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  1. I didn't feel bad about the fact they added trophies to a game mode that is heavily incentivized with micro-transactions. They made it multiplayer, and we just happen to find good players, lol. Sure, isn't the purest, but it was not a consumer friendly game mode.
  2. I saw this on your profile and had to purchase it! Look forward to going back in time on my Vita to enjoy a gem like this. The only question I have pertains to the quote above. What did you do in order to fix it? Just go offline? Congrats on getting the Survival Trophies in Uncharted 4 completed btw. Will be an awesome 100% game to have on your account!
  3. I do not believe you can do the time trial exploit on PS3, sadly. I also know that you have to collect every lizard and fruit individually with no way to track your progress. Outside of that, I do not know what the differences are, but my list will definitely not work on ps3.
  4. First off, very impressive profile. Great games, and obviously great completion percentage. I haven't played the PS3 version, but the ps4 wasn't anything amazing, but I felt that they were appropriate to the feel of the game. With these work arounds, I highly recommend bumping this up your priority list. Simple, fast-ish plat on a great game.
  5. First update since it's about mid-month and I need to add a game before it becomes too high to add to my list(colored in green). Wanted to update along side @xItsLesterx, since we knocked out Operation Tango together. Onto Sifu, RE2, and Kena! Completed(May): Dark Souls (PS3) ----- +1.0 Demon's Souls (PS3/NA) ---- +0.5 Operation Tango (PS5) ---- +0.5 Points as of 12May: 2.0 01. Uncharted 2' 02. Resident Evil 2 03. Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Vita) 04. Madden NFL 22 05. The Last Campfire 06. The Last of Us Remastered 07. Ghost of Tsushima 08. Mass Effect Andromeda 09. Operation Tango 10. Alien Isolation 11. Batman: Arkham Asylum 12. Horizon Zero Dawn 13. Sifu 14. Kena Bridge of Spirits (PS4)
  6. Update #9 Demon's Souls (PS3/NA) #74 - Was on a PS3 binge and decided to knock out my second PS3 Demon's Souls stack. That being said, I won't go over much of it and I won't use it as a swap as I'll cover my second swap next. I also received my english + chinese version in the mail this week, which means the 3rd PS3 stack will come soon (hopefully?) and I'll have all 4 demon's souls plat. I know it wont be popular, but I'm on the fence between Demon's Souls and Bloodborne being my favorite Soulsborne title I've played so far. Operation Tango #75 - Knocked this out with @xItsLesterx to the 100% last night. It was a fun little game, but we definitely leveraged the ability to pause the game to communicate. Not sure this is how they wanted us to do it, but the timing for some of these gold challenges were tight. If needed, there is a decent video showing both roles by trophy boiii that should help anyone get over the hump. Other Progress: Sifu ---> #22 Not on my list because it was a birthday present from my kids. I'm going to knock this out hopefully this week and potentially get back into games on my list. Maybe not, lol. RE2 and Kena Bridge of Spirits are calling me and that will likely take me to the end of the month. From there, it will be a burn to try and finish Mass Effect Andromeda before I lose internet for a couple of months. I hear Andromeda has some issues trophy wise if you are not connected to the servers. I won't take any risks if I'm not connected, especially with a backlog as brutal as mine. Might have one or two more updates in me depending on how smooth my play sessions go. I've been touch and go with Sifu, might be another game that I've let the trophy list sour my experience. So I'll just be playing normally through the rest of the first run, then snag collectibles and misc trophies on playthrough two. Not as efficient, but I want to enjoy the game as well. Until next week! Completed: 11/25 Control: Ultimate Edition (PS5) Cat Quest 2 Metal Gear Solid 3 (Vita) Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition Salt & Sanctuary (EU) Shadow of the Colossus Untitled Goose Game Elden Ring (PS4) Demon's Souls - EU (PS3) Dark Souls Operation Tango Swap In: 1/2 Tomb Raider Definitive Edition Operation Tango Swap Out: Mortal Shell Ghost of Tsushima In Progress/To be started: The Last of Us Remastered ---- 32% Madden NFL 22 (PS4) Batman: Arkham Asylum The Witcher 3 Ghost of Tsushima --- 27% Mass Effect: Andromeda ---20% Cat Quest Uncharted 2 Horizon: Zero Dawn The Last Campfire Life is Strange: True Colors The Wolf Among Us (PS3) Unravel Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time (Vita) inFamous: First Light Mortal Shell
  7. It made no sense to me either, lol. They wanted me to start a new ps account using my ps3. Not sure why they were specifically looking for ps3 users as they found me on a discord server that heavily leverages ps3 players. Our best guess is that there might be some kind of free week of PS+ using a ps3 new account and then they could get you to use either your credit card or a stolen one in some way. I obviously didn't follow through with them, or I'd have a better answer. But it was specifically ps3 related as they pushed back when I said just go on the website and make it.
  8. Probably unrelated but I recent got a phising message on discord couple weeks ago from someone asking me to use my ps3 to create an account for them for ps+. Not sure if there could be a connection here or not, but the timing is coincidental.
  9. I've done all three plats, but the prices on those limited run versions... ouch! Maybe cave for one of em eventually, but for both the ps4 and vita copies would run $240...
  10. I actually asked the developer about not being able to pre-order. He said they had missed a deadline to request/set-up a pre-order. However, the game is going to be $20 US. Confirmed via twitter and Fextralife. Looking forward to this one!
  11. How can you say "don't play it" while not taking your own advice. You failed to mention that you did the master difficulty exploit for Kena Bridge of Spirits, a short game, too. Why go for these trophies when you used exploits to earn them instead of "gaining mastery and feeling good about it?" Why not "don't play it." Instead you had the option to "cheat yourself" and you took it. Enjoy your time stamp from before the patch, flex it if you need to. Let others game how they want to, like you have yourself.
  12. If true, would you say blind playthrough on hard, collectibles and missables on kensei?
  13. Appreciate the early pointers. I think I'll lean towards Sifu for now, and come back to this. 117 collectibles, lol. Game looks great. IGN gave it a 7/10 which means it is probably an awesome game.
  14. Looking forward to your inputs. Will ultimately decide whether I play this or Sifu first! Mainly looking for info on how the save system works. Is it checkpoint based or continuous autosave like a souls game. Can you resume from the specific spot or start the level over when you jump back in a game. Need that embargo to lift on a New Zealand midnight, not a US time. lol.
  15. From what I've read is that it is a shorter game (want to say they quoted ~5 hrs). The price of the game seems to reflect this. As for the without taking damage trophies, it depends on the save system. Could always resort to uploading/downloading save files to save some time. I pre-ordered the game despite my usual reservations for doing so. Hoping for a great experience, but at $20, it doesn't have to be the best thing out there.