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  1. ratchet & clank hd took just short of 5 playthroughs, only took about 3.5hrs per play through so all in all not that bad, just an annoying 10hrs of grinding at the end
  2. You have a really high percentage so its hard to pick, I would say odd world just so you have even more ultra rare plats
  3. Looking for a boosting partner
  4. Sly 3 Finally got around to 100%ing the original 3
  5. B. Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons D. DmC S. Sly 3 I guess next I'll either try for call of duty classic for c or ICO for i
  6. I really cannot recommend hotline Miami enough, and its a quick plat if you're willing to give it another shot (I did love every second, while my gf despised the game so understandable if you don't. Its apparently more niche than I thought)I would definitely delete Dyad before anything else, I don't think I've been more frustrated by something that was free. I will probably never go back, everything else I plan to finish
  7. Tales HD, xenosaga HD, and a thps HD collection
  8. Hardest: DMC (the sss rank on nephilim difficulty was extremely obnoxious and made me rage quit a bunch) Easiest: hotline Miami (super fun game and fast plat)
  9. the day after I got my first ps3 and had played non stop on mgs4 all night, the 'snake had a hard life' scene had me in tears. I was so excited for another next game to blow my mind and had heard a few good things about uncharted, went out and bought it, I had to have replayed it 3 times that week. hearing Rustie and Bonobo in Sleeping Dogs, every time id just speed through traffic jammin installing hotline miami with no prior knowledge of it, and having the best time jammin out to the synth breaks and going on a nerve-racking psychedelic murderous romp through late 80's miami.
  10. No matter how hard I try to be evil or neutral in karma alignment games I can't help but be good (at least the first play through.
  11. Working on Grid 2 online trophies, apart from getting rammed right off the line in damn near every race it's been a fun grind
  12. 1. Lvl 20+ 2. Platinum all metal gear games in 2014
  13. Hotline Miami, super short platinum but one of the more enjoyable ones
  14. Either Borderlands 2 or Call of Duty Classic