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  1. No problem, glad I could help.
  2. Just wondering how people tracked their collections. Over the years I have written or typed many different lists to show what I have but always got part way through and then gave up. This time though I have decided to actually list everything I own in a spreadsheet and I am determined to keep on top of it. Whilst searching online for something to do the job I came across many apps where you can scan your games and it will add them to a list but the free versions seemed a bit lacking, whilst the ones you pay seem to cost money each month and I need my money for games. I did look for some spreadsheets but couldn't really find any so made this one here. This is a work in progress though and I will be updating it with all my game collection over time. One thing that made me want to do this now is with the upcoming closures of the PS3 and Vita stores I can check if I own a game digitally and which account I have it on as like most people I have more than one account in other regions for those games that don't get released in the UK. So do you keep track of your games or is it a case of purchase, play and forget?
  3. I enjoyed it, you can get it retail for £15 which is a really good price for it.
  4. Really enjoyed playing this game, the grind was a bit tedious at the end but I found this was the quickest way for me to do it. Hope it helps someone.
  5. Yes, that is indeed the issue. I've now finished the story so no more cutscenes. It just seemed really strange how it was only happening with the cutscenes and not much in the game itself. Have to say though I am enjoying the game apart from that issues.
  6. Has anyone else encountered flickering lines on characters during the cutscenes? I have been playing the digital version of the ps4 game on ps5 and it's been really annoying to say the least making me feeling like skipping them.
  7. I just had a reply from digital continue saying they will do a fix but it may take a while. https://twitter.com/digitalcontinue/status/1375088586652024842?s=19
  8. Things I have tried Buying more cards than needed. Dashboarding playing a saved mash then buying cards. Playing a quick mash and buying cards. Fighting bosses then buying cards. Completing requests then buying cards. Leaving the credits to roll through then buying cards. Sulking as the trophy won't unlock. Deleting and reinstalling the game and repeating the above steps.
  9. Just uninstalled, turned off console then reinstalled. Did a quick mash then bought cards and nothing. Will try a saved mash and then try the cards again. Didn't work, I think the only thing left is to delete my save and start over. Really can't be bothered with doing that at the moment as it's really annoyed me.
  10. No, will do that now though, I always seem to have glitches on certain games.
  11. I'm in the same boat, I've used cards up so I have some missing and regained them and still nothing.
  12. Not sure what is going on with my some of my games lately. This has glitched on me with unlock 5 skins, go on fifth and sixth adventure and speaking to certain people. Anyone else had this glitch?
  13. You are more than welcome, glad you found it helpful.
  14. I have to disagree, I've finished the game with unmissable story based on trophies not unlocking. Got screwed out of the slayer gates, demon kills, famine zand unmayker trophies as well as a bunch more. Now tried 3 times to get some of the story trophies unlocked and I give up. Good game overall but I can't bring myself to finish it again with these glitches.
  15. I am currently on mission 10 and so far the following trophies haven't unlocked. Kill 666 demons Complete a slayer gate Complete all slayer gates Acquire a new crucible in Tara Nabad Possibly others as well, in the milestones all are complete but no trophies have unlocked. Do I start the game all over again or is this happening to anyone else?