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  1. I got the online to work. I didn't purchase an online pass. I assume it either came with my digital purchase from the store or never required one.
  2. Currently on a waitlist for this game from my local library. Heard some good things about it and figured I'd give it a shot on a guest account to decide if I like it or not. At the least, I haven't seen a review that didn't like the game, but some have considered a very good game. With a free 3 week rental no reason to not. I mainly want to make sure that I am playing games released for the PS5 and not strictly from my backlog, or else I should have just purchased a PS4, lol.
  3. I've seen a review saying it has about 8 hours of cutscenes, so I'm not sure how much or if any of that you can skip.
  4. Agreed. This isn't something that is hard to do. Sly Cooper on my vita instantly saved any collectibles. I'd imagine they could get this patched relatively easily.
  5. Been a bit, but I should update as I've gotten a more holistic approach to this event. I need to clarify/cleen-up my additions and swaps. I'll use the additions for games that I owned previously to the event starting, and swaps for games that became backlog after the start of the event. I've decided to remove Minecraft from my completions as I used a trophy world, and while completing it counts for the event, it didn't feel right to have it on my list that way. So I've actually gone as far as hiding the list from sharing despite both it and list 2 are 100%. That being said, trying to stay true to the event, I've used my 2nd swap in completing Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart! The game is amazing to watch, especially on Performance RT. I tried the special fidelity mode that leverages a TV with a 120hz panel, but even the drop to 40 FPS was very noticeable. I had to work hard to see differences in the environment standing still, so I'm sure it had no effect on my actual gameplay. 60FPS is what I've gotten used to and notice anything that isn't. (I'm looking at you Kena cut scenes). Short game, getting the plat in around 10-11 hours, but it was enjoyable. Not sure I'd recommend paying full price for the game unless you are a Ratchet & Clank fan(which case you probably already purchased/plat'd the game), but if you can find it for $30, it would be a solid buy(I borrowed mine from my local library). I've had some fun with the R&C games I've played so far, but they haven't quiet lived up to the hype I've seen people give them. I understand I am playing PS2 ports, but I was hoping they'd be a game I couldn't put the control down for, like Demon's Souls. So Rift Apart will not be joining my physical collections because it just didn't keep me sucked in. So far I've had two for PS5. Demon's Souls and Kena. I'm on the waitlist for Deathloop at my local library, maybe that or Returnal will become my next physical copy purchase for PS5. For now, I will try to clean up R&C 2 that I started probably a month ago and got distracted by Demon's Souls. Get my completion percentage back above 95%. In Progress: Ratchet & Clank 2 Going Commando----> 5% Sly 2: Band of Thieves ----> 30% Completions: (7/27) MLB 14 The Show (VITA) Maneater (PS5) Sly Cooper and the Thievius Racoonus (Vita) inFamous Second Son Kena: Bridge of Spirits Demon's Souls (PS5) Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart Swaps: (2/5) Kena: Bridge of Spirits for R&C: Into the Nexus Rift Apart for R&C: All 4 One
  6. A ton of completions! Hope OP has a sizeable wallet! Time for me to add to the total. Second completion in the books! This one fits both pink and orange, but I want it to go into the pink category to even out my pink and orange completions. Brings my total personal donation up to $10($5 per game). My Rift Apart Trophy List My Demon's Souls Trophy List Next up? Cleaning up Ratchet & Clank 2 from my backlog/previously started games for Orange number 2! See you guys next time.
  7. It is my personal opinion that when the trophies bug on PS5, it is completely tied to your save file. I'm not sure how or if an update would fix it. With that said, I see you haven't earned any of the DLC trophies. My recommendation would be one of two things. Completely delete your local save (don't let your cloud save touch your console, or your console save go to the cloud). Start a new game, rush to the end of the main story, can be done in 3-4 hours if you do nothing but what is required. See if the trophies for the DLC start popping. ---or--- Follow the steps on my workaround post, which require you playing the game on a local account, earning the trophies you need on that account, then deleting your psn off your ps5 and signing back into it on the guest account(will lose all saved media, i.e. videos screen captures). My thread has a very detailed description, but it has worked for everyone who has tried it. Sorry to hear that you're dealing with the issue. I hope they patch it, but if not, there are ways to complete. Though it should not require these steps.
  8. What a terrible take... If you want game, GAMES, then you want this to suceed. If it does well, it will bring more people to play these games, which will motivate them to make more games.
  9. I'm assuming for Fan Fare and Perfect Timing you've done all of the time trials and questers that are spread throughout the original game's map? There are 11 questers in total, only 3 questers in the DLC area, but 8 through the main map.(one in each area). https://www.gameskinny.com/be047/maneater-quester-collector-guide-how-to-find-all-questers Hope that this is the issue and you can unlock the rest of them. You can speed through the main storyline in about 4 hours if you do have to do another playthrough, but if you do that, I'd refer to my workaround thread to make sure you get the trophies.
  10. I haven't heard of issues on the ps4. Are your trophies glitched?
  11. Ugh... I caved. snagged Resident Evil. Not sure when I'll get to it, but at $5, why not. I did manage to remove from my cart the RE2/3 combo pack for $32 and RE0 for 5. I hate being into completing entire series, lol. 4-6 for $20?! I've got to go away from this sale, lol.
  12. My thoughts are with your Uncle and your family. Eat shit cancer.
  13. I've decided to clean up my shared trophy list a bit. I have decided to hide the two "auto-pop" sound shape stacks, attack of the tiny toy tanks, and several sub 30 minute completions on the vita like Paint Park and Abas Animal. Main reason is when I had a different mindset to trophies when I got some of these games. I had just switched from Xbox to PlayStation and really wanted to get as many completions as I could. Now, I am about having a quality list that shows games that I've enjoyed. Now that I'm easily above 50 games, and 40 plats, padding the number just isn't what I want. I knew that Tiny Toy Tanks was going to be a quick completion, but it looked like a fun little game for the vita that I wanted to try. However the controls were terrible and I did not enjoy the game at all thus it doesn't get displayed even though it is a 100% and platinum. Games like Ultra Mission, I am happy to have on my profile since it was one of the last Vita games released, and I really enjoy my Vita. Add the platinum trophy description and it made it a no-brainer to purchase and add to my profile.
  14. I won a copy of Control Ultimate edition for PS5 a couple months back. I didn't know it fit into a psychological horror. I saw it as an third person action game that looked very entertaining. Guess I've got 2 horrors between that and Until Dawn to test the waters. Then move on to RE 1 HD. Thanks for the suggestion.
  15. I've heard how good the game is and forgot I had it via PS+ collection. Might give this one a go. That is a 9/10 and 50 hour plat, lol. Great game eh? Maybe for a spare account, then. Sounds like I've got a front runner. Do I just snag the RE HD bundle disc that include 1 and 0?