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  1. It sound to me you got the inamous install glitch.there is a small chance when downloading a game, dlc, demo etc that you can lose connection for a few seconds and recconect before the download stops and it will continue with missing data, files or other information (like trophies unlock critetia for example) the only way to fix it is to download the game, dlc again. The error code in question is 80029564 its not as common now with all the updates and such but a few years back it was pretty bad.
  2. I have a session for alien breed 2 tomoro if anyone wants in
  3. Thanks for the replys the version of xcom I have is from EU ps+ igc so in gathering the dlc from the EU pan store will work also
  4. I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to dlc so my question is if I buy the dlc with one account can my alt accounts use it as well -EXAMPLE- account a buys slingshot dlc Account c plays xcom will slingshot dlc be active or will it only work on account a Ty
  5. I'll do a run through on deadnation easy mode for armour and a understanding of what weps work best on what enemies for alien breed its mostly to knock out the mp/co-op trophies as all my mares either don't own it or are on xbox
  6. Cheers for the reply if I buy it as ratchet gladiator will the trophy list display as gladiator or deadlocked?? I don't want to buy it if its gonna be glitchy or anything
  7. I can't seem to fun this game on EU pan store however someone said that this is ratchet:gladiator in some countrys and ratchet:deadlocked in others can anyone confirm Ty
  8. I'll add all you guys once I get my internet back when I do is anyone up got deadnation or alien breed trilogy?? Its kinda dead online
  9. Born an bred in Edinburgh an still live there but kinda new to the whole playstation scene
  10. I'm looking to trade demons souls black knight edition Last rebellion God of war collection 1+2 zone of the enders he Xblades Looking for Xcom enemy within Tales if xillia Hyperdimension neptunia bleach soul resurection sly cooper collection Ratchet and clank collection I am also open to offers just pm me All games are pal versions