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  1. Grand Theft Auto V (mainly Online) COD franchise (currently only BO3) Uncharted 4 (Speedrun and Online) That's my list
  2. Thank you & djperkyuk. It worked for me by only restoring the licenses instead of doing the whole deactivate and reactivate. By restoring my licenses, my ps+ logo is now showing, all my games, and themes are appearing!
  3. I've purchased some PS2 games like Bully and Manhunt, but they were in my library list even though I didn't download the game. The library has always been a storage for us. It keeps all the game titles we've bought (even if not downloaded) and once you're ready to play a new game, the system will automatically download the game for you after you've clicked on the title. I've also noticed with downloading themes has changed for me. Usually whenever you purchase or download those free themes, it'll automatically download but it doesn't do that anymore. You literally need to go to 'Theme' and download it from there. After you delete the theme, it's usually supposed to stay in your Theme list but it gets remove completely.. You can re-download it, but through the PlayStation Store this time.. If this is some kind of new change Sony has made, I do not like it at all. Strange.. :/
  4. I have recently noticed this problem where some of the games you've downloaded for free from PS+ or even games you've bought during sales,etc ... aren't even displayed in your library. At this point I decided to go to the PlayStation Store and type in some of the games that weren't on my library list (which is literally every game except for the games I currently have on my XMB screen) Example: I type in 'Contrast' because I bought that game during a flash sale or some holiday sale for about $5-6. All it showed me was this whole PlayStation Now Membership requirement, which got me pissed because I paid my own money for that game and it's basically telling me to re-purchase it all over again. (There's no option where it just says 'Download') I type in some other games I remember being in my library and it shows that I've purchased, but to just download it. Which overall, is a good thing but annoying at the same time. The library was quick and simple. You find all the games you've purchased and with a simple click of a button, your game would already be downloading.. Now apparently I have to type in the game on Playstation Store and download it from there. Is it just me with this PS4 Library Issue/Change? I remember the library shows all the games you bought even if you did not download the game to your system and whenever you wanted to delete a game, the game would still be in your library. (DISC or DIGITAL doesn't matter) Also another thing I wanted to add: I have PS+ but my PS+ icon doesn't show up. I checked my membership just in case and I still have 3 months left from my 12 month membership. I can still play multiplayer, download free games only for PS+ members, and even get the PS+ discounts.. I've ignored it not showing up but it still irritates me from time to time.. Anyone else having this issue or heard about this issue? I've tried to look for other forums from different websites, but none have the issue I have. PROBLEM FIXED THANKS TO DJPERKYUK & X9ZACHATTACK5X! If any of you have problems with your Ps+ icon not appearing, several games being missed in your game library, themes begin completely removed when deleted... here's what you need to do: Go to Settings Click 'PlayStation Network/Account Management' Click 'Restore Licenses' You're done!
  5. Platinum Trophy Fallout 4 (Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy) {Obtained on my other PSN account // check my page to see my PSN account} Finally obtained the platinum! First Fallout game I've ever played, first Bethesda game platinum'd. I don't really have any flaws to point out because of no knowledge of the previous Fallout games.. Graphics would automatically be in the cons list for everyone, but honestly... graphics don't matter as long as the game is good. I really dislike those who say "graphics suck; so game sucks" I've come across funny & most random wtf moments of death in this game. I loved it all. Platinum Difficulty: 6/10 (personal opinion) Game Enjoyment: 9/10
  6. The Grail (Collect all Trophies)
  7. Lord of Ironrath Completed Season 1 of Game of Thrones. All I have to say is... From Iron to Ice!
  8. Mithrarin (Awakening) Fun game and the cut-scenes were so cheesy (opinion) Tough/Hardcore difficulty aren't that bad. You just need to farm a lot of money to buy the 400+ health foods. literary A LOT. There's a money glitch on that game so I used that method to get food easily. Soundtracks are soothing as well.. Recommend playing if you haven't already!
  9. The Ultimate Warrior (Earn all trophies.) {Obtained on my other PSN account // check my page to see my PSN account} Pretty challenging game for an uncommon platinum. I loved playing Budokai 1 on the GameCube back in the day, but I've never play Budokai 3 so why not give it a try.. Budokai 1 World Tournament was challenging for me so I used the cheap method with the vaccine and stuff.. Budokai 3 World Tournament + Cell Games wasn't difficult at all. No custom capsules or anything... very easy. Only thing difficult about Budokai 3 (for me) was Dragon Arena where you have to face Piccolo to unlock Cell Jr.. Great game & I highly suggest you go play this game if you haven't already It's the challenges that make this game unique and fun!
  10. Human Warlock. I stopped playing after 2-3 weeks and decided "start fresh." so I made a new class, Hunter, and its the highest level cap I have (34) I can't boost it up to 40 since I don't have the Taken Kings DLC..