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  1. #49 Legend of the West Legend of the West 1.81%ULTRA RARE I really enjoyed this game playing the story mode, Arthur is such a good character and being in the gang makes you feel that you are not alone. It was satisfying that we could fill all those blank spots that John talked about in the first game. At first I thought that making a prequel wasn't a good idea but Rockstar never seems to let down. The online was ok but not as fun as GTA IMO. The 3 hardest thropies (Zoologist, Skin Deep and Gold Rush) can be a nightmare, almost made me hate the game lol. I gotta say that this was the platinum for what I suffered the most, and I have achieved MK X, GTA V, RDR1, SWBF 1 and SWBF2, so I'm kinda proud of it lol.
  2. Skin Deep Skin every species of animal in Story Mode. Zoologist Study every animal across all states in Story Mode
  3. The Real Deal Red Dead Online: Achieve MVP 3 times (in a round with at least 4 players).
  4. Paying Respects Find the graves of each of your fallen companions.
  5. See you at the Templar meeting, brother. I mean sorry. See you at Abstergo Industries. Sorry I'm new.

    1. juakofoo94


      Sure bro. I'm bringing the apple to have some fun

  6. #48 Platinum Trophy Obtain all trophies 3.36% ULTRA RARE As a Star Wars fan I must say this game has entertained me so much, it's much better than BF1 in terms of game modes and variability of characters (I must say I bought the game this year, so I know this wasn't the game when it was released). The WORST thing about it it's the progression system, it takes you forever to reach level 50 (thank god this triple XP event came out, otherwise I'd still be level 35 or so). So I think no more BF2 for me for a while... I am going to put my effort on obtaining RDR2 platinum
  7. #47 The Dark Soul Acquire all trophies
  8. Sentry Mode Engaged In multiplayer, defeat 150 enemies with the Heavy's Sentry Gun.
  9. Multi-tasking Defeat 25 Hero ships with Fighter ships. 5.45%VERY RARE
  10. Smith for Life Inherit Steady Hand McDuff's equipment
  11. #46 Don't Ruin The Moment Collect all the Trophies I consider this game pretty average in terms of fun, innovation and playability. It's logic because it was originally concibed as a DLC, good thing is I got it second handed. The most surprising thing for me was the Crushing difficulty...I've beaten all 4 previous games in this difficulty level and it has never been so hard. The APC fight in chapter 6 was ridiculous, the enemies could spot you even if you were like 50 meters away. Anyway, another plat for the collection!
  12. Casual Treasure Hunter Find 5 treasures
  13. #45 Father and Son Obtain all other trophies
  14. #43 Let the Good Times Roll Obtained All Mafia III Trophies 7.76%VERY RARE Honestly I enjoyed playing the story missions just the first time. Then I had to play it all over again a second time and third time, because I didn't flip every boss in the first playthrough, and it was like a torture. The game is so repetitive. I'm glad I've earned this platinum already!
  15. Before They Bury You Decided Lincoln's fate