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  1. #63 King of the Hill Unlock all trophies Played again this classic in it's remastered version and I have to say I missed the old Kratos. The last GOW game is good, really good, but this is what a GOW game should look IMO. The boss fights here are amazing.
  2. Last Action Hero Be decorated with the Order of Vitis Vinifera. With this trophy I achieved 100% completition in The Witcher 3. The DLCs were something else, it's not common that we get so much quality on add ons it's really like a new game, specially the Wine and Blood Expansion Pack which I found to be brilliant. Nothing more to say, hats off to CD Project.
  3. #59 The Limits of the Possible Collect all trophies. One of the best games of this generation without a doubt. It's been 3 years since a first beat the game and now I decided to replay it one more time and bought the 2 DLC. Because of this game I got to know Mr Sapkowski's books and the books are pretty fun to read as well. So I'll be getting the 26 remaining DLC trophies in the next days!.
  4. #58 The end is a new beginning Obtain all trophies. At first I was only playing it because it was an easy platinum, the throughout the game I thought the story was not bad and the ending it's really sad. But definitly this is not my type of game, if it wasn't for the easy plat I wouldn't have played it.
  5. End of the Line Defeat the Matriarch on any difficulty
  6. #56 The N. Vincible Crash Bandicoot! Collect all the Crash Bandicoot: Warped trophies. I think this platinum is the easiest of the three games (being the first one the hardest by far). I'm really happy of having obtained the 3 platinum trophies and I've had enough of Crash for a while, this game is quite challenging in some parts lol.
  7. #55 The N. Credible Crash Bandicoot! Collect all the Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back trophies. This game has some really difficult time trials but is not as hard as Crash 1. I think the slide jump and the ability to run makes things easier. Going for Crash 3 plat now!
  8. #54 The N. Trepid Crash Bandicoot! Collect all the Crash Bandicoot Trophies. This one was really though for me. Getting the gold or platinum relics for some levels like Native fortress, The High road or Sunset Vista has been very difficult, so glad I don't have to play those levels again lol. Going for the Platinums in Crash 2 and 3!
  9. #53 All The Goat! Unlock all the Goat Trophies! Awful game but easy platinum. The only tricky trophy is "The Flapmaster" one. But seriously, who could enjoy this game? Is boring as hell.
  10. #52 Just another day at the office Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® Remastered. I started it like 9 months ago and left it, now in 3 days I achieved the platinum. I would say it's a fairly easy one in terms of time but it can really be a pain in the ass when you are playing in VETERAN mode. Not a big fan of FPS but this is a classic.
  11. Deep and Hard Complete the game on Hardened or Veteran difficulty.
  12. #51 The Dark Soul Acquire all trophies My favorite DS game by far, it's an epic conclusion to DS1. What can I say I just love the lore of this saga. The only thing that made me hate a little bit this game was having to farm the covenant items, gosh that was boring as hell. The DLCs are magnificent. So it's a 10 out of 10 for me. Now I have the platinums of the 3 DS games and Bloodborne, can't wait to get Sekiro (I hope it'll soon).
  13. #50 The Dark Soul All trophies obtained. Congratulations! The first DS game I played was DS2 and recently got the first, now I can understand why this game was so much popular than DS2. The lore is better and you feel like what you are doing has sense (unlike DS2 where ,IMO, they didn't explained you very well), anyway I enjoyed this game so much specially the DLC. I'm a big fan of Soulsborne saga so I can't wait to plat DS3.
  14. To Link the Fire Reach "To Link the Fire" ending.
  15. #49 Legend of the West Legend of the West 1.81%ULTRA RARE I really enjoyed this game playing the story mode, Arthur is such a good character and being in the gang makes you feel that you are not alone. It was satisfying that we could fill all those blank spots that John talked about in the first game. At first I thought that making a prequel wasn't a good idea but Rockstar never seems to let down. The online was ok but not as fun as GTA IMO. The 3 hardest thropies (Zoologist, Skin Deep and Gold Rush) can be a nightmare, almost made me hate the game lol. I gotta say that this was the platinum for what I suffered the most, and I have achieved MK X, GTA V, RDR1, SWBF 1 and SWBF2, so I'm kinda proud of it lol.