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  1. It's been over two weeks and the patch still isn't up, wtf.
  2. My bad. Thank you very much for your tips, I'll take a look at your walktrought
  3. Adventure Mode is now available, making Amnesia Rebirth so much easier. Does anyone know if trophies are influenced by difficulty? Can you get Speedster by playing Adventure Mode? Ty!
  4. Is BFE the easiest to complete serious mode? Tips? ty!
  5. Omfg, third ban and the only thing I do is update my own profile
  6. I forgot to comment, but since last Tuesday my IP works fine. I don't know why, good luck to the rest ...
  7. EU version has subtitles in English an Japanese
  8. Even if you haven't bought Hitman 1 and Hitman 2, they are included in those 59gb
  9. Wrong. 59 GB on PS4 and PS5 (59+59), without day one patch (think it includes VR)
  10. Banned again... wtf the last time I was banned was in May 2020 and I had to wait 3 weeks...
  11. Thank you!!!
  12. I'm playing right now for review purposes and i'm confused by the description of one of the trophies: Are You Serious!? Complete TFE, TSE or BFE single player campaign on serious difficulty. Ok, if we pay attention to the description of the trophy, it indicates that we only have to complete one of the campaigns, but in the Spanish translation it says: ¡¿Lo dices en serio!? Completa las campañas de El Primer Encuentro, El Segundo encuentro y BFE en dificultad seria" I translate: if we follow the spanish translation, it requires completing all three campaigns, not just one
  13. I have a problem solving the following quests, and I would appreciate if someone could help me 1)Douse 5 fires with water 2)Take the dog for a walk on the B3 floor of any dungeon Thanks^^