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  1. I missed interacting with the translator with Groot and tries reloading a save I had at the start of the chapter but Rockets and Peters items don't bring up the dialogue now and aren't in the items list. Anyone know if there's another opportunity to interact with Groot for this later on?
  2. Just noticed there's a plethora of booster, item and costume packs to buy on the store. I'm not exactly sure what the Battle BGM pack is, looks to be alternative music in battle? But the Growth Booster sounds like something that will help a lot given it doubles EXP, Combat Points and SP in battle plus 1000 SP to use for buying skills I think. Any suggestions on what is a must buy?
  3. I've just had the trophy for leveling the luck tree to 5 not pop and Googled it to see a few others have had the same. Solution that worked for me is to store everything from the Fort and travel to Trevail Passage on the first map and then just place the tree again.
  4. Yeah thanks for this. I forgot about enter the gungeon and had it bought years ago but I've just bought Torchlight 3 and it's been a lot better than I was expecting and yeah Diablo 2 might be a day 1.
  5. I might have exhausted all my options with older PS4 titles but I've been fancying playing something that has random loot drops and tiered loot like legendaries, I know Outriders has this but for obvious reasons I think I'll give that a miss and I've just started playing King of Seas but that's a little too basic gameplay wise but any Indie/AA/AAA type game. Thanks.
  6. *Spoiler This platinum could take a very long time. I've just finished the game and started doing the endgame and they're 6 Tyrant's to find out in the wild, just like the ones that go missing from the scientist at the start of the game and I've just now after 40+ hours (not sure exactly as my timer keeps resetting) found one of them. Completely luck based and you could be looking at potentially 100's of hours to find them.
  7. Okay if you've missed any of the base Nexomon early on I'm pretty certain once you've reached a certain level or advanced enough in the story, you only see the evolved version. You might have to go to each area at the start and collect everyone of them and then when you get to a new area that's unlocked do the same and make sure you've got all the first forms. I'm hoping this isn't the case but I am only seeming to finding 2nd and 3rd evolutions and they're all around level 33. *Nevermind, I've found a couple now. Thank god.
  8. What a game though. I honestly thought this was going to be some cheap mobile port that'd maybes have a 5-10 hour campaign but they've done a really good job with it. The story and writing is great and loving the art style. Sat and played 15 hours since yesterday and I can't stop. Trophy wise I'd say given how far I am now with around 100 Nexomon caught it could take 40-50 hours to plat, I just hope there's no missables with capturing tyrant's or anything.
  9. It's just a shame they've not done a full remake of this game, there's a video on YouTube of what one person managed to make with Unreal 4 and it looks amazing.
  10. Completionist possibly OCD but a very a good gamer that I am slightly jealous of.
  11. You know what I found interesting and I'm not sure if the SSD in the Series X will be capable off but the fact Sony demonstrated that with their read speeds you only need to render the graphics in the field of view in game meaning less resources needed to have a whole area rendered in, which could negate some of the raw compute numbers between the two.
  12. 100%. I might even be one those that que over night. There's nothing I'm more looking forward to this year and my girlfriends 6 months pregnant. I've been saving up for a while now to get the best TV available, possibly 8k but I think the best strategy with that will be to wait on the PS5 pro being released in a few year when 8k might be more of a realistic option with AAA games and the TV's are more reasonably priced.
  13. ICO. Started the speedrun trophy then moved on to other games and never went back to it.
  14. I know a couple of games where theres an easy way of getting a trophy using a glitch, Some seem worse than others like on GOW 3 you can glitch it so you can gain orbs to max out your weapons now i see this as just saving time as it would be easy just time consuming and on Wipeout HD you can glitch possibly the hardest trophy but games like Ferrari race experience you can win every race by just pressing a few buttons, Now this seems pretty bad but i think the fact that its built in the game its just another way of doing a trophy just as most boosting online is a quicker way not meant by the developers but i do see hacking as no go and pointless really but out of all the games i collect trophies for if there is the odd game where we have found an easier way to do the odd trophy why not?
  15. OK so I decided to pick up a cheap copy of Dreamworks Super Star Kartz. Two reason I picked this up is one I read it was an easy Platinum and I'm a big fan of Mario Karts and I thought I'd give it ago seeing as though I never really liked LBP Karting and upto now Sony have yet to release either a Crash team racing sequel and I know they never will with them deciding to ditch the old gen characters or a Sony All Stars Karting which if given to the right developers could be just as good as mario I think. Upto now I've stayed away from any titles aimed solely at kids and not sure if this now makes me look like one of those trophy whores without any standards?