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  1. And here it is. Takes about 5 minutes to get all trophies after setup
  2. Congrats on the Madden 17 Platinum dude. Amazing job on the "Looks Good on Paper" cause that one is a nightmare to deal with.

  3. This is nothing but bad news in my eyes.
  4. I have 27 ultra rare and a lot close to as well. This fall I'm going for all ultra rare plats.
  5. Things are about to get interesting around here. Like Grimes said not everyone is gonna like it, but its for the better, not only this site but the trophy community as a whole.
  6. Yeah thats awesome. I'm positive he hacked way more than 28 games too but if you look he was removed from the hundreds of games he hacked achievemnt list too. I guess the system isn't ready to list the 250+ games he hacked on the side of the page but he's invisiable on those game's pages thank goodness. Example, those 28 games on the right don't include MGS4 but if you look at the MGS4 stats he's nowhere to be found on there, he was top 50 in them before.
  7. Sweeeet! I'm sorry but who are you to tell people how to feel and what they should concern themsleves with.
  8. I don't like this at all. Seems like it will be the same amount of work but cheaters still have a place to ruin things for everyone else. Ban them and let them start their own hacked leaderboards. I like this idea a lot.
  9. This jerk has no shame. He hacked Expendables 2 just two days after release. Its easy to see who game him the save file too by looking at who got 100% in that easily and also hacks majority of their games.
  10. This! I would like to know this as well.
  11. Where are we with this. I love the original idea and hopefully it gets implimented soon. And again please dont take punishment adice from the people getting punished.