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  1. I don't know anybody who's played VC1 and doesn't think its a fantastic little game. VC might not of sold in EU well, but wtf did they expect, it wasnt advertised. If they'd simply patched in trophy support the game woulda got a lot more advertising, sadly SEGA once more fuck up with a complete lack of vision.
  2. That'd suck, everyone knows how to get the plat on ANY game. My worry is you'll just have people just use the platinum area to write their own entire game guide and it'll be another
  3. The whole "Tips" thing just doesnt appeal to me, truth be told if I want help with a trophy I'll go to .org, dunno really what this place's role really is.
  4. So this means the homebrew / cfw will be able to play N64 shit, hmm shame about the screen size still being so shitty. Depending on price and the homebrew scene I may pick one of these up, its not too shabby for a handheld... hmm I wonder if they can use some sorta swap file to up the ram to play some of the older PS2 games.
  5. Ages ago you recommended to me, they have the worst delivery time of any service I've used. If my pretty game doesn't come today I shall forever slander their name.

    1. Elliot - Pie

      Elliot - Pie

      That's odd, I don't recall them being that unimaginably slow. :\

    2. Griefheart


      It came about 10 mins after I posted that :(, didn't even get to 12:00, I very nearly came right back and whined.

      But yeah they took like 9 days or some shit for an in stock item, call me impatient but if I wait more then the time it takes to deliver by second class its just not cool.

      Oh btw, you ever try WKC?

    3. Elliot - Pie

      Elliot - Pie

      Wow, that is quite bad, yeah. And I played a grand total of half an hour of WKC, it was a crushing disappointment after Dark Cloud 1 and 2 and Rogue Galaxy, so I didn't give it much of a chance... I might get back to it one day.

  6. Any good games come out in the last 6 months?

  7. 'bout time
  8. HI R U A GIRL?
  9. Obviously you havn't struck on some genious idea here, no doubt people have tried this and no doubt netflix has people in place to check up on who's connecting, when and from which device, that said most people who have to monitor this shit are retards anyway. You could both connect to netflix over a VPN/virtual lan though, get her to switch that shit on and both use accounts with the same household details, tbh though if you didn't already start thinking like that you're more than likely gonna fuck it up and end up getting "caught". That said I don't really understand what they could do about it if you were caught.
  10. Agreed. Techie stuff, requires thought to put into place, serves no purpose. It won't though, you know how people are on these sites, they want recognition, its some weird social-empire building thing. People shouldn't get praise or recognition for their input here, it leads to cancer.
  11. To be honest I'd rather the pages link to gamespot or IGN reviews, shit like that instead of some 14 year old who's only ever played FF13 and Toy Story 3.
  12. So Job's is Ill, hes still gonna play an active role in the company. Until he dies shits gonna be the same.
  13. This
  14. Stop looking at your own profile on guest accounts you noob.