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  1. Hey, i sent you a request. Thanks in advance if you choose to accept it. Edit: thank you, meandmyplatinums for the help.
  2. You mean rest mode? I don't know, i didn't use it.
  3. The racket informants related trophies seem to be popping just fine. I don't know why exactly. If you are doing it in one run, you don't need to wiretap for the kills trophy, just go and kill them. Also, if after some hours of playing you start to see bugs, just get killed and it should work just fine again. I'd recommend deleting all your saves and copy a backup (if you have it) from after the first wiretap if you are going for the flipping trophy. If you get it and have another backup from before Merle, delete all your save files again and copy that backup to your PS4; start from there. I don't recommend just starting a new game after you have done either one of the trophies in one run. It's like the game can't deal with the profile save correctly. My game crashed when i started my kill all playthrough just continuing from the save file in which i got the flipping trophy. Fortunately, it was just when you have to run away from the cops after robbing the bank. I deleted everything and started from scratch because i didn't have a backup from before Merle and i didn't have any troubles (except for the bugs i mentioned earlier). Also, the slow-mo shooting is supposed to unlock after you visit Perla's the first time. I don't know why, but it never unlocked correctly for me. I had to die if i wanted to unlock it after that. My advice if you are going for one run: If you have downloaded the DLC packs (the ones that give you weapons and cars), go talk to Burke after dealing with the Hollow district. Just by talking to him you unlock the ability to request cars. The DLC gives you access to one exotic car. Useful for all the driving. Play on easy and with aim assist on high: no need to stress yourself. Abuse the slow-mo and abuse the aim assist. If you use the slow-mo correctly and go for headshots (it adds time to it), you can get to some areas and clean the place without receiving a single shot. Abuse the slow-mo for driving to. After you have done your first sit down, i would recommend doing Tickfaw first so that you unlock the Traviata. It's a great exotic to drive, great handling. There are rackets that give you objectives outside of the distric they are in (like the weapons in Barclay, the boxer that you can rescue for the gambling racket among others). It's NEVER needed to leave the district you are in if you know how to meet the damage requirements properly. This reduces the driving needed. Just make sure to do the informants first and then kill the enforcers and take every bit of money you see (it's marked on the map). Every dollar you pick while doing damage to the racket counts. There's usually an objective in the place the rackets boss will eventually be. Generally, that place has a lot of money. Be efficient and pick it when you are there before killing the racket boss. That'll save you time. As said before, if you start to see visual bugs on the minimap, missions not appearing or a contact not letting you progress after you have done the damage required (you get to them, press x and nothing happens), just die. When you respawn, the bug should be fixed. I guess you could also reload checkpoint, but i never used that option for it. It shouldn't matter who you give the districts to. I personally always left the gambling racket for last, because that bug in the journal bothered me (if you give it to Vito, it says you gave it to Burke and viceversa; giving it to Cassandra logs it correctly). The proximity mines are extremely useful for some bosses (not the racket ones). You can save time in the pursuit of Grecco. Just place two proximity mines on the road before talking to Vito. When the action resumes, Grecco will accelerate, the mines will still be there and he will explode and be ready to interact with inmediately. Just kill the other guys and be done with that. The same can be applied to Pagani. Place proximity mines in front of the two exits of the garage (or on the main exit of the place). Kick the door open and shoot the windows to your left. Go back if you want to (don't trigger your own mines). When Pagani starts to run away, he will explode after leaving the garage. You can finish the mission right there. When going for the racket bosses, you could have 10 guys in the room, but if you already have the boss with the knife on the throat, all aggro will be eliminated. This is useful if someone calls reinforcements and you have the boss close. Just kill anybody who is there and interact with the boss. Anyone else won't matter at that point and you should be safe. Knowing this should also allow you to "speedrun" any boss if that's your style. Just get in the place, know your route and take everyone in your way as fast as you can to get to the boss. No need to clean the entire place just to get to him. Personally, i used the silenced pistols a lot. If you have the DLC i mentioned, you get the Silentium from the start (when you have access to the guns guy for the first time). Using a silent weapon gives you the opportunity to clean entire places without any aggro from the enemies. Useful for places where you have to pick a lot of money or destroy stuff laying around. Make sure to upgrade the pistol accuracy (after giving some rackets to Cassandra). If you do Tickfaw and give the district to Burke, he will gift you the Deacon .22 or something like that. It's a great silenced pistol and it can hold 10 bullets in a clip, useful when you are in slow-mo and popping headshots. All in all, if you are doing the damage and picking the money, as i previously recommended, you shouldn't have any trouble with money to buy stuff or upgrade things. No need to go out of your way to pick more. Efficiency is key. Finally, take a rest when you see fit. I always took a time out after cleaning the rackets for the second set of districts. Then i would go back to kill the capos and unlock the next districts. Good luck to anyone that is as stubborn as me and decides to do this without waiting for a patch. Take care!
