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  1. All communities are toxic, but in PS4 Dead by Daylight is the worst. In the last two months I have played around 150 hours, and in the best ranges you will find the most toxic players. If you play as a survivor you can wait for the killer to write you if you have blinded him with the flashlight. Even if you do bodyblock and get to help your partner, he will bother to send you a message insulting you. And if you play killer the situation is not better. Survivors who blame you for killing them because their partner has unhooked them two steps away from you. Survivors who insult you because you caught them right when they were going to escape through the hatch ... I have played Overwatch, FIFA and COD, games with very toxic communities, but I have never met players who take the trouble to insult you constantly.
  2. Okay so I've replayed 5 times the Violet Flower section and it doesn't works. I still don't get file 18 Any solution? thanks.