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They call me Cloudz or Mikoh.


majoring/studying in film.


I enjoy all sorts of video game genre.. It only used to be FPS Multiplayer, but it's expanded so much over the years of gaming..


Genres I'm trying to acknowledge and understand more are: JRPG


Trophy hunting for me seems like a "necessity" in some days and in other... just when I have the time or 'feel like it.'


Update October 2016: I hardly ever play on my system anymore because I have moved to PC once again. Trophy Hunting for me has died out and I'll only be playing for exclusives /multi-platform games where I just wanna play on the console... Other than that, everything else will be on PC. I built a pretty expensive rig and it's a beast :). Want to add me on steam? Just ask me for my user in the DMs. 


Current Platinum Count: 33 {PSN: xmikoh81}


(All games on my list aren't everything I've played; I have a lot of titles I haven't added to the account)


YouTube: akaicloudz





Thanks for visiting my page!