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  1. Not sure what is going on with my some of my games lately. This has glitched on me with unlock 5 skins, go on fifth and sixth adventure and speaking to certain people. Anyone else had this glitch?
  2. You are more than welcome, glad you found it helpful.
  3. I have to disagree, I've finished the game with unmissable story based on trophies not unlocking. Got screwed out of the slayer gates, demon kills, famine zand unmayker trophies as well as a bunch more. Now tried 3 times to get some of the story trophies unlocked and I give up. Good game overall but I can't bring myself to finish it again with these glitches.
  4. I am currently on mission 10 and so far the following trophies haven't unlocked. Kill 666 demons Complete a slayer gate Complete all slayer gates Acquire a new crucible in Tara Nabad Possibly others as well, in the milestones all are complete but no trophies have unlocked. Do I start the game all over again or is this happening to anyone else?
  5. Hope this is useful for anyone playing the game.
  6. The burger is located on level 2-1, hope this helps anyone that didn't find it.
  7. It's not that one, it's this one.
  8. I still remember seeing this for the first time back on my mates Speccy back in the day. Really enjoyable game and I would play it for hours.
  9. My 1337 trophy has also changed over the last few days for some reason, for 7 years it's been this one and now it's a crappy one instead which has now thrown out some of the other milestones as a result.
  10. Skipped through the video and was just about to give up when I finally saw a clip that matched and it was the bloody game. Already had my new pro picked out (The white version) and told the missus I was going to pick one up tomorrow. I'm both happy and sad at the same time now. lol Such a horrible thing to put in the game, won't be buying any of the developers games again in the future.
  11. I seem to be getting issues with the screen kinda glitching at random while playing, it looks a lot like when my old xbox 360's gpu failed except it's in spits and spats. Anyone know if this is how it should be or is my PS4 slowly on it's way out?
  12. So this seems a bit weird, the game came out on the xbox one and PC back in 2016. It was then released on the Eastern stores in February this year which makes me think that we may see this released in the Western PSN stores sometime as the game is in English and made by a French company. So has anyone heard anything? It really is an interesting game and I am enjoying it so far.
  13. I had a glitch where I couldn't pick up the trophy on level 0 (The roof at the start) after finishing the game. I reloaded the level a few times and still couldn't pick it up. I found that by loading up another level then quitting then getting hit by a car outside the burger place fixed the issue. Really not sure why I couldn't pick it up in the first place but if you run into the issue give that a try.
  14. I will just add that 2 mages in a party make a big difference, there is a 4 star level called the sharman tree (or something similar) where you fight skeletons and orcs, I found this a good place to level up a few characters for graduation. Characters used: 2 level 10+ ,mages and 2 level 1 characters. What I did was set 1 of the level 1 characters to hold at the start, I then switched to aggressive stance and ran towards an enemy to pull them towards my mages as I worked my way through the map, as soon as I got my character I was using to pull to around level 8 or 9 I unfroze my character left at the start. This made sure that I levelled up 2 characters per run instead of one of them being killed early on. I then played through until a point I was happy with and then let my characters die and repeated it again with new characters. Each run took me about 2 minutes.
  15. You have to build one of each building and decoration, I levelled each of mine up to the maximum level. It should say in the bottom corner of the build screen of each building how many you have.