  4. I think it would be good to have 2 sets of saves (one before killing Merle and another before flipping Charlie Kincaid). That way, you delete your saves on the PS4, copy the one before Merle for the kills playthrough. Complete it. Delete all saves again, copy the one before Charlie and continue from there (and save a few minutes from the Prostitution racket). That's the way i did the flipping playthrough. I had done a backup just after the first wiretap, just in case a patch was released and asked for a new playthrough (or if i wanted to attempt something new). I copied it to the PS4 and started from there, the trophy popped. However, i didn't have one before Merle, so i had to do it from the beginning.
  5. I can confirm that No Loose Ends also pops when you don't quit to main menu or quit the game. I just got the plat. I did a playthrough in one sitting, aproximately 7 hours because of the prologue. I got The New Boss yesterday, and today i started a new game with that profile save. For some reason, the game crashed during the prologue, so i deleted all the saves to create a new profile save and then i had no problems. The game seems to have some bugged stuff, even when you are playing in the same session. Some of the less problematic bugs are the zoomed mini map when you exit an area, some cars not appearing right away but seconds later and then there are the other annoying bugs, like the one where your contact doesn't let you progress after finishing the racket requirements, missions not spawning, etc. However, dying seems to fix them every time, i guess loading checkpoint would have the same effect. I did 8 playthroughs of this game. If you don't have the patience to do it in one sitting, just don't do it. Save yourself the stress. I'm really patient and stubborn, so that "helped". If you are not that determined, wait for a patch and play other things. I just couldn't hop into another game seeing that i was so close to the plat. At least now you all know there is a way to get the trophies. Thanks to everyone who posted here and gave suggestions or just talked about their frustration with the game. I really hope the developers fix the mess they created with this patch.
  6. GUYS, I CAN CONFIRM THAT IT WORKS! I had done 6 playthroughs of the game (playing online, offline, leaving some rackets for last because of the journal bug with the gambling racket, etc.) but The New Boss never popped. I read drakuslucas potential solution and decided to give it a try. I copied my save from a usb, i had created one just after the first wiretap. I started from there and flipped each boss. At one point, the game bugged for me, a bug that i had experienced before when playing with internet connection active: you can't progress because your contact doesn't trigger the conversation after you have met the damage required for the racket. Also, after killing Derazio, the rackets for the French Ward didn't spawn. In previous times, i had quit to main menu and loaded again to solve it, but since quitting wasn't an option (based on what drakuslucas had said), i just shot a police officer and let him kill me. The game loaded and everything was working again. I continued with the rackets and flipping. I left Gambling for last and after flipping Peralta, Lincoln said his dialog and the trophy popped just after the "Racket secured" message. So, apparently it is true that the counters are messed up for the trophies. Baby you are a rich man and Hole in your pocket glitched for me, but i got them in one sitting with the infinite money glitch while playing offline. Family glitched on me too, and i did another playthrough, i don't remember having done it in one sitting, but i do remember that i left all the bosses side missions for last and i did all 15 of them in one go. Now, if this is how it works, one would have to play from the very beginning until the last racket boss to get No Loose Ends in one sitting. Without quitting to main menu and without quitting the game entirely. I'm relieved, because this playthrough took me roughly 6 hours and it would have been devastating to not get the trophy. Thank you, @drakuslucas, for your suggestion and @CravingClarity too, for telling his experience and give me a little hope for it to work because of that. I will try the kill all bosses playthrough tomorrow and post here to say if it works too.
  7. Well, i did another playthrough from scratch (downloaded the game again and deleted profile save plus other saves) and played entirely offline. The previously glitched trophies popped (Family, Baby you're a rich man and Hole in your pocket), but the new boss didn't. I had read that they were cumulative, so i started a new game for the kill informants, just you and me and earn 10k kickback trophies. I flipped all 16 again and nothing. As a last resort, i did another playthrough to test a bug in the journal. When you give the gambling racket to Vito, the journal states that you gave it to Burke and viceversa. Giving it to Cassandra logs it correctly. I tried that, because someone in a post here said it had done so and got the tropht, but nothing. So i have flipped 80 bosses in total. I'm tired of playing the game back to back this entire week. It's specially frustrating because i check the latest achievers for the trophy and there's people getting it every day.
