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  1. So I got my second platinum for this a couple days ago. Pretty fun game overall, a little too reliant on rng to make it a proper competitive game though. As far as trophies go most are pretty easy with the right luck. Even ones I thought would be horrible such as Cry me a River and Ancient's wrath I got on my first attempt. I boosted Lemur Neeson though as that trophy is basically impossible in single player. I've started The Evil Within for my 3rd platinum, debating adding Assault Suit Leynos to my list too, not sure what I'd swap it for yet though.
  2. I remember reading that you need two playthroughs and that saving before the end/reloading and choosing human powers won't work for split affinity. You can reload and do the typhon power part if you did no needles first playthrough though. I never tried it myself but I wouldn't count on it working in just one playthrough.
  3. #199 - Tooth and Tail I was probably the second achiever of this plat, missing out on the top spot by less than a day. The game is really fun singleplayer, the missions are quite varied and I found the story and setting quite interesting. Unfortunately some of the harder missions seem completely based on how the rng decides to layout your map, with more difficult layouts being impossible on heroic. I didn't enjoy ranked too much either, the random map generation can lead to it being pretty much one sided and there's a huge benefit to being defensive rather than offensive. The matchmaking also left something to be desired. Despite it's flaws I really enjoyed the game and recommend it to anyone looking for an rts on ps4. #200 - Enter the Gungeon I had this one planned out for a while, as I wanted a roguelike platinum to follow on for Isaac being my 100th platinum. I loved this game, the overall theme and gameplay were enjoyable and it was nice and challenging at points too. Unfortunately I never really felt much motivation to try and finish the game, only attempting the sixth floor when it was required. Frifle's challenges are also stupidly grindy, and I felt like I'd seen most of what the game had to offer as soon as I'd beat the sixth chamber for the first time. I'm really looking forward to the upcoming dlc, and will definitely get it when it's released.
  4. I'm finding there are a surprising amount of people online, there's almost always someone to play against. The only problem is the matchmaking takes longer if you're in a different rank to people. So when I'm the only high ranked player on I almost never get a game as it just matches lower ranked people together. There's definitely a lot of people who own the game but aren't on the site.
  5. Is there any good method for finding mimics for the frifle quest? Currently I have been activating the curse statue at the start, playing the first floor and resetting if I don't get a mimic. However, this doesn't seem to be working and I've now had 4-5 completed runs (where my items were too good to reset) and numerous runs of the first two floors (all with the curse statue activated) and I've only had one mimic. I've read higher curse helps their spawn rate but I only seem to get fuse chests instead, is activating the statue a mistake when looking for mimics or have I just been unlucky?
  6. #195 - Prey Really liked this game, the atmosphere and gameplay were spot on and it made me feel really tense at points. I feel this game be more popular than it currently is as it reminds me of a cross between Bioshock and Deadspace. As for downsides the loading times are very long and the enemy and gun variety is lacking, although the latter two didn't detract from the experience too badly. #196 - Yooka-Laylee I'm a little disappointed with this game, it just wasn't as good as I expected, Although it was a good game it just felt like something was missing from it, I never had the urge to play it and I was never really excited to enter the next world or fight the next boss. Despite that I don't think it was a bad game, it just didn't click with me for some reason. #197 - The Dwarves I'd heard a lot of bad things about this game, and I really don't agree with them. Sure the game freezes occasionally and is very short, but the story and graphics were really impressive to make up for it. I loved how everything was voiced, and the wise variety of characters stopped the dialogue from getting stale too. The combat was a bit lackluster but I enjoyed it for what it was.
  7. I bought Mystery Chronicle: One Way Heroics in the recent sale so I'm going to add it to my list in place of Omega Quintet. I also forgot to add Armello in so I'll swap out Yakuza 4 for that. Doing pretty well on Armello so far, got a couple of the character specific trophies and achieved a kingslayer and spirit stone victory. Might be a while before I platinum it though.
  8. I finally started Armello yesterday, seems pretty complicated but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it once I play a few games. I forgot to add it to my list originally so I'll replace Omega Quintet with it.
  9. Pretty happy with Just Cause 3 and Downwell is great for those that haven't played it. How is Freedom Cry? Is it a good game to play considering I haven't touched Assassin's Creed since the first?
  10. I think I'm going to start Ys Origins and Armello when I get back to my PS4. I should have quite a bit of time so hopefully Ys Origins will be completed quite quickly.
  11. I have just bought Armello and am interested in platinuming it, I won't be able to play for another 2 or 3 weeks though.
  12. I got my first platinum of the event! Anima was pretty easy overall but I really enjoyed my time with it!
  13. #194 - Anima: Gate of Memories This makes my 7th platinum in 6 days! I really really enjoyed my time with this game, the story, gameplay and characters were all really interesting and I looked forward to each new area I entered to see what the theme was. The bosses are all quite different and I like how all their backstories are tied to collectibles. If I had to list downsides of the game I'd say the difficulty randomly spikes in some areas and bosses, and that melee fighting is often significantly more difficult than attacking with magic, especially against bosses where I only fought one of the 8 bosses with melee.
  14. It's probably time for me to update now I've got a # platinum. Just Y left to go, I think it will be Ys Origins although I could also use Yakuza 4. 3D Dot Game Heroes Ascendant Brutal Legend Call of Duty Ghosts Dead Star Eat Lead Frozen Synapse Prime Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Helldivers Ico Jotun Killzone 2 Legasista Mamorukun Curse! Natural Doctrine Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Puppeteer Quantum Theory Rogue Legacy Sonic Unleashed Tales of Symphonia Under Siege Velocity 2X Wipeout HD Xblaze Code: Embryo Y Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge
  15. Two more platinums taking my total to 6 platinums in 5 days.. #192 - Bound By Flame This game gets a lot of flak and I feel it's not really deserved. Sure it doesn't compare to the high budget AAA games but for what it's trying to achieve I feel it does pretty well. The story is good, albeit a little short, there's branching missions depending on what option you choose and I enjoyed playing it quite a lot. As for downsides, the combat takes a bit of getting used to and without the right build (or weapon choice) it can be very difficult as enemies take forever to kill. Near the end of the game you end up fighting a bunch of bosses, however they're all almost identical fights, leaving you to do the same fight almost 5 times which gets a bit annoying. #193 - Energy Balance Not much to say about this game really. The last hardcore level was pretty tough so I had to run a code to finish that but all the other levels seemed easily doable.