belong in the F1 PlayStation series? It has no relation to the other games as far as I know?
  6. Oh hey I’m still on there lol, I sacrificed 24 hours of my life Sunday-Monday with no sleep (0-1000000) to get #1 to guarantee I got the damn trophy. I did not want to have this to deal with during the work week. This was after finishing Killzone shadow fall and not realizing aces high was also an online trophy! I had 3 easy trophies to do online in Mercenary, didn’t notice aces high.
  7. I was nervous about the server going offline, nothing to do with syncing. Just trying to figure out if i need to add this to my already long list of games i need to finish for upcoming server closures
  8. This game has a server shutdown coming aug 5th, since its single player will we still be able to play it and get all trophies? I think the answer is yes? I pulled my ethernet cable and game worked. The weird thing though I got a trophy for 50 stars offline but i already got that trophy years ago so im nervous lol.
  9. I have a base on last system to center. Just message me and mention this post and I’ll help you out. I am gmt-6 I can do weeknights but if it’s far from my time zone will have to be weekends.
  10. Oooh I never thought of this, I put a lot of thought and energy into my milestones, don’t want to see that lol
  11. Fyi, i was able to get the accessory online trophy with just ONE Vita. I only had to create the adhoc room and the trophy popped.
  12. If you do adhoc, there is no time limit to worry about but you need 2 vitas and 2 games
  13. Yay so i can get the accessory trophy, cool. Ill have to get a 2nd copy tho lol. I wonder if simply entering adhoc is enough for the accessory trophy? Meaning it might only take 1 copy?
  14. I also did the same thing! I’m guilty of having fun too much and not enough work on these old games with stupid online trophies lol
  15. No way!!! The level scaling on this game is stupid, lvl 98 to 99 alone is hundreds of hours