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  1. I finally started Armello yesterday, seems pretty complicated but I'm sure I'll get the hang of it once I play a few games. I forgot to add it to my list originally so I'll replace Omega Quintet with it.
  2. Pretty happy with Just Cause 3 and Downwell is great for those that haven't played it. How is Freedom Cry? Is it a good game to play considering I haven't touched Assassin's Creed since the first?
  3. I think I'm going to start Ys Origins and Armello when I get back to my PS4. I should have quite a bit of time so hopefully Ys Origins will be completed quite quickly.
  4. I have just bought Armello and am interested in platinuming it, I won't be able to play for another 2 or 3 weeks though.
  5. I got my first platinum of the event! Anima was pretty easy overall but I really enjoyed my time with it!
  6. #194 - Anima: Gate of Memories This makes my 7th platinum in 6 days! I really really enjoyed my time with this game, the story, gameplay and characters were all really interesting and I looked forward to each new area I entered to see what the theme was. The bosses are all quite different and I like how all their backstories are tied to collectibles. If I had to list downsides of the game I'd say the difficulty randomly spikes in some areas and bosses, and that melee fighting is often significantly more difficult than attacking with magic, especially against bosses where I only fought one of the 8 bosses with melee.
  7. It's probably time for me to update now I've got a # platinum. Just Y left to go, I think it will be Ys Origins although I could also use Yakuza 4. 3D Dot Game Heroes Ascendant Brutal Legend Call of Duty Ghosts Dead Star Eat Lead Frozen Synapse Prime Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Helldivers Ico Jotun Killzone 2 Legasista Mamorukun Curse! Natural Doctrine Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Puppeteer Quantum Theory Rogue Legacy Sonic Unleashed Tales of Symphonia Under Siege Velocity 2X Wipeout HD Xblaze Code: Embryo Y Zombie Tycoon 2: Brainhov's Revenge
  8. Two more platinums taking my total to 6 platinums in 5 days.. #192 - Bound By Flame This game gets a lot of flak and I feel it's not really deserved. Sure it doesn't compare to the high budget AAA games but for what it's trying to achieve I feel it does pretty well. The story is good, albeit a little short, there's branching missions depending on what option you choose and I enjoyed playing it quite a lot. As for downsides, the combat takes a bit of getting used to and without the right build (or weapon choice) it can be very difficult as enemies take forever to kill. Near the end of the game you end up fighting a bunch of bosses, however they're all almost identical fights, leaving you to do the same fight almost 5 times which gets a bit annoying. #193 - Energy Balance Not much to say about this game really. The last hardcore level was pretty tough so I had to run a code to finish that but all the other levels seemed easily doable.
  9. Considering I own quite a few of the games on the list and I've literally started Anima today, I think I'll join this. From my understanding Knights Contract should qualify right? If so my current list is: 1. Anima: Gate of Memories 2. Astebreed 3.Catherine 4. El Shaddai Ascension of the Metatron 5. Kingdom Hearts RE: Chain of Memories 6. Knights Contract 7. Maldita Castilla Ex 8. Mighty No. 9 9. Moon Hunters 10 .Omega Quintet 11. Pier Solar and the Great Architects 12. Raiden IV: Overkill 13. Record of Agarest War 14. Shadow of the Colossus 15. The Evil Within 16. The Last Guardian 17. Transformers Devastation 18. Touhou Gensou Wanderer 19. Yakuza 4 20. Ys Origins Quite a few are subject to change, especially since I'd like to try a Warrior game, but have no idea which one to start with, can anyone recommend one to a complete beginner to the genre?
  10. Got three platinums over the past two days.. #189 - Heart and Slash I have mixed feelings about this game, while it was fun it definitely had it's problems. Most of the weapons were pretty poor which resulted in me resetting for a usable tarting combination. The second area in particular was very hard to navigate and had much harder enemies than the third area. On the upside I really liked how they introduced a story that runs through multiple playthroughs and I found the gameplay quite engaging to begin with, although my enthusiasm waned towards the end. #190 - Dead Synchronicity Quite an enjoyable game, it would probably be one of my favorites of this genre if it wasn't so short. I know these games tend to be short by nature but it almost feels like they ran out of time towards the end. I loved the setting as it's a nice change of pace to have a darker themed game. #191 - Lichtspeer My new rarest platinum at 0.36%! (once the rarity is synced) I started this game ages ago, and found it quite fun but really challenging. I'd say it was one of the hardest games I'd played. I completed the first three difficulties perfectly but I just couldn't face doing the last one and gave up for a bit as I was bored of the game. I finally noticed someone had the platinum and it motivated me to reinstall it, only to find it had been patched to make it significantly easier. It was so easy that I breezed through the final difficulty with top scores in a couple of hours. I'm a bit disappointed they changed it since I was looking forward to challenging myself with it. After completing the hardest difficulty there was just the 100 hour trophy left, which I had to idle for. Annoyingly the game crashes if you leave it on too long so it took way longer than 100 hours as it doesn't register the time played until the level ends.
  11. I have 945 trophies under 1k achievers with 282 of them having less than 100 achievers,3 of which I am the only achiever on this site. That gives me a ratio of 9.7%
  12. 3D Dot Game Heroes Triple 7's! Really not enjoying this game at the moment. I'm only at the third dungeon but the fighting seems clunky, the map and dungeons aren't fun to explore and the first two bosses are some of the most underwhelming bosses I've ever seen. I was really looking forward to this game so I'm hoping it picks up soon.
  13. #183 - Crawl A pretty fun game, could see it being quite enjoyable in local multiplayer too. The clean up was a bit annoying since you've got to find a bunch of randomly generated pieces of scenery, some of which are quite rare and one of which is really glitchy.
  14. So I've just realised Plastic Man hasn't unlocked for me, despite completing a story mission being the requirement to unlock him. There's a cheat code to unlock him, but I've heard that using them could potentially glitch me out of 100% later on. Has anyone encountered the same glitch and tried the code? or know of any other way to fix it? I'd rather not start again but if using the code breaks my save then I guess I'll have to.
  15. #182 - Port Royale 3 This game wasn't really what I was expecting. The trading became dull pretty quickly and I loathed having to do the battling on manual. I enjoyed it at first but after I'd got about 5-6 cities captured I could just steamroll whatever I wanted as I had a constant flow of money to buy new ships if I needed them. There's a bit of a grind at the end, and a 50 hour trophy that I ended up needing to leave my game running for over 24 hours to get. Overall it's a very easy game, especially considering it's ultra rare, it just gets a bit dull towards the end.