  8. The same happened to me. The New Boss and family didn't pop, neither did Baby, You Are a Rich Man or Hole in your pocket. I'm currently doing a second playthrough to see if it works but i got $500,000 already and the trophy doesn't pop. I'm gonna continue trying offline and see if it works that way. I have 4 bosses left to flip. Edit: well, it didn't work. I uninstalled the game and i'm gonna download it again, without the dlc, and play offline from the beginning. I tried playing offline but the game didn't let me load my save because it had dlc content and, apparently, it needed to validate them by connecting. I don't know if this is always like this, but it was annoying.
  9. Didn't they give SotC (PS3) with PS PLUS a few years back? I remember it being part of the IGC when i bought Plus for the first time (because they gave Bioshock Infinite).
  10. The same happened to me. I was level 1 during the tutorial, got to level 2 after finishing it. When i got to the main menu, i was level 700 out of nowhere. I didn't pay much attention to it and started to create custom tracks for the trophy. When i played a track created by other player, i got all the prestige trophies at the same time. I panicked and came here to find that it has happened to others. Edit: i can confirm that my whole stats are messed up. It shows i have more than 60 hours of game time, 3519 km in distance covered and like 28 million credits earned (though i don't have that amount, i started with 10 thousand). All my single player and multiplayer stats are busted and all the SX challenges appear as achieved, except for King of the championships. The tracker of challenges at the end of races, however, is tracking everything correctly and do not appear as completed. This is in the "personal records" tab on the profile. The others tabs (Multiplayer stat., Single player stat. and SX Challenges) are ok and show my stats accurately.
  11. They look really nice. Thank you!
  12. #113 Grand Theft Auto IV Taking A Liberty I bought this game in 2013. At the time, i didn't care that much about trophies and i had other games to play, so i didn't start it right at that moment. A few months later, i decided to get the plats of the games i had started on my profile. And then i set the goal to plat every game i start on it. That's when i started to dive into the backlog. I saw GTA IV, the guides said it had a difficulty of 9 or 10 out of 10, so i said "well, seems like i will play on another account". I kept playing other games, bought a few more, the PS Plus backlog started to grow and GTA IV was left behind without even touching it. However, in recent months i started to clean up the backlog. I started with the games i had bought. I did them all but then i saw GTA IV. "Is the MP still working?" i asked myself. I checked the excellent guide by ProfBamBam and it did give me hope. But my attention was required in other things besides gaming, so i didn't have the time to be scheduling boosting sessions. This year, my free time has increased, so i checked the guide again and said "let's do it". Going back to a game this old, i was surprised the way it looked: really fuzzy. I expected performance issues, not that. I learned that the initial multiplat games available on ps3 had a hard time with development, so they didn't look, or perform, very well. A few hours and messing with the settings helped me get used to it and i joined a boosting session here on the site. I had borrowed a console from a friend a few months back, so i had the means to boost plenty of things by myself. I got the MP trophies out of the way in a week. Then i left the game resting there, while i got the plats on some PS Plus games before the membership expired, because i didn't plan to renew it. On july, i came back and started the story. I had played almost every GTA (3d universe) when i was a teenager, so while i enjoyed them, the story wasn't that memorable to me. GTA V came out recently and i was older, so that's the exception. With GTA IV, however, i enjoyed the story a lot and i really liked Niko as a protagonist. I don't know if i appreciated it more because of my age or if it is really that good. I had a blast doing the story and i went full focus on the road to 100%. I finished that in aproximately 8 days. What a ride. I'm both proud and relieved to have done this and i really should have started before.
  13. I just noticed this thread. Count me in! I was cursing my luck because i just got a platinum a few minutes ago and i hadn't signed up. But i read that you will still count them and i felt relieved.
  14. It's totally doable, but have to be willing to put in the time in the game and to not get frustrated too easily.
  15. I second the thing about watching the speedrun videos. They're really helpful. Maybe you won't be able to do the exact same things as them, but they will give you great tips that you can put into practice. Also, patience. I love this game, so i was very patient with it. Because i'm a masochist, i decided to do my akumu run with no upgrades, to get the two trophies in one run. Hell of a ride. I don't recommend it, as i did on PS3 and each loading time after every death was around 35 seconds. Still, patience. If you love the game, you will enjoy the challenge. These were my stats at the end.