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  1. Also important to note that if you want to do a full occult playthrough (where you always have a high enough Occult skill for the Occult "choice"), you should put all starting points into Occult and then most of your level ups into Spot Hidden until that is maxed as well (to spot the Occult items). I ended with 2 points short in Occult because I put a few points into something else at the beginning and missed two Master Occult "choices" in late game as a consequence. The reason I tell you this is that you either want to put all points into Occult starting out, or not bother with it at all.
  2. Just want to confirm - I have heard that only the "host" will get trophies if you do online co-op, even if you finish trophies the other players needs. Is that true?
  3. Speed run will start you at the beginning with your current character stats build etc. When you finish the speed run you'll be dumped back to your main game where you left off. However jumping to speed run from a hard mode game will drop you back into your old game on normal. I would advise finishing a full run on hard, then starting speed run in new game plus so the change back to normal won't mess up your trophy.
  4. I was never able to find a game on the 4 round matches, but really quickly get into groups on the 7 round medium matches. No clue as to why.
  5. Any word on if there are trophies for this DLC? I agree with others, worth getting now if there are trophies, wait for a sale if there are not.
  6. Each of the covenant items is a rare drop from a certain enemy type. If you don't want to invade or pvp, you can farm them instead. Check the trophy guide for each covenant it should have the details.
  7. Me and a buddy playing now, add us for gift and Nemesis. Put D3 in the request, plz. Time4Tiddy and VTsquatts.
  8. Neverwinter has several UR trophies, and all they require is time.
  9. You also have to find all their mementos and, at the end, leave the planet. I did not get the trophy until the credits rolled, so maybe you just didn't play far enough?
  10. No, I mean I killed the Neverdeath dragon 3 times and got credit for all 3. I had the daily quest twice and just did it without realizing what it was once (the first time). I then did the skirmish for the black dragon on Pirate's Skyhold and did NOT get credit in my journal for a dragon kill. Today I killed the dragon in Ebon Downs for daily and got credit. So, I have killed 5 so far and have 4 in my journal. For whatever reason the black dragon skirmish didn't count for me. Also, I am healing DC so I'm definitely not doing the most damage or getting the final blow, so it's not that. I also haven't been in a group for any of the world dragons, just fought alongside whoever was around. Not sure if that is what made a difference in the skirmish (where I WAS in a group).
  11. I noticed this being a little buggy, too. I didn't get credit for a dragon kill following the black dragon skirmish in pirate's skyhold (or whatever it's called). I did get credit for 3/3 kills on that Neverdeath dragon.
  12. Awesome, was just wondering this. Played 1 & 2 on PS3 and only want to play 3 on PS4 without getting trophy lists for 1 & 2 again.
  13. If you spend $5 or more on Zen (buy at least 500 Zen), you'll get a first time buyer's pack that gives you an extra 12 slot satchel. It may be worth it for the small investment, as you also get a blue quality companion, which can get 10 levels higher than the standard companion you get for free in the game.
  14. ...does it seem like the wrong trophies are the hidden ones? I would think the bosses and unlockable characters would be more along the lines of spoilers, while "kill 1000 enemies" seems silly to be hidden. It almost seems like they reversed which ones should have been hidden and which visible when they added trophies.
  15. I only have 24 with fewer than 1000 achievers. I guess I play the popular games. For those hunting, my "rare" ones are from Armello, Layers of Fear, and Gone Home - so these are the games that no one is really playing, at least on my list!