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  1. Can trophies related to playing as a demon be unlocked in private 1v1 matches?
  2. just press triangle button
  3. I've completed all the side quests, including the purple orbs, but no trophy. Help? Edit: nah, my fault. I'm missing Bound by Crimson Memories
  4. Chapter 1, Tower 5, Medals: 54 I think I'm going to give up. In this tower you have to complete an 8-Man Ladder Match (2v2v2v2) and another 8-Man Ladder Match (4v4) It's not about the skill anymore, it's having to deal with the stupid AI.
  5. I tried again, I won But seriously, the devs are crazy. I mean the AI is stupid af I was getting knocked down when I tried to grab the briefcase I have about 50 medals, I hope to finish soon
  6. Nah, I just dropped. It's literally impossible to win 4v4 Money in the Bank
  7. anyone knows easy method to farm 200 medals in Proving Grounds? So boring tbh
  8. Yes, I played the PS5 version for review purposes. The game has an option in the menu to upload your savedata to the Team Ninja cloud servers After that, just go to the PS4 version, and once again in the menu option, download your savedata It works the same if you play on PS4 and do autopop on ps5
  9. Yes I played it on PS5 and get some trophies on the PS4 ver.
  10. Don't worry, it's just the percentage
  11. 4 campaigns with 3 missions in each of them
  12. It's been over two weeks and the patch still isn't up, wtf.
  13. My bad. Thank you very much for your tips, I'll take a look at your walktrought
  14. Adventure Mode is now available, making Amnesia Rebirth so much easier. Does anyone know if trophies are influenced by difficulty? Can you get Speedster by playing Adventure Mode? Ty!
  15. Is BFE the easiest to complete serious mode? Tips? ty!