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  1. @kingofbattle8174 Update #2 of the day: Talisman Digital Edition 100+64-5.26+50(speed run, #3 on list) = 208.74 Worked on this game between Nioh and waiting for Twilight Missions to refresh. Very fun classic style RPG, loved the gameplay. Lots of expansions and characters to play which keeps the game fresh. Only downside was grinding for all the Runestones. It takes longer to grind for that trophy than getting every other trophy in the game. I spent nearly all weekend grinding out XP. I am debating writing a guide for the game since there is very little information about specific trophies online, and there are many that are RNG based, but they can be manipulated.
  2. @kingofbattle8174 Update: Nioh 100+70-2-17.07 = 150.93 Had to finish this one up before I started Nioh 2, but I do plan on doing the DLC too. However having to beat NG++ just to finish it is slightly off putting. Awesome game though, fairly challenging at points, especially the dual boss fights. Can’t wait to play Nioh 2.
  3. Just figured I would clarify, my name starts with cfer instead of cfur
  4. I mean I am fine with it counting, I wouldn't complain haha. But I won't lobby for it either, it would be up to everyone else.
  5. I would assume it’s only for the base game, I think that’s only fair. Other wise I will rack up an insane amount of points for Fallout 4 and Final Fantasy XV after I complete other Final Fantasy games before it.
  6. I think by using the definition of "upgrades and variety of play styles" as classifying a game as an RPG shooter opens up a can of worms. If we are considering a game with light RPG elements as an RPG, I am not sure why Metal Gear Solid V was ruled against. It has way more upgrades (hundreds) available and dozens of more play styles in which you can chose to role play and complete missions.
  7. I have never played Bioshock so I do not know from experience, but even the game's wiki says that the genre is a First Person Shooter with no mention of RPG. That is just my two cents. I know @kingofbattle8174 mentioned some sort of penalty for games like this so maybe that is the route to go instead of not counting it at all.
  8. Ok sweet I was hoping that was the case. Did you use the suggested character builds or go with your own?
  9. Sweet, I will be looking forward to seeing that post. Identifying the missables will be super useful as well as anything you experienced that isn’t really talked about in the guides. I got all of the base game achievements for New Vegas on my 360 when the game came out at launch. I never did the DLCs though. I was playing the Ultimate edition for awhile but the frame rate drops became so bad that I actually when out and bought a standard edition copy for $5. Then I switched back to Ultimate edition for the DLC.
  10. UPDATE: Fallout New Vegas all DLC complete: 50 + 12 - 22.15 = 39.85 x 2 (double point) = 79.7 50 + 12 - 20.32 = 41.68 x 2 (double point) = 83.36 50 + 11 - 33.4 = 27.6 x 2 (double point) = 55.2 50 + 12 - 11.16 = 50.84 x 2 (double point) = 101.68 50 + 12 - 7.57 = 54.43 x 2 (double point) = 108.86 Grand total: 79.7 + 83.36 + 55.2 + 101.68 + 108.86 = 428.8 @kingofbattle8174 Nice job, especially on the speed run. Did you use any guides for this game? I have this in my backlog and plan on doing this year.
  11. @Pokny You do realize we can see all of your trophies right? You have nearly 700 platinums where 99% of them are done in less than 1 minute, some within 10 seconds. This is impossible, especially for games like Dragon Quest Builders which you have done in 14 seconds...Obviously you have a hacked account so you deserved to be console banned.
  12. @Redbeard-Rik That speed run bonus is only if there are less than 100 platinum achievers. If there are more, you have to be in the top 25. @kingofbattle8174 Update: Fallout New Vegas: 100+68-0-7.63 = 160.37 x 2 (double point bonus) = 320.74 I will be doing all of the DLC trophies for this game next.
  13. I just viewed your list and you added the trophies correctly. If your percentage had been 20% for example before the competition, you would have lost an additional 5 points. But you are good to go.
  14. When adding the trophy score together (63 points) you have to subtract all the trophies earned before the event. So if you had earned 7 bronze trophies for example, your score would be 100 + 63 - 7 - 9.99 - 0. The 0% penalty is an extra deduction if you had a large amount of trophies completed already.
  15. Hey man, I know your post is from forever ago, but do you plan on going back to this game and finishing up your video series? I am tempted to start this game but the number of missables, having to manage multiple saves/switching back and forth between saves, and semi-complex game mechanics make it a daunting task.