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  1. I'm wondering too, it seems like its no longer possible to do it with the app. I used to delete ps3 games this way since I don't own a ps4.
  2. Yes, i'm currently at 3. I think I have 1 or 2 more, don't remember exactly. So over for leaderboards.
  3. Dycloide Batman: Arkham Asylum Hi,<br /> I used saves to get rid of this game coz I couldnt handle it , it was too hard ..<br /> Can you just remove it from my list (along with the other ones) ? I don't mind much about it, I just wanted to keep my completion...<br /> I'll hide it and it will never get back.<br /> Thanks :-D
  4. PS3 version here, but i guess its the same (plus its 300 hits on PS3 ) Went into desert in the tunnels underneath the surface, there are a few spots around the savepoint in the middle of the map, Where you get one slow enemy with a red shield which can be pushed against a wall Just mash on him and boom.
  5. Thank you, Saved my day.
  6. Hello, Any news on the addition of the rep system ? :-)
  7. Serious, patient and competent host.

  8. Very competent and cooperative player. A must have in whatever game you are boosting with.

  9. Check the statistics menu, if all numbers match.
  10. Hello, I'm about to finish the online part of this game, so i can give you a small feedback, I just reached lvl 20 and i've got 2 weaps left (around 200 kills). Have to do the lvl 30 glitch then. The ingame counter shows 70h on the statistics menu. But i guess it counts only the time while you are in an arena doing stuff. Have to add time finding people, organizing sessions, etc Plus the countless times your stats (xp+kills) got reset, dc from server, blank rounds where kills are reset to previous states, etc And I did this mainly with solo boosting with a second ps3, and using the dummy for multikills. It's really boring and can't really do it for more than 2-3hours straight per day. And after a few days gotta take a break too and do other stuff. If you cant solo boost i guess you can at least double my playtime to get an idea of how much time it will take you. Theres a good reason the trophies of this online are sub 1%.