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  1. Yes mate got it
  2. Thanks mate for the text this morning. Set a time 10 sec slower than you but hopefully I've done enough! I'm roughly same time as you. Just bought car. Hopefully we get it!
  3. I grinder the points to level 49 then the trophy popped. Cheers
  4. Sent request also. Let's get this to 50 asap
  5. Nobody seems to be accepting my requests only thing I don't like in this game is the auto crews your put into. The leader of my crew hasn't been online since the 27th of november. Not even active and I'm pretty much only one boosting decent points.
  6. Wow really poor. Think I will wait before picking this up. Shame they are ignoring those who have bought the game.
  7. Just sent a request, it's my last trophy needed. Hope you accept and appreciated
  8. Yeah so just installed new patch 1.10 and guess what.. It still does not fix this. Totally stuck now.
  9. I know its old topic now but the MILAN-VALENCIA ONE WAY trophy unlocked for me no problems at all on the PS4