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  1. I can confirm what the last few posts have said as I just got the trophies, and I have PS+. 🙂 Took a little over an hour with all the crashes and server timeouts. So go get these trophies now before it's too late!
  2. Mirror's Edge - A for effort Attain a Time Trial star rating of 35 Rarity: 4.42% 7th Jan 2009 2:36:57 AM Absolutely love Mirror's Edge so it was a good one to start with Did you get the trophy for 50 stars before the one for 35 stars?
  3. Awesome I had actually not seen this until now, fantastic news! Thanks for the heads up I'm still waiting for Stuntman and the MX games though, how long does it usually take from games being rated until they are released?
  4. HOW DID YOU DO THAT?! SCORE 1 500 000 POINTS IN THE ARCADE DESSERT GRID This is now my 3rd rarest trophy at 0.69%, knocking "A true winner" from Nail'd out of the top 5. I thought this was going to be similar to the 2 million trophy but this was really easy for some reason. Think it only took like 8 or 9 tries. Makes me wonder why there is only a 0.06% rarity difference between the two. Also got all trophies in Disc Jam the other day, such a fun game
  5. I did the DLC trophies about a month ago and progress had not saved on all my ribbons since I had last played so I didn't have repair tool unlocked. When I finished the ribbons 2 years ago I had to do it without leaving the game, which took about an entire evening. Just happy I had most of the ribbons already from playing back in the day when the servers were still working properly, it would have taken a lot longer otherwise. However, by playing two games in a row the unlocks from the second game always seemed to get saved permanently. For some reason it only saved progress from Radec Academy aswell. Don't panic if the ribbons are not updated straight away. I was on 6/8 ribbons for turret kills when I was going to start working on the DLC. I played 3 games in a row then went back to the menu and it only said 7/8 so I thought maybe it only saves every two games, but when I continued playing a couple of hours later it was on 8/8 all of a sudden so there might be a slight delay. So it's possible it just doesn't save the first round for some reason. I only needed the turret ribbons so it's the only one I tried. In short, play two games in a row to have one ribbon saved permanently. I have no idea if this works for everyone, but worth a shot I guess.
  6. Really fun game! Just got all the trophies but I will keep playing this, very addicting.
  7. CREME DE LA CREME SCORE 2 000 000 POINTS IN THE ARCADE MAIN GRID 85 000 damn eggs later I finally got past 2 000 000 points in Pix the Cat!
  8. Multiplayer Completist Got this yesterday. Brutal stuff, especially since I didn't do any boosting. Levels 17-20 are pretty much only "Finish 1st" requirements which is a pain to say the least. I had an insane streak saturday night, almost finished the entire level 20 with only wins, probably had 8 straight wins when I reached the last node, and then everyone of course left when I only had one event left which was a little annoying Not a lot of people playing so I spent many hours in empty lobbies waiting for players. Did not think I would be done so soon as I started on level 17 on saturday but it was a good day and I found people almost all day and probably got close to 40 wins that day alone.
  9. Awesome, I love Stuntman! Just hope they will release the original aswell. I really hope THQ are planning on releasing both Splashdown games. They are right up there as my most wanted PS2 games to get trophies.
  10. My point was that a game like this deserves a platinum trophy. A trophy list without a platinum should only be for smaller arcade type games. Like it was from the beginning. I will still buy this at some point but no way am I paying full price for it with this boring list. I already have the game on disc so I'm not too fussed about getting it until it's atleast 50% off, I would like to have it on my account at some point though. I was really excited about Kinetica and would have bought that as soon as it came out if it had a platinum, until a big sale I will just stick to my actual PS2 disc. Surely there must be some kind of extra free to release a game that has a Platinum trophy? I don't see why companies would not include a platinum otherwise.
  11. This is so disappointing. Why can't they listen to us and give us platinums for this kind of PS2 games. I don't mind if smaller arcade like games like Fantavision doesn't have platinums but it's just stupid to release a game like this without a platinum. What is their reasoning behind this? Does it cost extra to add a platinum when you release a game or what? The prices for the games with a platinum trophy are usually higher aswell right? So the developers would get more money. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one holding off for a huge sale when it comes to PS2 games with no platinums, but if they had a platinum I would happily pay full price for them.
  12. This is from one of my favorite developers, Vector Unit. They made Hydro Thunder Hurricane for the 360, which in my opinion is one of the best games on the console. Riptide GP2 is another of their games that I really enjoyed. With that said I'm not too sure about this, I would have preferred another boat racing game, but it still looks pretty cool Will most likely get this.
  13. Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. First game I bought from the PS Store was Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online.
  14. I love most of their stuff, but Instant Crush is my favorite. I was about to go the bed, but now I need to listen to it a few times first.